Best Pheromones to Attract Women: Don’t Get Friendzoned

Best Pheromones to Attract Women: Don't Get Friendzoned

It takes at least 15 days for a man to understand and adjust to the behaviour of women; and most men that become close to their female friends have 78% chance of becoming their lovers as well as a 34% chance of getting friendzoned.

In case you are not familiar with the term “friendzoned,” then I recommend that you watch the film “Just Friends” that starred Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart and Reynolds described friendzoned in the best way possible.

So to prevent yourself from becoming insignificant to the girl of your dreams you must be yourself, be honest and use some of the best pheromones to attract women.

In any case Reynolds said that “when a woman loses all sexual interest in you and sees you nothing more than a friend, that’s when you get friendzoned.” That’s something pretty hard to accept isn’t it? The effectiveness of women seducing pheromones will spare you from this fate of course.

cologne bottleLooking closely at a cologne bottle, it is amazing to note how great the possibilities are for pheromones to add to our relationships. Much has been said as to how pheromones work and loads of research and experiments have attested to these capabilities.

However, to be more specific, what are these excellent pheromones that women are drawn to? When buying cologne, it is not enough to just purchase an item that has the word “Pheromones” on it thinking that all sorts are the same.

It is better and wiser if you have little knowledge on what to eye for. As they say, “Knowledge is Power!” Here is the basic knowledge regarding the chemicals that I would say would formulate the best pheromones to attract women.

Some Of The Known Best Pheromones to Attract Women

With over half a decade of research, scientists were able to determine various kinds of pheromones that men release which are also directly linked to sexual arousal in women. Because of this cologne and perfume manufacturers could just select from the list below and incorporate the best pheromones to attract women to concoct the perfect mix that works every time you use it.

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]You’ll feel an abundance of self confidence and control over certain things in your life with just one spray of this amazing cologne! A good combination of any of these pheromones will produce the cologne with the best pheromones to seduce women. Below is a list of the known male pheromones:

  • Androstenone– actually a steroid found in both men and women, this compound is believed to increase male dominance towards its female partner, which is directly proportional to sexual arousal of women.
  • Androsterone and Androstanone– a support to the effects of Androstenone, this chemical is believed to influence human behavior such as establishing and reinforcing “trust” between sexes.
  • powerful chemicalAndrostenol– is secreted by the andrenal gland in humans, this chemical is believed to reduce shyness to pave way to smooth flowing interactions. This somewhat results in some kind of women seducing pheromones which is highly advantageous to men.
  • Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone– is another type of steroid that is believed to stimulate more pheromones- like effect to its recipient. Meaning, it gives a longer life span from a single spray.
  • Epoxyestratrienol – another powerful chemical deems to facilitate towards a stronger effect of the pheromones.
  • Dehydroisoandrosterone – this chemical has only mild effect when administered solely, but mixed with other main ingredients, would double the effect of pheromones.
  • Oxytocin– is basically excreted by posterior pituitary gland and found to play a major role in sexual reproduction such as childbirth. But using as an ingredient in colognes with the best pheromones to attract women, this is believed to sustain deep connections and trust and thus, further facilitate pheromonal effects.

You will get more dates than usual when you use the best pheromones to attract women. You’ll realize that all you needed to unlock your potential was the best pheromones to attract women.

You’ll become sexually smarter, funnier and a lot more fun to be with from any woman’s point of view. Women will practically swoon at the very instant they pick up your secret scent, which are the excellent pheromones that women are drawn to.