7 Sex Strategies to Make the First Time So Not the Last Time

7 Sex Strategies to Make the First Time So Not the Last TimeEverything is going smoothly. You are dating a gorgeous woman. You have captivated her with your attractive personality, charisma and knowledge. And now, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Yes, we’re talking about taking your girl to bed. So, are you panicking? Are you wondering if she’ll be the same person after sleeping with you? Can you make love to her so well that she will keep coming back for more? Your apprehensions are justified. In this day and age, other people often judge guys more by their performance in the bedroom than by their looks. Men need to be skilled enough to know their way around a lady’s curves. If you are in need of some powerful tips to help you be the leader in bed and ensure that your woman is completely satisfied, we are here to help. The tips listed below will surely satisfy your woman every time.

1. Give Her A Passionate Kiss

Passionate KissYour first peck with that special someone can make or break your future relationship. Researchers have proved that women value kissing more than men.More than 60 percent of women in a survey stated that a dull or unromantic first kiss was a crucial deciding factor in whether they wanted to go on with the relationship or not. Most men probably don’t give much significance to the first kiss and consider it as a simple means to an initial hook up. However, for women, a kiss is an indication of sexual intimacy. This makes the first kiss extremely vital for them. If you want your lady to give you a second chance, you must learn the best techniques to kiss her zealously. So, how you do it? Don’t worry. Make use of these tricks. Your kiss should not be a quick peck. A passionate kiss should linger on your woman’s lips for some time. And, to do that your lips should be firm, yet soft at the same time. In addition, don’t be impatient while kissing. Play with your lips on her lips first and save the tongue for more intense kissing moments later on. A passionate kiss should include both teasing and desire. When you kiss your girl intensely, it simply conveys that you are attracted to her as an individual, not just for sex. Here’s another tip for you: If you feel a deep bond with the woman you are kissing, you could end your long kiss with a light bite on her lips. This is enough to let her know that you are yearning for her. As a result, she should have the same feeling for you, as well. Do make sure you shave well. Bruising her face with your stubble will surely stop her from coming back for more.

2. Turn On Your Girl With Your Scent

ScentWomen love good-smelling men. Your scent can heat her up, and make her want you like crazy. The explanation is simple. The centers of memory, smell and sex lie closely to each other in the brain, and the smell of stimulation leaves a long-lasting imprint. Of course, we are referring to your irresistible fragrance and not your sweating chest, private parts and underarms. You have to know that your body produces scents that act as aphrodisiacs to women, and once your lady catches a trace of your fragrance, she will want to smell you again and again. Now, don’t run to your cabinet and spray yourself with huge amounts of cologne. Don’t over do it because sometimes, intense fragrance can have the reverse effects on women. Women do love a good fragrance, but they want one that smells like a real guy. Once she gets attracted to your bodily fragrance, you will be a magnet for her. So, start investing in good colognes and perfumes. If you are one of those guys who cannot manage to attract beautiful women even after spraying the most expensive musky cologne, we have another tip for you. Perhaps the combination of your bodily scent and good cologne is not strong enough to pull those girls towards you. In that case, try some pheromone spray from www.NexusPheromones.com. Just a few drops of this spray will make you an alluring proposition for her. However, a few words of caution here: if you are allergic to sprays, it’s best to consult your physician before using this product.

