Pheromone Cologne: The Science of Human Sexuality

Pheromone Cologne: The Science of Human Sexuality

When it comes to attracting women, you have to be armed with any of the following: good looks, a perfectly chiseled body, an impressive brain, or a good personality. However, one factor that is overlooked by most men is their scent.Smell plays an important role in attracting women. As a matter of fact, scent is considered very powerful when trying to catch a girl’s attention. Imagine going out on your first date or trying to dance with someone in the club and your smell is awful. Women will not want to be around you. Therefore, men should make sure that they smell good for added points in attracting women.

Every person has a natural smell that is influenced by several factors. But to smell better, colognes or perfumes were made and were packed with various ingredients such as pheromone. Pheromone is a chemical known to lure women. Learn about pheromone, how it works and how pheromone cologne can work to your advantage.

What Is A Pheromone?

What Is A PheromoneThe concept of pheromone was first discussed in 1959. It was originally referred to as a chemical produced by animals to detect and change the behaviour of other animals of the same species. In other words, it has been used as a means of communication, to mark a territory, or to tell female insects where to lay their eggs.

Today, it is described as a chemical released from the body in order to get a response from the same species. In fact, pheromones have been characterized as sexual in nature.

Pheromones are considered as ectohormones that are recognized by the unconscious mind. This means that it acts outside the body of the person secreting them which can affect the way another person behaves.

Most of the time, this behaviour can trigger sexual arousal. Because the human nose has powerful receptors that recognize this chemical, it will be registered in the brain and can signal attraction and romance.

How Does It Work?

Pheromones are produced by the human body. This will later on be released through sweat and other body fluids. Once released, the nearby receptors, in this case a person, will receive the smell and register it in the subconscious mind.

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]The human nose can detect any smell through its nasal passages. In fact, it can even store up to 4,000 scent memories based on experiences.Once the smell has passed through the powerful passages, a signal will be sent to parts of the brain such as the limbic system where emotion and desire are controlled.

This will result to sexual arousal on women which makes pheromones a powerful tool in attracting the opposite sex.

How Do Pheromones Induce A Sexual Response In Women?

Sexual Response In WomenSex pheromones in men are called androstenones and androsterones. This causes a woman to sense a male’s dominance and slowly elicit a female sexual response.

In return, a luteinizing hormone in women will be produced which increases the female sex drive. However, bear in mind that the pheromones do not take effect instantly. Rather, the results are subtle and will take some time before it affects women.

The Pheromone Cologne And Men

Pheromones are chemical signals that trigger attraction and romantic responses. Humans have their own respective smells which can be washed away by artificial products such as deodorant or laundry detergent. To preserve the natural scent, scientists came up with a product to synthetically produce pheromones for use. Thus, the pheromone perfume was introduced.

Women won’t notice but they will react to your smell that will make them behave in an unexplainable way. There are also several studies that showed an increase in overall feeling among men when pheromones were used.

It also helped in giving a feeling of natural attraction which later on makes men feel good about themselves.Scientists also found out that through the use of pheromones, attraction for both sexes were enhanced. Further studies even say that pheromone can influence the hypothalamus, a major emotional area of the brain that controls basic emotions.

So What Can You Do?

getting closer to womenCreating an initial attraction is the first step in getting closer to women. But before you seal the deal, you need to make sure that you look and smell good.

There are a lot of pheromone colognes available which you can use to woo a potential mate. Companies sell this type of product as a sexual booster that increases attractiveness towards the females.

Keep in mind that women are attracted to men that are healthy, strong and fertile. Women are more keen to smell, which makes them more susceptible to the pheromone effect.

Since the natural scent is masked by different products such as deodorant or the smell of a fabric conditioner, it will be difficult for women, although subconsciously, to trace the sex pheromone scent.

Take note that pheromone perfume should never be ingested. And make sure to test the product before applying on the skin. You must also read the instructions very carefully before using the cologne. Once applied to the skin, pheromone cologne can last from up to 8 – 10 hours, depending on the brand.

An example of men pheromone cologne is Nexus Pheromones. It is made of seven human pheromone compounds that are blended in one bottle. These include:

  • Androstenone. It helps attract potential mates.
  • Alpha-androstenol. It induces the feeling of comfort and attraction.
  • Androsterone. It has mood-elevating effects on women.
  • Epiandrosterone. For youthfulness.
  • Beta-androstenol. Also known as the “ice breaker pheromone.”
  • Androstedienone. To heighten sexual responsiveness.
  • Androstanone. To boost a powerful and masculine effect.

boost your confidenceWith 12 years of research, Nexus Pheromones is scientifically proven to attract women. At the same time, it will help you boost your confidence because of the unique smell and enhanced sex appeal.

More importantly, Nexus Pheromones guarantees absolute satisfaction. Otherwise, you can get your money back in full.

Men’s pheromone colognes are effective and proven to give you an edge during social encounters. Still, it is important to choose only the best product from the best manufacturer such as Nexus Pheromone. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you feel confident about yourself especially when around women.