8 Ways to Use the Psychology of Getting Women Psyched About You

8 Ways to Use the Psychology of Getting Women Psyched About YouThere are two main reasons why men fail in the seduction game. First, the fear of being rejected, so they hold back and take shelter. Second, a lot of men think that they can easily get a woman with their looks and money. Although this is partly true, if you want to attract a woman’s attention, she needs to feel connected with you, but how? Recently, studies suggest that men can take advantage of a loophole in the female mind to seduce her effectively. Here are some helpful tips on how to get a woman psyched about you:

1. Be Confident, Not Needy

A lack of confidence can lead to more serious issues when you’re dating or in a relationship. Men with low self-confidence tend to be insecure and needy, which is a big turn-off. Constantly checking on your girl where she’s at, who she’s with and getting mad about late message replies is simply annoying. If you are this type of guy, then expect to lose her fast. Be ConfidentGet yourself together. Evaluate what causes this behavior. Is she hotter than you?  First, yes it’s true that physical looks are an important factor, but not totally necessary. If she’s not interested, she would not even waste time in leading you on, after all. Unless if she’s a bully. Are you jobless? Then show her how much you persevere to get a job. Most importantly, do other things to develop your interests, spend time with family and friends, and focus on your positive attributes.

2. Don’t Be Too Obvious

Are you constantly showering her with compliments and giving her extra attention? Yes, this will make her feel special, but only if you have been together for a long time, or when your partner needs some extra assurance. The first time you meet a woman you like, treat her as you treat every other woman sans the special treatment. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]A lot of men think women love to have the special treatment, but the truth is being too obvious won’t get you into bed with her. Being too open about your intentions eliminate the suspense. Flirt with her subtly, but at the same time make sure she notices your hints. This way, you’re leaving her wanting for more of your attention.

3. Let Her know That You Mean No Harm

comfortable in your presenceDon’t be too eager to take her to bed. Yes, that’s probably the goal, but first make her feel safe and comfortable in your presence. A lot of men tend to deliver the message too quickly and directly so that women see them as perverts or players. Create a friendly atmosphere first, and if you feel she’s starting to open up, then you can start taking it to the next level.

4. Look Your Best Inside And Out

Look your best in and out. A lot of women are very particular with a man’s overall look. Yes, your looks should give a good impression, but at the same time your manners should make a lasting impression. You don’t have to be ruggedly handsome to attract women, just be clean and tidy, and dress well. Be polite and don’t start fights; rough behavior is never sexy. Fascinate her with your charm and humor, too.

5. Be The Alpha Male

mysterious personalityWomen are fond of men who have a dark and mysterious personality, especially men who have an air of authority and are not easily intimidated. In short, the alpha male. How do you become an alpha male? Be a man of value, be confident, be fit, dress well and let your body do the talking. Your gestures, facial expressions, and stance speak a lot for you. Be sure it reflects strength and confidence, just as a pack leader should. But, be careful how you do it. You may look too arrogant, and she might get the idea that you’re not interested. Remember, subtle flirtations. If you’re good at this, you’ll have women begging for your attention in no time.

6. Don’t Be Too Nice

When it comes to the game of seduction, he who has the power has the control. When you put a woman on a pedestal, she will think she has the power over you and by the looks of it, you’re likely to be the loser. Showing how much you like her to the point of worshipping her is making your advances seem vulnerable and weak. Being too giving, considerate and doing everything for her makes you nice, but women view it as spineless and being submissive. Not good qualities, especially when you’re in bed. You can be kind and considerate without being her doormat.

7. Playnice With Her Emotions

warm text messageTake her to a roller coaster ride of positive emotions. Consistency is boring. For example, after your first date, send her a warm text message before you go to bed. If she responds, then you know she’s interested. Don’t text or call her for a couple of days, and when you do start flirting with her. If she flirts back, then she’s in for the ride. During your next date, don’t even mention the flirty texts, so you’ll have her wondering. Again, text her before you go to bed, but don’t flirt. Exchange a couple of messages, this time she’s most likely to initiate the flirting and before you know it, you’re having phone sex. Play with her emotions and leave her on the edge until she comes back begging for more.

8. Create An Emotional Connection

Sex is different for men and women. For women, sex isn’t just about physical attraction, but there should be an emotional connection as well. Some women claim they can have sex without emotional attachments, and this is not true. If you’re the type of man who doesn’t want to waste time on long conversations and courtesies, then you might prefer the quick way of effectively seducing a woman. The fastest and most successful way of creating an emotional connection with a woman is through fractionation. It’s so fast that it will only take fifteen minutes or even less. With fractionation, you can even date women whom you think are out of your league. Now, who wouldn’t want that? If you want to master fractionation, always remember that its misuse can cause harm to a woman temporarily or permanently. Before using it, make sure you intend to leave her better before you had her. Nexus PheromonesFractionation was first discovered by Sigmund Freud and was later developed by John Grinder, founder of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It involves hypnosis, triggers and NLP routines to create a strong emotional rapport with a woman. Fractionation is done in a subtle and stealthy way, so a woman can’t attempt to reject it. Before doing it, engage in a light conversation where there is an obvious sign of mutual trust. Fractionation won’t work if she’s not at ease with your presence. If you want her attention fast, dab a little of Nexus Pheromones, and you’ll be irresistible. Know more about the product by checking their website www.nexuspheromones.com. The basic process comprises of three steps:
  1. Stimulate a positive feeling by asking her to recall a happy experience.
  2. Stimulate negative feelings by asking her to recall a sad experience.
  3. Repeat the first two steps in cycles or in succession.
The idea is to get her in a mini-roller coaster ride of emotions over a short period. The right tone of your voice and your body language are also keys to the success of the technique. You don’t have to have the looks and all the materials things to seduce a woman. With the recent female mind loophole findings, along with the proper usage, you’ll become irresistible to women.