9 Valid Reasons Why She Doesn’t Crave Sex

9 Valid Reasons Why She Doesn't Crave SexIf you’re constantly turned down by your partner, don’t jump into conclusions and get all suspicious right away. A lot of women suffer from low libido; in fact, it’s the number one sexual health issue women complain about nowadays. It is most likely that you’re not the only one being turned down constantly. To help you understand more about her predicament, here are some of the reasons why she is in no mood for love:

1. She’s Stressed Out

People get stressed out from work, watching after the kids, heaps of unpaid bills and personal relationships. Stress is inevitable, and it can affect your sex life in more ways than one. To begin with, how can you focus on enjoying sex when you have so many other things going on in your mind? StressedYour body responds to stress through a series of changes, and this include the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. While our body needs these types of hormones daily, a sudden increase of such hormones over a long period reduce the levels of sex hormones resulting in poor sex drive. If your girlfriend or wife is too stressed out to even respond sexually, why not put out a little effort to relieve it. Give her a gentle massage, prepare dinner for her or run her a warm scented bath. Better yet, take her to a short weekend vacation. Having someone to talk to can ease problems and worries, so be sure you lend her your ears.

2. She’s Mad At You

For women, sex is an emotional experience, so they need to feel emotionally attached when having sex. If she’s mad at you or upset about something you’ve done, then expect her cold treatment, especially in the bedroom. If you haven’t got a clue what has made her so upset, then talk to her. Let her unburden her resentments without you being on the defensive, or it could end up blowing up in a huge fight that is far from the night you wanted. If you’re lucky, you might end up having mind-blowing make-up sex, and a deeper relationship, too.

3. She’s Shy

She’s ShyWomen suffer from a lot of inhibitions. As young girls, they were always reminded to be good; thus, some are afraid to reveal their sexual desires and much more, to act it out. If your girl is too timid in the bedroom, talk to her about it. Don’t force her to open up all at once, because it won’t be easy just to let go what you’ve believed in for years. Let her know that it’s normal for couples to enjoy the pleasure of sex without feeling guilty. If it’s not the good girl syndrome, then maybe she feels uncomfortable with her body. A woman is less confident in bed when she feels less sexy about her body. Avoid telling her how much you love a part of her body, but instead tell her how incredibly sexy she is.

4. She’s Exhausted

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]After a long day at work, spending time with kids and doing chores, she probably wants nothing but an undisturbed night of restful sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the top reasons a sex life becomes optional rather than a priority. No sex or less sex can greatly affect the relationship between couples. If you or your partner are currently experiencing this type of problem, don’t let exhaustion pull your sex lives down. Manage your time at home, so sex doesn’t become another task at the end of the day for her. Share household chores, and if you have kids, put them to bed earlier. If she’s still tired despite fewer activities, iron deficiency can be the cause of fatigue in women. Let her see her doctor for a blood test to confirm if anemia is the cause of her listlessness.

Depression5. She’s Suffering From Depression

Chronic depression can decrease a woman’s sexual desire and worse, most antidepressants or SSRIs have the same effect. SSRI impedes the function of a brain neurotransmitter, serotonin,which plays a role in sexual arousal. These antidepressants can lower her libido and can negatively impact her ability to reach orgasm. Accompany her to her doctor and ask for possible prescriptions with fewer side effects or drugs that may counter the effects.

6. She’s On The Pill

The birth control pill is the most preferred contraceptive, because it is convenient and deemed safe. Unfortunately, the same pills your girlfriend or wife takes for carefree sex can significantly lower her sex drive. Although the effects may vary from woman to woman, hormonal pills can affect the production of sexual hormones, particularly testosterone, thus affecting her libido. If her libido starts to plummet after using pills, urge her to try other birth control alternatives or let her see her doctor for an alternative birth control method.

7. You Lack Effort

Lack EffortYou’re hardly noticing her or appreciated her efforts or her latest accomplishments, yet you expect her to jump into bed whenever you feel like doing it. Sorry, but that’s not how women do it. She’s not a machine that you can switch on whenever you want to use her. She deserves more than that. If you want it, then work for it. As simple as that. Instead of just getting it over with for the sake of releasing your burden, pleasure her with some long, slow and passionate foreplay.

8. You Look Awful

Let’s face it. Physical attraction fuels sexual attraction. If you haven’t been taking care of yourself lately, then it’s no wonder she’s not sexually attracted to you anymore. Keep your body in shape. Sweat it off at the gym. Bulging muscles are not necessary the same as bulging bellies. Make use of an invisible magnet to keep her sexually attracted to you. Just a few drops of a product like Nexus Pheromones and you’ll be simply irresistible to her. Pheromones are sex scents that send signals subconsciously then heightens her sexual response. Remember, after you attract her, you still have to put forth an effort.

9. You’re In A Long-Term Relationship

Long-Term RelationshipBeing together for years is a sure sign of a great relationship, but that may not always be the case when it comes to your sex life. In most cases, couples in long relationships are too bored with the same old sex routines, and they don’t find the sex as gratifying as it used to be.If you’re girlfriend or wife is starting to get cold in the bedroom, then it’s high time to reinvent your moves. Make love to her in every corner of your home, try new and different positions and you can also make use of sex toys for an improved stimulation. But, before using sex toys, ask her if she’s comfortable with the idea. A lot of factors affect a woman’s sex drive; from hormones and medications, to lifestyle and psychological issues. It could even be your own doing. Instead of putting pressure on her, help her out.