Female Pheromones: 4 Ways to Use Your Feminine Charms

Female Pheromones: 4 Ways to Use Your Feminine CharmsAnimals naturally produce pheromones as their own way of sending signals to elicit a response from members of the same species. Since its first discovery in the 1950’s, experts are trying to find out whether they also exist in humans, and apparently, they do. In fact, they play an important role in your life and the lives of other humans.
To all the ladies out there, let’s take a closer look at female pheromones to find out how you can use your distinct smell in attracting your potential mate. It may be easier than you think.

A Closer Look At Pheromones In Women

Pheromone is a Greek form of the word “pheran,” which means to transfer, and “horman” or to excite. For animals, the release of pheromones is their form of communication. For humans, many experts suggest that it is a form of inducing attraction to the opposite sex. Pheromones In WomenFor women, the best way to release natural pheromones is through sweat. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to meet men, right? Apparently, sweating releases the largest amount of androstenol pheromone. And believe it or not, this type of pheromone increases your sexual attraction and attracts men in an unconscious way. Aside from this, your body naturally releases copulin. This type of pheromone is a natural aromatic acid that has a relaxing effect on men. Copulin is at its strongest during your fertile stage. Hence, any hormonal imbalances brought by birth control pills or menopause can mess up this type of pheromone. Keep in mind that pheromones for women are invisible and odorless. Still, the nose can detect pheromones through the vomeronasal organ, or the VNO. Once the VNO detects the female pheromones, the chemicals will send signals to the man’s brain, particularly the hypothalamus. This subconsciously triggers the biological sexual response and stimulates sexual attraction.

The Female Pheromone Discovery

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Given that female pheromones exist, the next question to ask is: “Are there scientific studies to prove it?” Of course, there are multitudes of research that show female pheromones are a reality. For many years, experts worked to uncover the mystery behind women pheromones and its effect on men, which gives rise to the “dirty T-shirt experiment.” The first study, conducted by Devendra Singh and P. Matthew Bronstad of the University of Texas, surveyed 18 female college students. The researchers asked them to wear clean shirts during and after their ovulation period. A total of 52 men had to smell the scent on the pair of shirts. They found out that the shirts the women wore during the ovulation phase were preferred by 75 percent of them. scientific studiesAt the same time, the study shows that men can tell whether the woman or ovulating or not. This suggests that once men are familiar with their partners and their smells, they can say, although unconsciously, whether she is fertile or not. Researchers from the University of New Mexico also conducted the same T-shirt experiment. Unlike the Texas study, they found out that men are unable to distinguish whether the woman is ovulating or not through the smell.

Is It Possible To Increase Women’s Pheromones?

Pheromones are used to attract a potential mate. However, the amount of pheromones released varies from woman to woman. This means you may have a noticeable pheromone output compared to the other women or vice versa. The question now is – can pheromones in women still be increased? The answer is yes. Here are tips on how to increase your levels of pheromones.
  • Exercise Regularly. Did you know that your body releases the toxins inside through sweat? And there is no better way of releasing sweat than by exercising. Once the toxins inside your body are removed, the smell of the pheromones becomes more noticeable. At the same time, exercise can boost your testosterone levels, which can naturally increase the levels of pheromones.
  • Take Zinc Supplements. Zinc can naturally boost the production of testosterone, which can help increase pheromone levels. Hence, 30 to 45 milligrams of zinc everyday will do.
  • Consider Dehydroepiandrosterone, Or DHEA. DHEA is naturally produced by the body. At the same time, it is a precursor to both male and female sexual hormones, which explains why DHEA is very important. Therefore, take 10 milligrams of synthetic DHEA everyday to increase your sexual hormones and eventually boost pheromone levels.
  • Take A BathTake A Bath In Soap-less Hot Water. Natural pheromones are released from the skin. Over the years, the importance of hygiene has been emphasized. Various scented products were introduced to prevent the “bad smell.” If you want to increase your female pheromones, take a bath in hot water without using soap. This can avoid the removal of natural pheromones that are thriving on your skin.

4 Tips On How To Use Female Pheromones To Attract Men

So, what can you get from female pheromones? The answer is simple. They can help you attract men, or if you are currently in a relationship, women pheromones can help you get your partner turned on. However, there is more to pheromones for women than just spraying it. Here are tips and guidelines on how to attract men with pheromones:
  • Explore Your Options. Pheromones for women come in varieties – sprays, concentrates, perfume, or even cologne. Look at your options and make sure the product has a money back guarantee.
  • attract men with pheromonesApply The Formula On Your Skin. There are “pulse points,” which can make the pheromone more effective. This includes your neck, chest, wrists, and even behind the ears. Spray or dab these areas every 12 hours, or depending on the instructions on the label.
  • Look And Be Presentable. What is the point of using pheromones when you are not able to make a physical attraction, right? Therefore, dress nicely in such a way that you want to attract men. Remember, be classy and never trashy.
  • Be Approachable. So, you got a guy’s attention. What’s next? Be approachable. Smile, strike up a conversation, but don’t be too forward. Learn to listen. Be a little flirty and let the pheromones do their magic.
Keep in mind that pheromones are not magnets that can make two opposites attract in an instant. There are still other factors to consider in building a relationship. Also, don’t expect too much and leave everything to the pheromones. It doesn’t work that way. The next time you go to a place with potential mates around you, be yourself. Try the tips in this article to increase your female pheromones. Who knows, the guy waiting for you has his own pheromone scent too, using Nexus Pheromones. You may not notice, but your instinctive mating behaviors are being targeted by Nexus Pheromones, making you two more drawn to each other.