8 Myths Your Sex Ed Teacher Was Wrong About

8 Myths Your Sex Ed Teacher Was Wrong AboutBack in the day when you took sex education, did you ever look at the teacher funny when they were talking about some bizarre sexual fact or myth? We’ve decided to put some of those myths to rest in a compilation of the top eight myths that your sex ed teacher was oh-so wrong about, such as:

1. Birth Control Prevents STDs

Birth ControlContrary to popular belief, birth control methods in any form available such as a pill, an IUD, a patch and many others do not protect against STDs. It is important to note that birth control is very effective for preventing pregnancy, but birth control does nothing to prevent STDs from being transmitted to or from your partner. To practice safe sex, add a condom to the mix in addition to your birth control plan.

2. Oral and Anal Sex Don’t Count

For some reason, many people are of the opinion that only vaginal intercourse “counts,” but this can’t be further from the truth. In fact, STDs are just as likely to spread to the mouth or anus, so it is important to still use a condom and practice safe sex. There is some truth to this myth, because oral sex contains less of a risk compared to anal or vaginal sex, but that still does not magically erase the possibilities of infection. Remember, regardless of the entry point, all sexual interactions have the potential to transmit STDs, so practice safe sex and don’t necessarily listen to those sex education rumors.

3. Sexual Positions Don’t Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

Sexual PositionsThere are myths circulating about the various positions and what they can do to prevent pregnancy and/or STDs. These myths include the concept that having sex in a hot tub eliminates sperm; having sex standing up or jumping up and down after sex causes sperm to pass back out of the vagina. The thought of just cleaning out sperm from the vagina after sex will prevent conception couldn’t be farther from the truth. None of these are effective, or even close to being scientifically proven. You are best bet, if you are concerned about pregnancy or STDs is to always use a condom and consider taking an oral contraceptive.

4. You Don’t Need to Test Your Long Term Lover for STDs

There is this stigma attached to STD screening that STD testing is only for cheaters, right? Wrong. The statistics concerning this are frightening. as the figures indicate by age 25; one in every two sexually experienced people will contract an STD. Most people have STDs and never even know it because they do not display symptoms directly. If you truly care about your partner and relationship with them, then you will have yourself tested if you have ever had unprotected sex – even if it was just once.

5. Pulling Out is Effective Contraception

condomsWhile your sex education teacher may not promote the practice of your boyfriend pulling out before ejaculating as an effective means of birth control, this is a rumor that tends to circulate amongst teenagers. Many times, this method works, because when it all comes down to it, the pull out method is hundred percent pure luck. When compared to other methods, such as the pill or condoms, pulling out the penis is a mistaken myth. Many unwanted pregnancies are the result of this method, because sperm can leak out long before a man has an orgasm and ejaculates. This equates to Russian roulette in terms of pregnancy prevention. Don’t play it.

6. STDs Are The End Of The World

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Inarguably no one jumps up and down when they learn they have contracted chlamydia, but it needs to be understood that STDs are not the end of the world. Sex education teachers preach that unwanted pregnancy and STDS cause nothing but a doomed life, and this simply is not true. Many STDS, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis can all be cured with the proper treatment – that’s right, cured completely. Catching the disease in its earlier stages helps ensure that the treatment helps rid of the disease, but more than likely you can cure yourself of these STDs. There are, of course, other STDs that cannot be cured. However, these STDs can be maintained and the person afflicted can live a healthy and happy life. Herpes, HPV and HIV are all STDs that can be kept at bay with the proper medications and monitoring.

7. You Can Always Tell When Someone Has An STD

rashesMany people think that you can easily tell when a partner has an STD. You know, they will look like they have symptoms. Warts, swelling, rashes are all things one can spot as STD at first glance, and of course there are physical symptoms that should be questionable. However, oftentimes STDs do not show any physical symptoms whatsoever. This is why it is appropriate that you get yourself tested frequently. Don’t be naïve enough to believe your new lover when they tell you they have never been tested because they are free of disease. Get the proof on paper, or else, show them the door.

8. Large Shoes Means Big Dick

We’ve all heard the myth that you can tell a man’s penis size by the size of his shoe. And, every time this myth comes up, the sex education teacher shot it down, right? How could that possibly be true that another body part can indicate penile size? While your sex education teacher wasn’t entirely correct, they were certainly wrong on premise alone. You can infer about a man’s size based on another body part, but it’s not the shoes. Interestingly enough, studies show that the indicator lies in the ratio of index to ring finger size. If a man has a small ratio of index to ring finger size, then he is likely to have a larger penis. Large ShoesThe link between these two very oddly connected body parts lies in testosterone levels. It is believed that fetuses exposed to more testosterone tend to have a lower index to ring finger ratio, and thus a larger penis. Congratulations, you now officially know more than your sex education teacher. You can school your sex education instructor on some of those crazy myths they always got wrong. Are there any more myths you think you can bust? How about the myth that there is no such thing as a secret serum or potion to attract your lover? This myth is so not true. Pheromone products have been proven to act as an attractant for partners, so purchase your pheromone products today through www.nexuspheromones.com. Just remember, it’s not enough to attract them – once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got to keep them interested by being personable, polite and attentive to their needs.