7 Questions Ladies Should Ask Themselves Before Doing The Deed

7 Questions Ladies Should Ask Themselves Before Doing The DeedOne-night stands are all the rage in our culture. Many songs on the radio, television shows and movies endorse spontaneous hook ups. However, many of us find ourselves second-guessing our choices in the morning when we are taking that walk of shame, or nursing a serious hangover. To avoid this loathing feeling of regret and remorse, ladies should ask themselves a few questions before hopping into bed. Sure, sometimes the heat of the moment can sneak up on you, but, as you may know, the feeling of guilt stings worse than a metaphorical pair of blue balls. So, what do you do if he’s got major six-pack abs, or is using a pheromone perfume? It’s time to bring out the big guns: these seven questions. If you can train yourself to ask them before slipping into the sack, you will lessen your chances of being filled with shame the morning after. Here is our list of seven questions that every woman should ask before having sex:

1. What Is The Winning Number?

previous sexual partnersWomen often agonize over their total body count. No, we’re not talking about murder here. We are talking about total partner body count. It might seem silly and trivial, but the number of people you have sex with can be quite important to many people for a plethora of different reasons. For some reason, society has attached a stigma to the different sexes and how many partners they’ve had. A guy who has sex with a multitude of women is considered a hot shot player, but a woman who has had a variety of different partners is labeled a slut or loose. While we do not endorse these labels, it is impossible to argue that they exist. Therefore, many women, and most men too, take their total body count seriously. One day you will want to settle down with that special someone. Think about it: you are going to sit down and discuss previous sexual partners. The topic is bound to come up at one point or another. Imagine if you will be comfortable with your number. If not, then you should really start to consider this number before jumping into bed too spontaneously. If you are the type of person who could not care less about the number of people you have relations with, then first of all, good for you. It’s a great thing to not have to feel guilty because of societal norms. When debating your possible hook up, if you do not need to question the number of partners you have had, then go for it.

2. Am I Fresh And Clean?

Relations with a new partner leave many things uncertain: Does he find me attractive? Will I impress him? What does he think of my body? Inarguably, all of these questions run to all of our minds, both men and women alike, before sex. Therefore, you should preemptively anticipate some of them before you even experience this agony. Relations with a new partnerAsk yourself this: Am I clean? We know this sounds ridiculous, but think about it. Sexual encounters expose many of our, um, bodily areas. You want to ensure that they are all prim and properly up to snuff. Therefore, always ensure to thoroughly clean yourself up before leaving the house if you are going to a location where you might meet someone. Of course, sometimes these rendezvous are not planned, and those are more fun, right? Our advice: Carry around some wet wipes with you. This way, if you find yourself in the bathroom stressing over your body odor, you can simply swipe your way to freshness. This works for all different types of smells and issues. Think about it. Here are some items to include in your purse: travel size deodorant, wet wipes, perfume, scented lotions, and any other quick-smell good stuff.

3. What Is My Pregnancy Potential?

Chances are that if you are having sex with someone for the first time, you are not looking to have a child. And, well, if you are, then just know you are in the minority on that one. So, since many of us are not looking to become impregnated on the first go, you need to ask yourself about your birth control methods. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Anyone on the pill should try to remember if they have been consistent with taking the medication or if they missed a day or two. Especially with birth control pills, a day or two missed can throw the potency of the pill off course, so it is important to remember these things. If you’re not on the pill, then ask yourself if you have any condoms. Yes? Great, get going then. No condoms? Ask yourself what the back up plan will be if your partner does not have one, either. Stick to your guns on this one. If you do not want to have sex without a condom, then plan this ahead of time and do not let yourself become coerced. We could include an entire section about the detriments of unprotected sex, but we think you get the point.

4. What Do I Look Like?

check your make upBefore rushing off to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hot tub – the possibilities are endless – you should really consider checking yourself out. That’s right, ladies, check your make up. A night out on the town can sometimes leave us looking a little haggard and worn by the time we get to those wee hours of the morning. Just do a double take and look in the mirror before doing the deed. This of course applies to more than your face. One of the most common questions that we all ask ourselves before sex is this: “Did I shave?” Always reflect inwardly about your appearance, and call it quits if you do not feel up to par. Let’s face it. We can’t always look like perfectly waxed supermodels. If you feel like this quickie or unforeseen sexual escapade will be embarrassing for you, then call it quits. If, you have the time to take a quick shower, then go for it. Everyone always feels more fresh and ready after a hot, steamy shower.

5. Am I Feeling Hungry?

You can’t help but laugh at this one, right? But you know it’s true. No one wants a grumbling belly in the middle of sex. Make sure that your stomach is full, but not too full, before slipping into the sack. While on one end of the spectrum, you do not want your stomach gurgling; you also do not want to be so full that you feel lethargic and bloated. This goes the same for drinking, as well. Have you ever had too much to drink, and felt the liquid swishing around in your stomach? If not, then consider yourself lucky. It can happen, and we’re not just talking about alcohol. Don’t believe us? Take a large drink of water and go jump a few jumping jacks and get back to us.

6. Will I Perform Adequately?

Too much alcoholOf course, we all imagine ourselves as a hard body, strutting porn star in the bedroom. But, the stark reality of it is that there are a few things that can put a damper on our sexual performance. To name one large factor: Too much alcohol. Drinking a decent, social amount can sometimes give us that extra backbone we need to perform the deed in the first place. However, a little too much to drink and borderline blacking out can clearly affect sexual performance in an immense, and of course negative, way. Ask yourself, have I had too much to drink? No one wants to become ill or pass out in the middle of sex, so you should honestly ask yourself about this. Also, ask yourself about your partner. Many men cannot perform adequately when they have had too much to drink. The alcohol affects the blood flow, and therefore the ability to achieve a boner, so save your self-esteem. Ask yourself honestly if you think he will be up to the deed in the first place.

7. Will I Regret This?

While we would like to think that everyone’s answer to this one should be no, we anticipate some people remember of one or two encounters they could have lived without. Unfortunately, factors such as drugs, alcohol and peer pressure can affect our sexual decisions the wrong way. As a summation to all of the questions, the final question should be whether or not you will regret this decision. Answering no to any of the aforementioned questions is more than likely an indicator that this sexual stunt is not the right move for you. PheromonesIt is important to remember that you should never feel pressured or allow any substances to cloud your judgment. Respect yourself and make the best choice for your welfare. So, be sure to keep these questions handy for the next time you are ready to hit the hay with a new partner. Perhaps only a few of these seven questions hit home with you, and that’s fine. We highly encourage you to take a few factors into consideration before taking the plunge. One more question to ask yourself: Do you want to be even more attracted to this new, elusive partner? For an encounter that you and your partner will never forget, consider having him experiment with pheromones. Pheromones are the sex hormones responsible for turning us on. Interestingly enough, scientists have figured out how to enhance these pheromones and allow men to appear even more attractive to women. Interested in learning more? Visit the most reputable pheromone store on the market at http://www.nexuspheromones.com/. You can read more about them, and then purchase your man his own pheromone perfume. We are certain that you both will love the results.