10 Things Guys Do That Repel Women

10 Things Guys Do That Repel WomenHere’s the deal. Attracting a woman can be easy. Believe it or not, a gorgeous girl might be checking you out, even without you doing anything. Still, that does not mean you should be cocky and all that. Burping, farting, chewing your nails and making sounds while eating are definitely a big no-no.
Even if you don’t do these things, did you know that as simple as making a compliment can actually turn her off? Apparently, there are so many things that you’re doing that can repel women and you don’t even notice it. With the attempt of saving you from doomsday and help you get laid, or at least get her number, take a look at 10 things you do that can turn your woman off. Just save the thank you for later.

1 . Talking To Her

Talking To HerAfter gulping 10 shots of vodka or Jager, you finally have the courage to approach the girl you’ve been eyeing all night. You walk up to her, make a little conversation and thankfully, this girl is also flirting back. After several exchanges, you notice she starts to back off even before you say the pick-up line that will definitely bring you two together at last. Apparently, the more attractive you find a woman, the more stupid you sound when talking to her, no matter how careful you are with your words. Unlike women who are more interested in making a connection and sensible things, guys are more focused on how to get her in bed. Hence, the thought of sex can easily distract you, which explains why you say the stupidest things. The 10 shots don’t help, either.

2. Acting Interested

Women aren’t stupid. Without saying anything, they can sense whether a guy is into them or not. So instead of forcing yourself on her, walk up to her group and completely ignore the girl you are attracted to, but not her friends. It may sound weird, but women like men who ignore them. This doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to her. Still show that you’re interested – just not with her directly.

3. It’s All In A Name

You recently got dumped, so your friends decide to go on a speed dating night with you. After going to five consecutive women, you still haven’t had a decent conversation. Fine, they do smile, but one look and it suddenly ticks them away. speed datingThis one is totally not your fault. It’s your parent’s actually, for giving you a heaven-knows-where kind of name that even you have a hard time spelling it as you grow up. Believe it or not, your name can dramatically influence how successful you are, including the dating field. Unless you are a Michael, James, David or The Beatles, look for another [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]way to change your name.

4. Your Dance Moves

For you, going straight to the girl and hoping to strike a conversation isn’t your thing. But you do know how much girls love Zac Efron and his dance moves, or the great Michael Jackson and his signature moonwalk. So you decided to go in the middle of the dance floor and flash your moves, only to realize that women are looking weirdly at you, asking who is this crazy person dancing as if Vanessa Hudgens is just sitting somewhere in the room. If you have two left feet and dancing doesn’t really like you, then go ahead and bid farewell to it. Apparently, sucking at dancing will make women think that you are a bad mating partner. Unless you want women to steer away from you, go ahead and dance.

5. Being The Nice Guy

Being The Nice GuyEvery woman needs a nice guy to hang out with sometimes. They are fun, reliable and well, umm, nice. Sure, you can listen to how her day went or talk about the latest episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” But that’s it. Apparently, being too nice means one thing: getting trapped in the friend zone, because you’re just too nice. And the truth is, women like bad boys. You know, those drinking-smoking machines that do drugs and have sex with a different girl every day and play with their emotions. Either a woman’s mind is twisted, or there’s really something about jerks and bad boys that makes women go crazy. Don’t worry, at the end of the day, she’ll cry her heart out and rant about not dating a bad boy ever again and you’re there, the nice guy friend who’s willing to listen. Who knows, she might appreciate you for always being there.

6. Complimenting Her Looks

You mean no harm, but you are simply in awe for how gorgeous she is. Instead of giving you a hug for your complements, she ends up walking away, leaving you in darkness. So, what went wrong? The truth is, women want you to care more than their boobs and butt. Telling a woman how “sexy” or “hot” or “beautiful” she is signals rejection. On the other hand, making her feel that you do care about her by listening to her genuinely and paying attention and asking her about her interests will yield a higher response.

pay time7. Letting A Woman Pay – Especially On The First Date

So you finally asked her out on a date and everything is going well. Come pay time, you asked her if she can pay for your meal. Fine, she will pay for it, but don’t expect to hear anything from her again. It may seem unfair to expect the guy to always pay on dates. But if it’s a first date and you asked her out, be a man and get the check.

8. Expect Women To Be Porn Stars

Fine, watching porn can be a turn on. However, not all women have the guts to do bondage or will go for double penetration. Women want sex too, but the sensual, intimate and with emotional connection kind of sex, minus the whipping and gagging. If you really want to experience that kind of sex like what you’ve seen in porn, then have sex with a porn star. Good luck finding one.

9. Texting A Woman When You Didn’t Get The Number Directly From Her

Texting A WomanUnfortunately, you didn’t have enough courage to walk up to her and ask her number. That’s fine. It turns out one of her friends is a friend of your friend, so you just asked for her number through that friend. Then you started texting her and her first reply was, “How did you get my number?” For women, this can be pushy, as if she has no choice but to text you, since you got her number already. Just make sure not to sound creepy or obsessed. She might change her number because of you.

10. Can’t Make Up Your Mind

For most men, it’s about choosing between the two, A or B, this or that. Men are perceived to take charge and make the initiative, although it may not be the case all the time. So if you are the type of guy who can’t make a choice, or you’re always indecisive about all things, it sends a message that you’re not sure with her, too. And that sucks. So all the men out there, take note of this list. This way, you won’t commit the same mistake when you walk in a club and find the perfect girl standing across the room. And of course, don’t forget to spray on Nexus Pheromones. It is packed with seven human pheromone compounds that will surely make you irresistible to the woman of your dreams.