Male Pheromones to Attract Women: 6 Places Men Emit Them

Male Pheromones to Attract WomenThere are countless tactics on how a man could attract a woman. Some may go through traditional wooing; others may even go through the modern speed dating type of hang out. No matter how a man and a woman meet and get to know each other, the important thing is whether they both have chemistry or not. There are more to pick up lines, fancy dates and flashy jewelries when it comes to being noticed by the lady you would like to date. The fastest way to make women want you is to develop your inner game. This will make you naturally attract them instead of trying too hard just to let them stay the night. Aside from the mediocre style of courting, there is a new way of acquiring women’s attention. Some may have heard about it while others may be surprised it even exists. This is when men would use certain body products such as perfumes or fragrances with pheromones in it.

What Are Pheromones?

What Are PheromonesYou might have heard about love potions and such kind of formulas but not a lot of people might have the knowledge of what these components are and how people use male pheromones to attract women. Primarily, pheromone comes from the Greek word Phero which means impetus. It is a chemical that is excreted or secreted to stimulate a social response within the same group of species. These are certain kinds of chemicals that could actually act outside the secreting subject’s body to have an impact on the receiving subject’s behavior. The specific kinds of chemicals used by humans are the sex pheromones.

How Men Pheromones Can Appeal Women

Looks are not the only important factors that can cause attraction. Scent has a lot to do with captivating ladies. Scent does not only mean wearing the most expensive and alluring perfumes you can purchase.

Each person has his own natural scent which he emits strong chemical signals that will captivate the same species around them. Some men may even attract a lot more women even though they are not as physically attractive as the others around him and this might probably be due to the fact that his natural occurring release of pheromone is more detectable and higher compared to the others.

Does It Make A Difference?

It has been a common trait for most people to be attracted based on what they see. However, the sense of smell is also as important.Why else would people shower with scented soaps, shampoos and scrubs and put on deodorants? Almost everybody even apply perfumes to certain body areas just to cover up their natural scent.

sense of smellAside from that, the important thought to ponder on is where do these natural scents come from? Research shows that the main body organ that excretes odor is the skin.

When observing under the microscope, the apocrine sebaceous glands produce these odors when the individual is developing during his puberty stage.

Although these glands can be found everywhere on the skin, they mainly secrete out from the following 6 body parts:
  • The outer ear
  • Eyelids
  • The lips and the circumoral region
  • Underarms or the axillae
  • Nipples of both men and women
  • Circumanal regions, genital and the pubic area

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]The underarms, lips, circumoral region, nipples, circumanal regions, genital and pubic areas are actually associated with the amount of hair growth within these areas. As one may notice, the odors in these areas effectively spread through evaporation.

Could One Feel Aroused When Using Male Pheromones To Attract Women?

Male Pheromones To Attract WomenSome may feel hot, some may not. Truth of the matter is, the answer could be a maybe. This is because some people find individuals who use men pheromones to captivate ladies extremely attractive, while others are not into the olfactory fetish.

However, there has been researches conducted that using these components may cause alteration in heart rate, mood, body temperature and breathing.

The research may not be finalized yet since most people actually take showers daily wherein their natural scents go down the drain and then douse themselves in artificial colognes and perfumes. Simply said, the chances of the opposite sex getting a whiff of your sex scents may not be too high.

All Bottled Up!

Due to the fact that most men do not get to keep their natural scents for long, some companies have acquired ways on how they could get these chemical components into a bottle, ready for usage. It has already been proven that all humans emit such pheromones, whether some emit less while others emit more.

Unfortunately, they are unlikely to be detectable due to the daily hygiene habits that most people routinely do. This fad of making male pheromones to attract women may not be so common but they are definitely being tried on, even if they are not exactly made up of human pheromones.