3. Let Her Experience The Ultimate Pleasure

It would be awesome if you could take your lady by surprise with something that she has never sexually experienced before. Once you bring her to those remarkable sexual heights, she will undoubtedly crave for you throughout the day. What’s more, you will be the hero among her friends. make her orgasmWell, to be at the top of her list of sexy guys, you must learn how to make her scream in bed with you. We are talking about female ejaculation. It may sound as if it’s an impossible endeavor, but believe us when we say it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Every female can ejaculate. Period. But, it is up to you and your skills to make her experience this awesome feeling. If you want to make her orgasm like a pro, you should know that the stimulation of G-spot causes the biggest O in women. G-spot stimulation makes her have a sensuous squirting orgasm. So, how do you stimulate her G-spot? We are sure you must be curious to know by now. You just need to use two straight fingers. Put them inside her and move them in circles to simulate sex. It’s okay to be a bit rough when you are dancing your fingers inside her. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]If you are in doubt about her feelings, you can always ask what excites her and what you should change. She is quite aware of her bodily senses, and thus can guide you better. You need to bear in mind that she may not orgasm as per your convenience. Don’t expect her to scream in ecstasy after a few minutes of foreplay with fingers. Give her some time. Don’t give up though. Remember, you want her to long for you. Hang in there. The more you play with your fingers, the more heated up she will be. Gradually, the ignited spark will turn into fire and will escalate her chances of ejaculating. Orgasms will let her know a new definition of sexual pleasure. After experience an orgasm that is out of the world, she will definitely be your eager partner in bed forever. She will be yearning for your touch and begging for you to do it again and again.

4. Blow Her Mind With The Best Oral Sex

feel high during sexIf you are still an amateur when it comes to giving her the ultimate sexual pleasure, you can still win her over by going down on her. For most women, oral sex is the only way they can feel high during sex. If you want her to think of you during the nights, you need to master your tongue to tame her private parts. In order to make your woman shriek in pleasure, you should learn how to touch her the right ways. Usually, guys are pretty rough and they expect the same treatment for themselves in bed as well.However, women are delicate darlings and they prefer a gentler touch. To go down on her and keep her coming back for more, you need to treat her softly. Apart from using your tongue, you can also use your lips and fingers to stimulate her sensations. When you are doing your job between her legs, kiss her with your tongue as well. The right movement of your wet lips and tongue will surely make her crazy for you. While you are pleasuring her with your tongue, put your fingers to work in order to stimulate her G-spot. Who knows? She might experience the ultimate ejaculation as well. Make it happen now.

5. Try Something New

Let’s try and guess something about you: Your favorite place to make love to your woman is in your cozy bed. It might sound comfortable and sexy to you, but it can become boring after a while. Why not try new platforms and innovative sexual positions to make your lady go gaga for you? Your bathroom, balcony and even a public restroom are some of the most exciting locations where you can both experience the most adventurous and exciting sexual sessions. public restroomHaving sex with her on the bathroom counter facing the mirror is also a fervent idea. Your woman may become more excited when you are doing the deed while pulling her hair and looking deeply into her eyes. What else new you can try? Slip with her into a public restroom, latch the door, and bend her over to make her turned on. Thus, if you want to fire her up, get her wetter, and make her addicted to you, you need to be creative. Women love excitement and randomness, and thus having sex at such bizarre locations enhances their sense of thrill. You will notice as soon as you include spiciness in your sack session, you will have fewer difficulties in attracting any woman to your side. A word of warning, though, don’t get caught. Choose a one-person public bathroom for example, and don’t walk in together. Have her go in first, and then wait a few moments before slipping inside the door.

6. Treat Her With Love And Respect

It’s a universal fact that women harbor strong feelings and emotions. And, they have special feelings for the men they sleep with, even if it’s a new relationship. So, guys, you need to make sure to love and treat your lady with care. Even If you are only concerned with making love to her, admire her beauty, adore her sexy figure and let her know how good you feel when lying beside her. You need to be clear with your thoughts. You should love her while making love to her, and don’t just pretend. Respect and dignity are important ingredients of every relationship.

7. Don’t Rush Things

sexy movesWhile there are many other tips and tricks to be the master in your bed, this one will certainly help you win your woman forever. Don’t rush things, and take your time. Be easy when indulging in sex with your partner. Usually, most women require at least 15 minutes of foreplay and sex to achieve the ultimate orgasm. Whether you are kissing, caressing or doing the main deed, easing her into the mood for sex will be useful for you as well. Go slow with your woman. Don’t be in a hurry in bed until she demands it. Who knows, your patience might reward you. Maybe next time, your sexy moves and scent might more easily turn her on. Meta Description: Every guy wants to be irresistible for women, especially in bed. Try these seven sex strategies to make your woman come back for more.