6 Disturbingly Real Dating Sites That Will Shock You

6 Disturbingly Real Dating Sites That Will Shock YouSomewhere out there, there is that special someone for each of us – the one who will complement and understand us better than others. Most people search for the one who will fill that void to make our lives complete. Some people are fortunate enough to find their perfect partner quickly, but for others, it’s quite a tough deal. But, no worries, for such people, there are online dating websites. With the advent of the internet, it’s not hard to search for your soul mate. Today, people can easily pick their dream partner through chat rooms, message boards, social networking sites and especially, online dating websites. You may be amazed to learn that there are dating websites for just about anyone. After you enter the specifications for your ideal partner, you will be introduced to numerous attractive proposals in just a few seconds. Although dating websites are doing extremely well to bring people closer to their true life partners, there are many dating websites that are fairly bizarre, while quite a few others are just downright absurd. Below are six disturbingly real dating sites that will shock you:

1. Find Your Facemate

Some people hate looking in the mirror, while others are just simply absorbed by their looks and features. If you are also one of those self-lovers and want to see a reproduction of yourself in your partner, there is dating website that does exactly this. looking in the mirrorFind Your Facemate is a peculiar online dating website that provides facilities to people who want to have a partner with facial features they can relate to. Christina Bloom, the founder of this strange dating website, says that the latest scientific data on romantic chemistry and results have proved that a person is passionately ignited on spotting someone whose facial features are similar to their own. And, what inspired her? Well, Bloom was motivated to build the website when everyone kept telling her how she and her ex-husband looked exactly like each other. Ex-husband? So, does having same facial features really guarantee a long-term relationship? You need to decide. This website makes use of facial mapping software to find a partner who resembles you. The facial-recognition technology and a proprietary algorithm helps to match the various features of the partners such as your chin, eyes, ears, nose and corners of the mouth to recognize the similarities and find the resemblance between the two. The real intention for building a website of this kind seems a bit strange. Do the similarities to facial features have anything to do with compatibility and understanding between partners? It makes you wonder.

2. Women Behind Bars

Are there men who want to have a partner with a criminal background? Women Behind Bars is yet another weird website that carries details of imprisoned felons all over the United States. Disturbingly, there are thousands of women on this website who are actually behind bars and looking for a perfect partner. looking for a perfect partnerAnd, the site is updated daily and growing day-by-day with massive volumes of such profiles. The large database includes women of various nationalities and age groups with their completed profiles, pictures and descriptions written down by their inmates. Along with their personal details, listed are the potential release dates of such women and other such related information. The website has a very rigorous service and they quickly remove any of the women who are not true to their listed profiles, as well as those looking to deceive, fraud or lie to men who want to interact with them. Sounds petrifying – right? Maybe not. So, are you obsessed with having a relationship with a prison inmate? Well, if you are, read below to learn how to contact one of of these ladies behind bars. These women don’t have permission to use computers or write emails. You can only contact them through the U.S. mail service. Men who are keen to date such women can select a specific group, choose the right one, and then pen down their feelings for them to read. These women are looking for a healthy relationship, and amazingly, most women have already tied the knot to their Mr. Perfect. There have been many romances, love stories and sizzling meetings in between. It might be a good idea to become the reason of happiness and joy for someone who is leading her life in darkness. But, are you ready to spend a major portion of your life waiting for your partner to finally get out of jail? Weigh the pros and cons to decide for yourself.

3. Furry Mate

Do you love dressing up as a fox, sexy cat or rabbit when you are at home? Do you fantasize about someone who shares the same passion, like a furry dog, maybe? Furry Mate is one of such peculiar website that works as a platform for people looking for their fur-love. animal costumesWhat, you don’t get this? If you are not aware of what is meant by being a “furry,” here is a precise explanation for people behaving in such a manner. A furry is an individual who loves to dress up as an animal by wearing animal consumes and behaving like one for pleasure or entertainment. Their love for animals seems all acceptable and cool, but things become fuddled up when the so called furry wants her potential partner to share the same urge. Although most furries claim it is a myth, there are a handful of furry-lovers who want to have sex in animal costumes. They love watching furry-porn with their partner. Isn’t it weird having sex when you are wearing a carpet-like animal costume? But, if you are one of those who really can’t get over their animal love, read on for more details. Furry Mate is a unique and open-minded website that connects furries. It provides an easy opportunity to people who are looking for a furry partner, a long-term relationship, or just a friend with the same funny – I mean furry, interest. If you are a fur-lover who is ignited by a sexy meow, Furry Mate may help you search for that perfect animal partner. And, after you find your furry friend, don’t forget to wag your tail.

