Pheromones For Men: 6 Ways You Lower Yours Each Day

Pheromones For Men: 6 Ways You Lower Yours Each Day

Men are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to attracting women. Even though a man’s physical characteristics and their personalities also play an essential role in their appeal towards the opposite sex, did you know that pheromones for men also take part in how they interest women? Male pheromones are special chemicals that somehow draw in females naturally which are according to many studies throughout the years.

Did you know that men’s sweat might possibly soothe a woman’s heart? Many researchers have revealed that through their studies, the odorless chemicals called pheromones are found in a man’s sweat and can have a significant effect on both a female’s body and mind. There are also studies that show male pheromones could increase a woman’s vibes and trigger the release of a specific hormone that normalizes the monthly menstrual cycle.

What Should You Know About Pheromones?

What Should You Know About PheromonesPheromones are unique chemicals that are odorless. Both men and women and also other living creatures and insects release them. These chemicals are a natural part mating in the animal and human world. They build sexual magnetism for both sexes and people’s noses are the structures to thank for that said “attraction.” That is probably one of the biggest reasons why perfume and cologne businesses spend a lot of money trying to convince the public that their product could attract the opposite sex. Since pheromones are odorless and found in sweat, do keep in mind that women do not exactly appreciate the smell of musty sweat. Women have more sensitive smell receptors compared to men and they prefer scents that are fresh. So that means that musty sweat odor does not work on all accounts. Newly sweat contains an abundant source of pheromones. However, this little fact might burst your bubble, only 80 percent of human beings have an organ called the Vomeronasal, which is a special structure in the nose that could detect the odorless pheromones of men.

What Are The Types Of Pheromones For Men?

Since we did mention that females also have pheromones, let us focus on the males since there are a lot more products out in the market that are created for men to attract women. There are three main types of male pheromones and these are androstenone, androstenol and androsterone. All the products available for purchasing out in the market today have a combination of these three basic kinds of pheromones. All three kinds are externally unseen hormones, which are under androgen steroids. Pheromones For MenAndrostenone occurs in men’s sweat and urine. Researchers have described this type of pheromone as smelling like either fresh vanilla or plain musty urine. This depends on the person’s olfactory genes. Some people cannot even smell androstenone. That means there are certain individuals that cannot distinguish this pheromones type, which in turn they do not react to it. Androstenol, the other type of pheromone for men, is naturally present in women. However, men also have this type of pheromone, but in lesser quantities. They are the pheromones that initiate social communications. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Researchers have discovered that androstenol can encourage fighting in males and other types of aggression. These kinds of pheromones are typically used in many types of cologne for both men and women. Androsterones are popular male pheromones. They are also known as “arone” and are an ectohormone, which could boost up men’s appeal and authority. Around 65 percent of human beings could recognize this type of chemical. A majority of individuals reacts positively to androsterone, but some are disgusted by the scent. Some sprays and colognes contain these pheromones, but in small amounts. They are known to generate increased tension between both genders.

6 Ways in Which The Levels Of Pheromones Can Be Decreased:

Just like the other chemicals, minerals and vitamins in the human body, pheromones could also decrease. This is especially the case when a person does not take care of their body properly. With many positive effects, it would be a shame to have low levels in the body, because there is nothing to lose. Even though male pheromones are secreted naturally, there are specific factors that can decrease them in the human body such as:
  • Excessive amounts of stressHaving a unhealthy nutritional diet that consists of oily or processed foods
  • Not having enough exercise throughout the week
  • Having insufficient hours of sleep
  • Excessive amounts of stress
  • Using lotions, deodorants, colognes and perfumes that contain several chemicals
  • Showering too much throughout the day
The reason why these factors may decrease the levels of pheromones in men is that they mask the natural odorless scent of them. Since the world today calls for all human beings to be hygienic and use products to destroy germs and bacteria, unfortunately they also wipe out other natural components of our skin and body. This includes pheromones and even the good cells that are located on our skin.

Can Men Increase Their Levels Of Pheromones?

In fact, both men and women could increase this special chemical. There are many natural ways to raise the pheromones, such as eating specific foods to trigger the release of them. Besides natural techniques, there are also products available in the market that could provide synthetic pheromones for men. Nexus Pheromones™ is a great example of a product that increases male pheromones.

How Are Sprays With Pheromones Used?

Spray products that contain male pheromones are very simple to use. They are typically sprayed on the major pulse areas, such as the neck and chest, just like every other cologne and perfume. Sprays With Pheromones UsedIt is recommended to spray one to three sprays to get its maximum effects. However, you have to remember that results will vary from man to man. For some men, the sprays may work and may attract the opposite sex, while for others it may cause no results at all. Pheromones for men are worth gaining some knowledge about, especially if you happen to be looking for that special someone. If this is your first time hearing about what pheromones are and how important they are, then use this information for your own benefit. You could even share these essential facts to your fellow male friends, so that they can know more about this special chemical, too.