10 Ways to Make Her Want You Without Even Trying

10 Ways to Make Her Want You Without Even TryingAfter a tiring week, you and your guy buds decided to take Friday night off and have fun. You heard there is a new place few minutes away from your office and agreed to check it out. Despite the lack of preparation and limited grooming supplies in the office, you still made sure you look presentable. Who knows, you might meet the woman of your dreams. For sure, you’ve probably mastered the art of boosting your swag levels. You even have a cheat sheet hidden in your wallet just in case you forgot a few rules. Unfortunately, it’s not your night tonight. Worse than that, you feel like you look better than the other guys do, and yet they have the girls. What went wrong? Apparently, women are complex creatures. No matter how many rule books are written about them, some of these tips simply won’t cut it. They may even see you as the guy who tries hard, which is why you can’t seem to bag one. Problem solved. Here are tips on how to make her want you without trying too hard.

1. Your Appearance Matters

Take showers regularlySome guys are born with looks, a la Brad Pitt while some are not lucky enough to be that close to his good looks. If you belong in the second category, that’s okay. You are still playing on the same field and vying for someone you can call yours. It’s just a matter of how you present yourself to other people. In that case, make sure to keep your body clean at all times. One of the biggest turn offs is poor hygiene. It says a lot in your personality and at the same time, nobody wants to hang around with someone who smells bad. Take showers regularly, use deodorant, brush your teeth at least two times a day and use cologne whenever necessary. Wear clean, decent clothes that are appropriate for every occasion. It sounds simple enough, but it makes a lot of difference.

2. Maintain A Healthy Body

Dadbod may be in, thanks to Leonardo Di Caprio; however, this doesn’t give you the license to eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. Men like fit girls. Consequently, women like men who are fit, too. It’s not necessarily to have those six-pack abs and toned arms, but at the very least, women want men who take care of their bodies.

Use your gym membership and allot a few hours of your time every time to sweat. If you’re not into weights and treadmills, play sports. Try enrolling in classes to keep you motivated. Take a daily walk around the neighborhood. The important thing is to maintain not just a healthy weight, but a healthy body, too. Don’t forget to eat healthy, as well. It’s not just about society’s view on weight. A lack of exercise shows you don’t care about your health, which could spell medical issues in the long run. And nobody wants that.

3. The Right Amount Of Sweat

deodorantsMaintaining a healthy body means sweating. Admit it. It’s not the most romantic thing on the planet. In fact, tons of deodorants and antiperspirant products are available to mask the bad odor. Since hygiene is important in the world of women and dating, you tend to hoard on products that will make you smell good. Did you know that your sweat could be the key to success in making her want you? It turns out that your sweat has sexy and masculine chemicals that could cause arousal and heightened moods in women. Yes, this is called pheromones. There is an ongoing debate whether humans have pheromones or not. While the experts are still uncovering this, one thing is for sure: women have unexplainable abilities to smell the right guy. How they do it is something science is trying to find out.

4. Daddy’s Little Girl

It turns out that good looks and a pleasing personality are not enough to make a woman fall for you. According to a new study headed by Lynda Boothroyd from Durham University in England, being a daddy’s girl could affect a woman’s type and choice of man. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Based on the study, the better the relationship with their dads, women are more likely to get attracted to men who resemble their fathers. On the other hand, women with bad relationships with their fathers are less likely to choose a man with the slightest resemblance to their dads. In other words, aside from the ideal proto types your human brain creates,a strong positive relationship from the people around her could influence a woman’s choices in men.

5. The Effeminate One

women are drawn to men who are more sensitiveBy definition, men should be tough, strong and less emotional. Society taught you to be that way and that’s how it is. Thankfully, the world realizes it needs to change how a man should act, which is why you will meet some men who are not the manliest guys on the block. For most men, being the sensitive one is a sign of weakness. At the same time, the inability to grow a beard or looking like a seven-year old girl with a bowl haircut are red flags. The good news is, most women don’t mind them at all. Yes, women’s preferences in men has changed over time, especially when she has bun in the oven. Today, women are drawn to men who are more sensitive, less aggressive and more effeminate, because they make a better partner in life. So, if you happen to have Zac Efron’s High School Musical haircut, then you may have a better shot.

6. Be Stable

Most of the time, women think about the future. They want the assurance that whatever happens, you will always be there to support them and provide them with their basic needs. For this reason, it helps a lot if you have a stable job, some set goals you plan to achieve in the next five, 10 or 15 years and can provide a better future. Think about this. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is a dead weight and eats mac and cheese while lying in front of the television everyday? Of course not. The same thing goes for her. Women will appreciate you if you are responsible enough to handle your own self.

7. The Average Look

What Does This Guy Have That You Don’tHow many times have you seen an average-looking dude with a gorgeous girl? Every time you are out, chances are you will see a guy holding hands with the most beautiful girl.

What Does This Guy Have That You Don’t?

It’s his average-looking facial features. According to experts from Tel Aviv University, beauty is in the eyes of the majority of the beholders. The experts built a beauty machine, which quantifies beauty through ratios and mathematical measurements. Through this machine, you will be able to define the right amount of distance and ratio between facial features, according to what the majority people think is beautiful. In other words, you don’t need to look like Brad Pitt to attract women. You’re looking just fine.

8. A Good Sense Of Humor

What do Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Stiller, Chris Pratt, Jason Bateman and Steve Carell have in common? Their sense of humor, of course. Aside from this, these funny guys have the most gorgeous and hottest wives on the planet. Apparently, having a good sense of humor can help you get the girl. It shows you’re good company who will never run out of antics to keep any situation lively. However, it’s not just about cracking jokes and saying the funniest jokes. A good sense of humor is about making her laugh while still saying the most intelligent and respectful things.

9. Be Respectful

They say respect is earned, not imposed. True, but, that doesn’t mean you should expect all of the people around you to do things to earn your respect. Most of the time, the nice, respectful guy in the room attracts the most beautiful girls. Be RespectfulShowing respect to people is not rocket science. Start by being nice to people, regardless of whether or not you want to date them. Learn how to talk and treat people nicely. Don’t say anything bad in front or behind their backs. Be careful with your choice of words when dealing with other people. Women are intelligent creatures. They can tell if you are being a jerk to other people and playing the nice guy card with them.

10. Keep It Cool

  Admit it. When you love someone, you want to be with them all the time. You want to know where that are, who they are with, or how they are doing. For you, this is you being merely concerned, but for her, this will send the wrong message and could even ruin your chances, both in bed and in relationships. Therefore, keep it cool. Don’t text or call every five minutes to check on her. Stop reminding her about the things she needs to do for the day. Give her some freedom by allowing her to do things on her own – and you don’t have to follow her all the time. Allow her to breathe and live her own life. Finding the right girl for you could be a complicated, brutal process. It is a matter of trial and error, tons of meet and greets, and a couple of heartaches along the way. The important thing is to be yourself and don’t try too hard. If she wants you, she will show you.