8 Effective E-Flirting Tips and Tricks

8 Effective E-Flirting Tips and TricksHardly have time to get out and go for a date? Not ready for a real relationship yet? A lot of men turn to online dating may it be for friendship, casual encounters, romance and even long-term relationships. With the advancement of the technology and the Internet; communication is fast, convenient and less demanding. If you want to try some cyber romancing, here are some tips that will do the tricks for you. Have fun with your search.

1. Create A Catchy Profile

First and foremost, create a catchy profile to attract women’s attention. How will you flirt if there’s no one to flirt with? Use a friendly-looking picture and have a not-so-elaborate description of yourself. be confidentWhen you write too much, you leave nothing to her imagination, so you become less interesting. Women love mystery, so save some information about yourself for later. A lot of people are guilty of lying about their profile, some even posts stolen pics from the web. Yes, it may attract a woman’s attention, but after finding out you lied, you may not even get the chance to explain yourself. Be honest and be confident about who you are. Would you rather have her interested in someone that does n’t really exist, or be interested in who you are? Lying will take you nowhere, unless if you can keep on with a lie forever.

2. Treat Her With Respect

Women want to be treated well all the time, so be respectful even when you’re in cyberspace. If you offended her, then don’t expect for her to reply. If you don’t treat her right, she can drop you anytime. Treat her as you treat women in real life, unless if you’re a certified a-hole.

3. Establish A Connection

Before you flirt,make sure you’re on the same page with her. A woman needs an emotional connection before revealing her secrets. Don’t send her private messages immediately, or she’ll block you for being a pervert. Start by being friendly, and if she responds, then it only means she’s interested. Establish a personal connection by exchanging basic information about each other. About yourself, your family, your work and your interests. If you tell her jokes and she laughs, then it’s a sign that she’s getting comfortable with you. You should know that flirting is a two-way game. If you feel she’s not into you, then just stop. You’re wasting your time and effort. tell her jokes and she laughsThe good thing about online dating is that you don’t have to muster as much courage to approach a women. If you get rejected, no one will know except you and her. You have time to think of what to say. If you missed a point or said something stupid over an email you can instantly delete it and rewrite it. Another thing, emoticons are there for a reason, so don’t hesitate to use a few sometimes. With the absence of facial expressions, it’s a great way of expressing your feelings. Just don’t go overboard.

4. Ask Friendly Questions

Now that you got her attention, it’s time you show her your personality. Always make interesting conversations. Ask open-ended questions about what she likes and does n’t like in music, sports, and other interesting subjects. Don’t ask questions that imply sex, unless if she’s the first one to ask. Avoid asking questions answerable by a yes or no, or you will have to suffer a moment of silence.

5. Be Thoughtful And Considerate

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Don’t let too many days pass by without talking to her, or it would be difficult to pick up where you left off. Keep her excited by showing you are interested. Be attentive and don’t let a question remain unanswered. If you are gone for a couple of days, the Internet provides a lot of toolboxes you can use to your advantage. Send her a link to a funny video or a music video that reminds you of her. It’s a way of saying that she never leaves your mind.

truthfully state your intentions6. Be Honest With Your Intentions

At this point, clearly and truthfully state your intentions. If you’re looking for friendship or romance, then say it. If you’re in a relationship with someone in real life or on the web, and just want to have fun, it’s best to tell her right away, or you could end up hurting her feelings. Ask her about her intentions and current relationships, as well. It’s best to be clear about what you both want. Be the first to tell her how you feel, and in the process you’ll earn her trust and respect.

7. Let Her Make The First Move

As you continue communicating with her, don’t be pushy towards intimacy. As much as you can wait, let her initiate. If she starts opening herself up about intimate details, then you’ll know she’s ready, and it is what she wants. When she feels more in control, she is less likely to be afraid. A lot of women are afraid and shy of revealing their sensual thoughts, so you may subtly imply or ask questions that lead to sex topics.

8. Do As She Wants It

exchanging messagesAt this stage, you are now exchanging messages about sex explicitly. You ask what she’s wearing, how she looks at that very moment and you imagine and fantasize about her through visual descriptions. However, you should know that she may not have the same choice of sense as you do. She may want to fantasize about you with sound or touch sensations. Think of a scene where you are making love to her then relay it to her with the sensation she prefers. Write as you imagine it to be. You don’t have to be a perfect writer just as long as she gets the right message. Explore the sensations that best suits you both.

9. Taking It To The Next Level

As you go on with your online love affair, there will be times when you will be curious and tempted to hear her voice or meet her in person. Think hard before making this decision. Nexus PheromonesAre you ready to let go of your fantasies? Are you ready to accept that the woman on the net may be different in real life, and that she has needs and dreams? Are you ready to have someone in your life for real? If yes, then call her. If she’s ready too, then what are you waiting for? If you’re lucky, she might be willing to reenact all your cyber fantasies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Leave a smell imprint, and she will be back for more. Nexus Pheromones will amplify your natural sex pheromone scent. For a complete detail of how it works,go to www.nexuspheromones.com. The Internet provides a lot of advantages when it comes to flirting