10 Reasons Why Sex Toys are Hotter Than Ever

10-Reasons-Why-Sex-Toys-are-Hotter-Than-Ever-624x328 copyAccording to Dictionary.com, a sex toy is any device or object designed, sold or used for enhancing sexual pleasure. This involves vibrators, nipple clamps, butt plugs and anything that could make your excited, aroused and ready for sex. To give you a better idea, think of Christian Grey’s playroom in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. For the conservative mind, sex toys are a big no-no. In fact, for some people buying one is a mortal sin. On the other hand, there are those who are up for the challenge, just like Rihanna, who went sex toy shopping in a Parisian shop. Sex toys are not just for those with kinky and erotic tendencies. According to a research study conducted at Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, most people feel positive about women who use vibrators. Vibrator use is also associated with high levels of sexual satisfaction. In case you’re not up for the challenge, here are 10 reasons why just like Rihanna, you should also shop for sex toys.

1. Sex Toys Take The Pressure Off You

long-term relationshipWhether you are in a long-term relationship or having sex with a fuck buddy, sex could put pressure on you to perform well. At the same time, Kinsey institute reported that 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Let’s face it: it takes time for women to get that big O. You need to spend extra time down south to make sure her mood and arousal levels are enough for sex. Your tongue and hands could be of great help but there are times you need a sidekick to make sure the work is done. At the same time, you feel less pressured to make her orgasm and just focus on sex in general.

2. Sex Toys Also Take The Pressure Off Your Partner

Believe it or not, even your girl feels the pressure to either orgasm or make you orgasm. No matter how long you two are going out, it will always be challenging for you to hit the right spots and vice versa. This is where sex toys come in. When you use a sex toy, you are not only taking the pressure off yourself, but you also take the pressure off her, too. She doesn’t have to try too hard to get that big O. This could also be a reason why it’s difficult for her to climax. In the end, sex becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Sex Toys Lead To Multiple Orgasms

Sex ToysYou already know that sex toys take the pressure off you and your ladylove. Do you know what this means? This could lead to multiple orgasms. Think about this. You don’t have to worry too much if you are doing great or hitting the right spots when you are down there. This means you could focus and channel your energy on other erogenous areas of her body and not just down there. Believe it or not, a simple vibrator could set you up for an intense night full of orgasms. Go Ahead And Get Your Girl One

4. Sex Toys Give Your Hands A Break

When it comes to oral sex, your lips, tongue and hands will do most of the work. At the same time, you have to be good enough to synchronize these three organs to ensure that you are giving her the best pleasure not just down there,but also throughout her entire body. Of course, you’re human and you get tired, too. This is where a sex toy could be helpful to you. It gives your hands or tongue some rest down there and you can use it for other purpose, too. There are instances where you need to get some rest, but your girl is so in the mood, turning her down will hurt her feelings. In this case, having a vibrator on hand will make you both happy.

5. Sex Toys Allow You To Explore

Admit it. Sex can be too predictable. This is why many sex experts encourage couples to explore and try something new in bed instead of doing the usual things. Did you know that using sex toys is a good start when it comes to exploring? sexual bondThe truth is, sex toys are not just for pleasure. These remote-controlled toys encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try unconventional things. Think about a vibrator that you can control from the other side of the room, or butt plugs for anal action, or whips and cuffs in case you are in the mood [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]for some bondage. During the process, you will find yourself doing and experimenting on new positions and you can even use a sex toy as your guide. The best part of this is that it creates a deeper and greater sexual bond.

6. Sex Toys Bring Fantasies To Life

You have seen it in porn; mostly Asian porn. The dude ties up an Asian girl and sticks tiny vibrators on both her nipples and clitoris area. Then, he will use a bigger vibrator for down there and sometimes, give the girl double penetration. Which Leads You To This Question: Can You Do That, Too? The answer is yes. Sex toys could help bring your fantasies to life. Bring out those whips and cuffs and play the role of Christian Grey. You could also try the teacher-student or police officer-offender roles. Then use those sex toys to make the play more believable. You could also put your curiosity to bed, as well. Don’t be shy. Your girl will love it too, as long as you both agree on who you will be in your next session.

7. Sex Toys Are Good Alternatives, In Case You’re Not Around

sex toys are good alternativesLet’s say you are a soldier assigned in Iraq, or perhaps you are working overseas or working in the United States, but your wife or girlfriend is in a different state. You won’t get sex often and neither will she. Cheating and infidelity are a big no-no, as well. In that case, having sex toys on hand could be a great alternative. Sex toys could replace your role in case you are missing in action. It is safer and STD-free, as long as you use and clean the toys properly. You both don’t need to channel your sexual energy on other people just to get pleasure. Sex toys are good enough, especially when you are feeling lonely and horny.

8. Sex Toys Make Sex Better

The problem with vanilla sex, yes as in you’re the one on top, is that it is predictable. You know what’s going to happen next, and there is less excitement inside the bedroom. If you are both in the mood to experiment, then you’ll go past missionary, woman on top or dog style. This is why sex toys are great. There is less pressure to make everything as pleasurable as possible, and you could use your hands on other areas and just let the vibrator do its thing. You also both let go of your inhibitions, which make sex more exciting. If that’s not enough to convince you, the Journal of Sexual Medicine has published studies that links vibrator use with positive sexual function.

9. Sex Toy Shopping Is A Good Bonding Experience

shopping for sex toysMany people raised their brows when they found out that Rihanna spent thousands of dollars shopping for sex toys. For the conservative minds, she is not setting a good example for the youth. However, those with open minds will tell you that this shouldn’t be a big deal. The truth is that shopping for sex toys could be a great bonding experience for you and your girl. You get to choose what toys to use inside the bedroom and just let your dirty minds do the work. At the same time, you will enjoy finding the right toys fit for your needs. A piece of advice: don’t be afraid to talk to sales people. They will help you and recommend the right toys for you.

10. It Just Feels Good

Sex is good. The proper use of vibrators and other sex toys makes you feel good. Therefore, it follows that the use of sex toys in sex will make you feel good. According to an experiment published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, vibrators suggest a sign of a positive and healthy sex life. In fact, women who used vibrators reported higher sexual arousal, desire and better sex. Although hidden in drawers or on top of the cabinet, using a vibrator and other sex toys makes you and your girl feel good. More importantly, it’s not just about getting and giving pleasure down south. At the end of the day, it’s also about being able to share certain part of your sexuality with your ladylove. In other words, never underestimate a battery-operated toy. Aside from providing pleasure down there, sex toys also deepen the relationship and intimacy between you and your girl. It signifies your openness and willingness to try and do different things in bed. At the same time, this means you and your girl share everything, including your sexual interests and desires. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and invest in some sex toys. Just make sure your ladylove is into it, too.