How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know

How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know

Pheromones have been quite popular in the recent years because of the natural effects. If you are a man in need of some special magnetic power to attract women, pheromones may do the job quite well. Although pheromones have received a stir of attention, some men have no clue about what they are, or what they really do. If you are one of those individuals, do not be too worried, because you are definitely not alone about not understanding this unique chemical compound.

What Are These Special Little Compounds?

The word pheromones came from two Greek words: the word, “pherein,” which means to transfer, and the word, “hormone,” which means to stimulate. These special little chemicals come from the human body, as well as many other living creatures on the earth. chemicals come from the human bodyThey send out subconscious signals to others for a variety of purposes. Sex pheromones are the type of chemicals that sends off signals that could unconsciously make you more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. To make it a bit more clear for you, pheromones are subconscious sex signals that human beings and animals use to attract the opposite gender. There is a structure located in the nose, which is called Vomeronasal organ or the VNO. This special organ senses the odorless molecules of pheromones that could be secreted through urine or sweat. However, this special structure only exists in around 80 percent of human beings.

Can Pheromones Really Make A Man More Attractive?

This question is still under investigation by many scientists. Some studies have shown that pheromones could actually make you more attractive, while some studies may beg to differ. There are some researchers from the University of Chicago and University of Utah that showed these special chemicals changing a person’s mood, heart rate, body temperature and breathing. As for making a man more attractive, that question is still under scrutiny. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Since the world nowadays calls for men to wash off their natural pheromones through frequent showering, applying deodorants and spraying on strong colognes, pheromones don’t stay on the skin. Females do not get the chance to take a whiff of a man’s natural sex aroma. However, there are certain companies, such as Nexus Pheromones™, who have created a spray that contains pheromones. Products like the one mentioned were created to increase pheromones in a man’s body by providing synthetic pheromones, instead. increase pheromones in a man’s bodyEven though the pheromones that are in products are not exactly the pheromones that humans naturally secrete, they are still synthesized through chemicals to someone imitate human secretions of the molecule. There are some companies that prefer using natural pheromones that come from deers of pigs, but those products would only attract the same species where the pheromones were taken from. However, it does not stop the manufacturers from creating such products that could possibly help men become more attractive through pheromones.

What Could Pheromones Do For Men?

Using products, typically sprays that contain pheromones could increase a man’s self-confidence and attractiveness. This, of course, varies from man to man. Not all results are successful like many manufacturers claim. Some men profess that when they use pheromones-containing products that women tend to become friendlier, feel the need to continue conversations and may be flirtier, but it does not necessarily mean that they are already sexually aroused. Like mentioned, results really do differ from person to person which cannot give a 100 percent guarantee of its success.

What Are The Three Types Of Human Pheromones?

The three types of human pheromones are the following: androstenone, androstenol and copulins. The first two pheromones are located on the surface of a person’s skin, both men and women, when there is sweat production. Both are also believed to affect a person’s attraction to another. Although, androstenol can change a man’s attractiveness, confidence and intelligence. male aggression scentThe human pheromone, androstenone is the male aggression scent. Studies have shown that females are attracted to those men who secrete high amounts of androstenone. Coupulins are the last type of human pheromone. This type is usually found in vaginal secretions. This scent is proven to raise the testosterone levels or the sex drive of males.

How To Make Pheromones in 6 ways?

Since companies have products out in the market that contain pheromones, the next question that comes to mind is whether it is possible to help your body produce more pheromones. If you have done research online, there are some methods for helping your body release more of this special chemical. They are not too difficult to try out and many men claim that it has worked out for them. Here are the six ways to try to increase pheromone levels:
  • Celery – Since this vegetable contains natural male pheromones, you could try drinking celery juice in its dehydrated form. It could help men release more pheromones naturally to attract a mate.
  • Oysters – This shellfish gives off an aphrodisiac effect in human beings who eat them. Since there are high levels of zinc, which is important for the reproductive system, it raises the libido and testosterone levels.
  • Almonds And Asparagus – Both contain high amounts of vitamin E, which has positive effects on sex hormones.
  • Chocolate – Eating this sweet pleasure could heighten a person’s mood and libido, because it contains phenylamine.
  • ChiliesChilies – Containing capsaicin, chilies help release endorphins, which could arouse sexual drive.
  • Brain Foods – Brain foods such as granola, oatmeal, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, dairy, root vegetables, green vegetables, ginseng, garlic, seeds and chickpeas trigger a sexual reaction in the brain, which helps in increasing sex hormones.
If you do not want to use products that contain pheromones, you could try eating the foods mentioned above. Now you have a better idea of what these unique chemicals are and what they could provide for you. Go ahead and try it out yourself to see if pheromones could really produce positive attractive effects.