4. Stache Passions

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Some women like men who are clean shaved, but some are in love with that attractive lip-fur. It has also been revealed in a survey that many women prefer their men to have a little bit of facial hair, as it makes the men look mature, tough, masculine and dominant. Though in vogue, most guys don’t prefer keeping a mustache, since it makes them look older. However, with this entire latest craze for mustaches, does it come as any surprise that one has started an online dating website exclusively for women who want their partner with whiskers? keeping a mustacheThe Stache Passions website is just right for women who are looking for men like the sexy Hollywood actor, Tom Selleck, who pets his mustache. It is a carter-designed website that is precisely divided into subgroups, so that women seeking love with a stache-wearer can fi nd the right type of mustachio they prefer like the Walrus, Pencil, Handlebar or Deli. Another plus: this website is free to join. Men who love to adorn mustaches can now sit back, relax and groom their awesome stubble, as interested women can now login to Stache Passion and find their right partner.

5. Vampire Passions

There are all kinds of people with all sorts of weird fantasies and imaginations, so can you believe that there’s an online dating website called Vampire Passions, exclusively for vampire fanatics? The slogan of the website is “Bite Me!” Ouch. This dating website, Vampire Passions, was inspired by the movie series, “Twilight.” It’s a free online dating website for vampire enthusiasts that offers a sole location where vampire-lovers can get access to movies, television shows and books related to vampires. Vampire Passions has provided freedom to vamp-lovers to define and express themselves. Here, members can choose from various categories that best match their fascination, such as psychic vampirism and sanguine vampirism. VampireIf you are an amateur vampire hunter, no worries, as there is an option for such newcomers, too. So, if you are a vampire, I mean if you act like one, you can easily find a partner who shares the same dark passions by logging into Vampire Passions. It’s more of a trend than a fetish among many young idle minds. Hence, come and join Vampire Passions to find your vampire lover today. While searching for potential vamp partners, you can join groups such as Buffy, Sanguine Vampirism, Team Edward, Dracula, Vampire Hunter and many more. If you are obsessed with vampires, it is a perfect place for you. However, I just don’t get this entire vampire obsession business in first place.

6. Clown Dating

Who would be more entertaining than a clown? But, what about dating one? Seriously, there is a website that helps you to pick up a clown of your choice. Clown Dating is one of the emerging online dating sites for entertainers and clowns. Clowns amuse people with their funny costumes and amazing tricks. They work hard to bring smiles to sad faces. Many of us don’t take them seriously, and they also believe that there is no room for romance in their clown world. But, there are several clowns who are happily married. Yes, two comics can have a serious relationships, too! ClownClowns often prefer finding an eligible partner who has similar interests. And, chances are that if the other partner is also a clown, then he or she will not find it strange or creepy to share a roof with a fellow clown. The life of a clown involves lots of travel, so having a mate that is also a clown makes it more fun to go places together. The Clown Dating online site welcomes all kinds of entertainers including magicians, artists and musicians too. Although it is free to join, you need to pay a certain amount in order to access all features and communicate with the clown of your choice. You can also install a mobile version of the website on your cell phone if you want to meet clowns on the go. So, whether you are a clown by destiny or choice, this website can help you find a person who shares the same clown nose as yours. We are living in a strange world with all sorts of bizarre people and their weird interests and passions. Many years ago those who were peculiar or different were the victims of teasing and mocking. Because of this social stigma, it has been difficult for individuals to relate their unique desires with everyone. But, now the internet is providing ample opportunities for people to search for those with whom they can take their craze to the next level. With the introduction of such weird online dating sites, you are just a few clicks away from finding the partner of your preference. What’s more is that if you find yourself warming things up and leading to the bedroom with your new unique partner, you can add some more attraction to the mix with a helpful pheromone product from nexuspheromones.com.