11 Sex Positions Every Lucky Guy Should Try

11 Sex Positions Every Lucky Guy Should TryAre you becoming bored in the bedroom? There is no need for you to panic. It’s not the lack of feelings between you two. Most likely, missionary and doggy-style are the only sex positions you know about. Novelty in the bedroom is an excellent source of fun, and it’s also one way to keep the fires of passion burning brightly. Fuel your imagination and get creative in bed. To get you started, here are 11 simple, yet sizzling sex positions you can try:

1. The Waterfall

Lie on your back with your head and shoulders on the floor and the lower half of your body in bed. Make your partner move to the edge of the bed as she rides on you. The blood will rush down to your head, but will also rush to the other “head,” making sensations during climax mind-blowing. sex scentIf you are wondering how to coerce your partner into trying these sex positions, try using the power of your sex scent. Your body naturally releases sex scent called the pheromones similar to the substance released by animals during their mating season. Curious? Check out this website https://www.nexuspheromones.com/t1/index.html to know more about the magic of pheromones.

2. Get Gift Wrapped

You and your partner will lie on your sides facing each other. She bends her legs towards her abdomen and spreads it with her vagina positioned against your penis. Slightly lift your hips when you enter her as she wraps her legs around your back. She can pull you closer for deeper thrusts by using her legs and feet wrapped around your waist.

3. The Face Sitter

Does your partner like sitting on your face? Well, this time around you do the sitting while she pleasures you with her mouth. Yours is a long, pointy weapon so you may need a pillow to elevate her head a bit. As you sit on her face, get support from the headboard or the wall. You can move your hips slightly and don’t even think of pushing it down hard, making her swallow you whole unwillingly is downright disrespectful.

4. The Fusion

partnerLie on your back with your upper body elevated from the bed, and your legs stretched out. Lean backward 45 degrees with your arms extended to your back, supporting your upper body weight. Let your partner do the same facing you with her legs spread out, her butt on your legs and her vagina angled towards your penis. It will be easy for her to thrust by lifting her butt and grinding in a circular motion. You’ll have a wonderful sight of your manhood going in and out.

5. Make Snow Angels

This position is a bit similar to the fusion; however, it’s a little more involved. Have her lie down on her back with her legs stretched out and parted. Get on top of her with your face facing towards her feet. As you enter her, let her feet wrap around your back while she gets hold of your butt pushing it up and down with each thrust.

6. The Crazy Coital Alignment Technique

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]This position is almost similar to the missionary, but instead of being chest to chest with your partner, your chest should be a bit further up. Part her legs widely, then have her bend it at 45 degrees with her soles flat on the bed. After a series of thrusts, let her straighten her legs and slide forward and back.This provides intense clitoral stimulation and has a higher chance of an orgasm for your partner.

7. Get In The Hot Seat

sitting positionIn a sitting position, get on the edge of the bed with your legs parted. Make her stand in front of you with her back then let her sit between your legs. She can straddle you back and forth or grind in circles. It’s more of a doggy style, but this time she is in control. For a better stimulation, let her gently caress the base of your penis and perineum with her hands as you cup her breast and play with her nipples.

8. Face Off For Fun

Sit on the edge of the bed and let her ride you face-to-face with her arms wrapped around your back, and her legs around your waist. Her butt should be on your lap as she moves and slides back and forth or up and down. This is pretty exhausting for her, so give her a hand with each thrust by lifting her buttocks up, then down. This also gives you the perfect chance to kiss her lips and neck while you tease her nipples.

9. Twist Like A Pretzel

Have her lie on her left side, and then lift her left leg as you kneel over her right leg. As you enter her, position her left leg slightly arched on the left side of your torso. Her legs should look like a pair of scissors, but slightly bent, as you enter in between. You can also stimulate her clitoris gently with your finger.The deep penetration is similar to the sensations of a doggy style, while doing it face-to-face.

10. Make Her Your Sexy Ballet Dancer

outdoor sexIf you are into outdoor sex, then you should try this one out, especially in a tight room that require minimal movements. Stand up and face each other, lift one of her legs, and then wrap it around your butt, so her leg can pull you closer. You could bend down a little if you are much taller than her. If she gets tired, support her leg with your arm. Make sure she’s wearing an outfit that provides easy access to this kind of position. The Ballet Dancer also works great in the pool. It will be easier for both of you since the water carries most of the weight. All you need is to slip her swimsuit a bit.

11. Work The Wheel barrow

You know how wheelbarrow works, so you get the drift. Enter her from behind, hold her by the waist with her arms extended to the floor, and her legs wrapped around your back. It’s difficult, but worth all the energy.