Do Pheromones Work: Three Important Facts That Don’t Lie

Do Pheromones Work: Three Important Facts That Don't LieHave you heard about pheromones that affect humans? If so, you may have plenty of questions, such as whether they are real or if they can really generate sexual attraction from the opposite sex. With all the hype out there, many people wonder, “Do pheromones work or they are just over-hyped?” There are many men looking for information on human pheromones to find the answer to their most commonly asked question, do pheromones work? You need to get real, important information so you can know all about pheromones. Once you understand their effectiveness in generating sexual thoughts in your partner, you will want to try them for yourself.

We All Make Pheromones

Pheromones are chemicals that every living species including animals, insects, and human beings release.They are naturally present in the human body, and they help to send messages that trigger a response from the opposite sex.

How Pheromones Work In AnimalsHow Pheromones Work In Animals

You can see the effect of sex pheromones in animals by observing their mating behavior. When the female species releases sex pheromones, the opposite sex of its species is attracted with an urge to mate. Often times, the sexual attraction caused by the release of pheromones leads to a  fight between male species in order to determine who will first make contact with the female.

An Amazing Discovery: Human Pheromones

A few decades back, a doctor named Winnifred Cutler performed scientific research and discovered the existence of human pheromones. Cutler and his team of researchers also conducted studies to find out ‘do pheromones work’ in human beings. They concluded that pheromones are some special kind of chemicals that are capable of showing their effect outside of the body. They secrete a substance that greatly alters the behavior of other individuals. There are many types of pheromones including food trail pheromones, alarm pheromones, and sex pheromones; all of these pheromones can stimulate the behavior of an individual. The body secretes pheromones. They get released through sweat and other bodily fluids. The armpits are responsible for releasing the greatest amount of pheromones. These chemicals go into the air and are received by the nearby receptors, where they are registered in the receptors’ subconscious minds, thus leading to an instant reaction. Therefore, you should be aware of the fact that using antiperspirants and deodorant products can decrease the amount of pheromones released.

The Nose Knows: How Pheromones Work

vomeronasal organBelow you will find a few more facts that demonstrate how pheromones work:
  • The vomeronasal organ, which is a part of the olfactory system, identifies pheromones. This organ is located inside the mouth and nose. According to experts, the vomeronasal organ is in humans, but was considered a vestigial organ. However, a series of research done in this regard later concluded that this organ could indeed detect pheromones.
  •  You undoubtedly have noticed that newborn babies find comfort when they are with their mother, rather than any other person. They often cry if they a stranger picks them up. This happens because they are acquainted with the smell of their mother. Numerous studies have discovered the link between newborns and the immediate connection with their mothers. Results indicate that pheromones play a major role in making the babies comfortable.
  • Many other studies indicate the fact that some women are instantly attracted to men because of their sex pheromones. Men are also attracted to fertile women. This is because fertile women exude a large amount of pheromones to attract men. Men pick up the chemicals that a woman releases, and are thus more likely to be attracted to a fertile woman.

The Laws Of Attraction: Do Pheromones Work?

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]After the discovery of sex pheromones and their important role in sexually attracting other opposite sex, some spray and perfume manufacturing companies have used this idea to create pheromone perfumes. Most human pheromone perfumes for men include Androsterone, Androstenol, and Androstadienone. All of these hormones trigger the production of certain hormones in women’s’ bodies and therefore increase their sexual drive. The sex pheromones released in females are “copulins.” The secretion of this chemical is at its peak when a woman is fertile. When a woman breathes, small amounts of this chemical floats into the air. When a man picks up this pheromone, his level of testosterone increases and leads to an enhanced sexual drive. discovery of sex pheromonesYou should understand that you can’t see, but only feel the effects of pheromone perfume. Application of a pheromone perfume may not make you look more appealing, but it will undoubtedly make you more sexually attractive and desirable as a whole. Other outcomes that one can experience with pheromones include eye contact, attention, touching, and overall attraction. The smell of pheromones perceived by your partner works at a deep-rooted level they can’t ignore.

Proceed With Caution

Many online stores sell fake pheromone products. These stores smartly advertise and claim that their product contains effective ingredients, but in fact such bogus products contain ordinary ingredients found in a normal perfume. Numerous customers have lost money on pheromone products that do not work because they bought cheap products from shady sellers. Pheromone perfumes definitely work, but you need to know that they are not miracle bottles that can change your behavior overnight. To attain the best results, you should buy a quality pheromone perfume, such as the perfume provided by Nexus Pheromones. Nexus Pheromones’ products prove to be powerful tools to change your sexual life for better. Now that you have the answer to the question: do pheromones work, you should not waste more time; simply purchase a pheromone perfume. Use it today and get ready for that perfect date with your partner that you have always dreamt of, but don’t expect miracles. You’ll need to pour on the charm, too.