10 Exercises to Strengthen Any Man’s Sexual Stamina

10 Exercises to Strengthen Any Man's Sexual StaminaSex is like a battlefield where men are given the chance to prove their honor, measure their dignity, boost their egos and test their strength. It doesn’t get any closer than that. Sex is your in home court and the play should always be in your favor because otherwise, you may not have a good sex life. Most men want to please their partners in bed. You know, the “rolling your eyes to the back of your head because it’s that good” kind of sexual performance. The question is: how can you last longer and perform better in bed? Because as much as you want to be like those porn jocks who can last an hour and give their woman multiple orgasms, you can only do half as much. Although some men hate to admit it, or shall we say are too shy to admit it, because their ego is on the line, not all can last that long. It could even run for just several minutes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – once in a while, of course. partners in bedAs a man, the noble, selfless and honorable way to do it is to let her finish first – actually, let her finish two or three times – before finally unloading your bullets. So you ask, how exactly? Well, there are exercises that can help you with achieving that. Performance drugs are not the only option. You can go the natural and healthy way and do these 10 simple exercises to strengthen your sexual stamina:

1. Yoga

Yoga has always been known to help clear and relax the mind. It also has some benefits concerning your sexual performance. Did you know that yoga can develop your muscles and improve your posture – two things that can help you with sex greatly? Yes it does. Aside from that, yoga can also help you achieve mental peace, which is something that you need if you want to have a long, pleasurable, uninterrupted sex. Wait, there’s more. Yoga improves your core strength and it is known to give you the ability to control your breathing, your strength and muscle reflexes, which mean you can also control your orgasms and make the sex last much longer.

2. Tongue Exercises

Tongue ExercisesWhat is sex without foreplay, really? Add to that is the knowledge that a sexy time can be made longer if you put foreplay in the equation and not just jump right in to the action. That is why your tongue should be as well exercised as every other part of your body. Because your tongue can do wonders, as much as your best buddy down there can. Tongue exercises are not that difficult. You just need to move it around, in and out of your mouth and talk. This is to strengthen the tongue muscles and make them thicker and rougher during oral sex.

3. Push Ups

Apparently, push-ups are not just for developing your biceps and triceps. The movement of your body up and down should already give you the idea of what they can do. Strengthening the upper body part can be useful during sex. It gives you extra strength in either pushing yourself up or carrying your woman, you get the idea. Push-ups make your arms strong. Your arms are key performers to making your sexual escapades longer. Strong arms will also give you the capability to carry her and you can let your imagine fly free on how exactly you can use that to your advantage.

4. Crunches

CrunchesDoing crunches will develop your core muscles and will strengthen them in preparation for strenuous activities that require core strength. Sex is one of those. Crunches can actually be a package deal when it comes to exercise because they also develop your neck, legs and arm muscles, although the main focus may not be on those areas. Strengthening your core can give you the ability to control your muscle reflexes and that means being able to control your ejaculations, as well. You know where that leads to right? That’s right, you can stay longer and give her multiple O’s without blowing your bullets first.

5. Pelvic Exercises

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Your pelvis always sees a lot of action during sex. As a matter of fact, it is one of your main players, next to your penis. Think of it as your secretary in making sure the job gets done. Your pelvis is the key to moving you in and out of your woman. Making sure that it is strong and can hold out for as long as you want it to, and even longer than that is important. Pelvic pains are normal after sex. It’s normal if your pelvis is not in good shape. Don’t be alarmed. Again, it is normal. But it would be better if you don’t have the pain in the first place. Pelvic exercises can keep your pelvis strong and make sure it doesn’t give out during sex. It would be embarrassing to ask your lady to take over because you can’t anymore.

6. Plank Exercises

Plank ExercisesPlank exercises are one of those workouts that strengthen your core. Really, you have to make sure that your core is fit enough, because it’s the main area where you get all the power to make love for hours. Core exercises will also develop your concentration, upper body strength and arm muscles, which are all key players in having hard and long sexual escapades. Planking also develops your shoulder and ankle strength. It can be an overall strengthening exercise that can make you last in bed long.

7. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are the main go-to exercise when it comes to male sexual prowess. They strengthen the pelvic floor and allow you to control your muscle contractions and reflexes. How is it related to sex, you ask? Well, if you have a strong pelvic floor, you won’t have any trouble with moving in and out of your woman for long periods of time during sex. Muscle control is also a key player in making sure that you do not ejaculate early. You can control your ejaculations and let your partner finish first before you go and blow your load, as well.

8. Cardio

Cardio exercisesCardio exercises will help develop your stamina and endurance in any strenuous physical activities. This includes sex, of course. If you have strong endurance and stamina, you can go on and have yourself a hard and rough sex feast without having to worry about coming up for air anytime. Jogging and running are the simplest forms of cardio exercise. When you do cardio, you do not only add to your heart’s health, but also your sexual performance.

9. Leg exercises

You’re probably wondering: why the legs? Well, technically you don’t only use the legs when having sex. Sure, you have your penis and her vagina, what more is there? Other parts of your body are actually important, too. That includes the legs. Here’s why. You don’t always have sex lying down, right? Or if you do, wouldn’t it be nice to try out something new? Let’s say standing up, carrying her or other sex positions that require you to be on your feet. This is where the leg exercises come in. Strengthening your legs can make you stand up taller, stronger and longer especially during those sex escapades where there is a lot of standing up. You can let you imagination fly.

10. Masturbation

MasturbationBelieve it or not, masturbation is a great exercise if your objective is to last longer in bed. For one, you know that the second ejaculation within the same day could last longer than the first. There’s also the fact that masturbation will help you develop a control of your ejaculations and that means you have full control of your orgasm. This is your free pass to masturbating all you like because you know it helps you in making your sexual performance better. But of course, you need to control yourself and not overdo it because it would just defeat the purpose of you developing a control over your ejaculation. If you masturbate too much, chances are you will not have the sexual urges anymore. Exercises have always been known to keep the body strong and healthy. Apparently, they do the same for your sexual performance. So instead of wasting your time watching those sex enhancement ads and trying one after the other, or seeking the best chemically-induced way of bringing yourself to the top of the sex food chain, choose the natural and healthy way. Exercise can not only give you a better sexual capabilities, it will also keep you healthy and build your muscles, which are plus points in women. Exercise can make you last longer and have stronger arms and legs, which you can use to make your sex escapade a lot more mind-blowing. There’s nothing to lose, only a lot to gain.