Getting Lucky: Tapping into James Bond’s Brilliant Body Language

Getting Lucky: Tapping into James Bond's Brilliant Body LanguageWhat do you think is the best way to attract women? Good looks? Nice body physique? Your PhD degree from Yale or MIT? The latest car? Your high-paying job? The truth is, there is no exact formula that can guarantee instant attraction in women. In fact, every woman is different, which means some chicks won’t find your good looks and six-pack abs as attractive and swoon-worthy. They probably care more about how smart and hardworking you are. Believe it or not, your good looks, nice car, and even moves like Jagger won’t always do the trick. If you really want to pick up attractive women, then you need to establish communication. What is the best way to hit this right at the center? Body language, of course. Still you have to be careful with this one. The wrong body language can send the wrong message to the girl you are eyeing. The good news is, there is something you can do about it. Here are nine secrets of body language that can make any girl go crazy over you.

1. Relax

show off your comfortable sideBefore going into details, let’s start with the basics. First, you need to relax, which means stop fidgeting and sweating like a six-year old girl. If you are constantly moving around, the girl will think that either you are constipated, or you are not confident at all, which can be a turn off. If you are not confident and at ease with the way you move or act, then don’t expect the girl to take you seriously. She will not even look at you in a sexual way, so don’t expect any kind of action, even lip action, after your encounter. Therefore, relax and take a deep breath. Walk slowly, control your movements and show off your comfortable side.

2. Be Smooth: Lean Back

Women want approachable, friendly-looking men, not men who are reserved and want to be alone.If you want to be that approachable guy, then lean back and relax. It shows the girl that you are opening yourself up and willing to be comfortable with her. A piece of advice: make sure not to cross your arms when talking to a girl. Shy guys tend to shield themselves by leaning forward and crossing their arms.Doing this sends a signal that you are hiding something and are not willing to open up to the girl you want. So, be a better dude. Lean back and again, relax.

3. Show Off Your Pearly Whites

smileIn other words, smile. Believe it or not, your smile sells almost anything you want to say, in the most positive way possible. And yes, your smile can be an indispensable tool in attracting women, even without saying anything. So, before you go out and find the woman of your dreams, don’t forget to practice your smile. Stand in front of the mirror and try to remember something that will make you laugh. Make your smile look more natural, to the point that girls will not think that you are simply faking it. Just practice your killer smile, and women will surely flock to you. By being confident, they will listen to every word you say. In this case, hygiene also plays an important role, so make sure to brush your teeth, floss and don’t forget the mouthwash. If you look great, you’ll feel great, too – and that is contagious.

4. Watch Out For Your Posture

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Yes, guys, even your posture, aka how you sit and stand, is also something women notice. Keep in mind that men who are confident, yet humble and not borderline airheads are definite lady-killers. And yes, your confidence reflects in your posture, too. Slouching can be a sign of laziness. To make sure you don’t fall in a woman’s “Lazy Dudes” list, stand up straight and relax your arms and shoulders, as if a book is on top of your head. Of course, don’t forget to smile. Lazy DudesAside from the way you stand, take note of your walking posture. Keep your back straight, your head slightly tilted, and chest out and bring your shoulders back. Walking with your head down, arched back and hands in the pocket screams “Sorry ladies, but I’m not after you, even if you’re hot,” this explains why you haven’t caught the girl of your dreams yet. Again, poor posture means you’re not that confident – and women don’t want that.

5. Take Up Some Space

Most men will think taking up a lot of space equates to being obnoxious. Apparently, not. Surprisingly, taking up space in any given situation is a subtle way of marking your territory, which people will notice subconsciously. People will think that you are the “alpha dude,” the one who is more laidback and fun. At the same time, women will see you easily. Even without saying anything, taking up as much space as you can shows women that you are and can be in charge, regardless of the situation. Therefore, sit back in a chair and be asymmetric. Just remember James Bond and you’ll know what to do.

6. Listen To The Tone Of Your Voice

Tone Of Your VoiceAnother surprise here, guys. Believe it or not, how you modulate your voice is an extension of your body language. And yes, it can affect your chances of getting that girl of your dreams. When talking with women, make sure you speak at a regular pace. Talking 50 miles per second screams “I’m nervous,” while talking too slow will make a woman feel like you are talking to a two-year old, which is indirectly telling her that you think she’s stupid. Just relax and speak slowly. Make sure your tone sounds as if you are in control. Speak clearly, so people will understand you easily, even when you’re inside a club or any noisy areas.

7. Keep Calm And Be Indifferent

Okay, these two concepts may seem like they don’t go together. As surprising as it may sound, acting indifferently shows that you can and you are in control of every situation. This translates to making you look calm and more confident, that you are the man in charge. You don’t want to give off a vibe that you can’t handle the situation, right? In this case, acting indifferently can and will save you. It makes you look even more manly too, which is what you want to happen.

8. Proper Grooming

Again, yes guys. Just like the tone of your voice, grooming and dressing is an extension of body language. Believe it or not, how you dress and present yourself in public says a lot. In this case, here are some of the important things you need to remember.
  • Keep Your Nails Short And CleanKeep Your Nails Short And Clean. A nail cutter is one of your best men. Make sure that your nails are clean and cut; otherwise, she may think you’re a filthy slob.
  • Keep Your Body Hairs Under Control. You must trim or shave any facial or body hair at all costs. No-shave November may be doing the trick for some guys; however, nothing beats a clean-cut guy. It shows women that you have good hygiene. Plus, it won’t hurt if you do a bit of manscaping down there, too.
  • Practice Proper Hygiene. This may be self-explanatory, but for emphasis, shower, brush your teeth and apply the necessary fragrances or pheromone scents at all times. Your excellent personality and good looks won’t bring you anywhere if your breath or body odor smells really bad.
  • Dress Appropriately. Men’s fashions are not as complicated as women’s fashions are today. Still, make sure that what you are wearing is decent and presentable. And yes, clothes also communicate your identity, so be careful choosing what you wear.

9. Be The Man

Men, by nature, are the dominant ones. Therefore, show him who the boss is, but not to the point of controlling her and dictating what she should do and not do. Airy, control-freak dudes are a big no-no so be careful in this area. Still, there are subtle, indirect signs that tell a guy who’s the man in any given situation. To show her the type of man you are, you should:
  • Never break eye contactNever break eye contact. Otherwise, it makes you look submissive.
  • Take the lead. Putting your hand on her lower back, not butt-back, is advisable.
  • Make her feel she is safe and protected.
  • Be a gentleman. Open the doors for her, pull out a chair for her, help her wear her coat; give her your jacket when she feels cold, the works.
It may seem that you are doing the work here, but believe it or not, being the man, the gentleman in this case, works wonders. So, are you ready to be the guy that every other man wants to be, and the dude that every girl wants to date? It doesn’t take rocket science to be able to figure out women. Just follow these simple yet effective body language tips, and you can attract any woman you want in no time. Of course, don’t forget to make yourself look as decent and presentable as possible.