Male Pheromones Cologne Works: Studies Discover 3 Keys

Male Pheromones Cologne Works: Studies Discover 3 Keys

In the past scientists thought that humans evolved a different kind of mating process compared to that of animals. Apparently animal mating and sexual and/or asexual reproduction is preceded by several courting gestures, male supremacy battles in order to acquire the female mate and finally the secretion of sex pheromones.

However, after years of research most experts now agree that humans do, in fact, secrete pheromones that stimulate mating instincts. Moreover, human males also do ritual courting gestures and fight over females just like animals do.

They also found out that it is the men who secrete more “sexual” pheromones than women that causes a natural sexual response from the opposite sex;

unlike in the animal kingdom where either one of them could release pheromones into the air in order to attract the other. Today there are a lot of male pheromones cologne products that have been produced and sold due to the fact that it works and it also created a huge business market.

3 Identified Human Male Pheromones

pheromone discovered by scientistsThrough the unrelenting efforts of researchers they have successfully identified a couple of male pheromones. They were able to replicate it, harness and in some cases created an artificial yet stronger version of it. Among them include:

  • Androstenone – is the first pheromone discovered by scientists, although initially this was believed to be just a variation of “odors” found in human sweat and urine. It can cause severe arousal in women especially if they’re in their ovulation period. It is included in almost all male pheromones cologne that are being sold in the market nowadays and if used in places where sexual displays are acceptable it will stir strong sexual properties in women.
  • Androstenols – both men and women have this pheromone and it is secreted through the sweat glands. Women as well as overweight men generally have higher androstenol levels. While androstenol is not the main driving pheromone that causes strong sexual arousal, it is a good buffering agent for it.
  •  Taa (Test Molecule A) – this pheromone serves as a catalyst for sexual arousal as well but unlike the first two, it seems to have a psychedelic effects on people rather than stimulating reproduction triggers. Users of this product say they feel brighter and more vigorous than their usual behavior and that they feel like it makes them easier to get close to the opposite sex. If mixed with male pheromones cologne it can have amazing effects.

How Male Pheromones Triggers a Sexual Response in Women

Most male pheromones cologne contain either one or a combination of the above mentioned sex pheromones and much like other narcotics, it triggers a chain reaction in the human body that will eventually lead to mating.

woman’s sense of smellIt is an evolutionary instinct that we’ve inherited from our ancestors some 2 million years ago when modern humans first appeared on Earth. It starts with the naturally occurring pheromones (Androstenone, Androstenols and Taa or Test Molecule A) being dissipated into the air by a healthy-breeding man near a woman of the same attribute.

The persons involved may or may not be aware of this. Although I tend to think of the latter as most men are already using male pheromones cologne these days.

Then the pheromones pass through the woman’s sense of smell where smell receptors in the mucous membrane picks it up and flashes a chemical signal that will stimulate the olfactory bulb.

The neurons in the Limbic System picks this signals up and sends a specific chemical signal back to the entire body preparing the woman for reproduction. It would make sense as the Limbic System is responsible for human emotions and behavior among other things.

Men Who Produce Lesser Male Pheromones Should Get a Male Pheromones Cologne

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]That’s a great idea! But how exactly would you know whether or not you will need male pheromones cologne? There is actually a way to find this out without you having to go and consult your doctor.

Well, to be honest with you your doctor might not probably even detect your sex pheromone; as, currently, there are no medical tools available specifically for it. It has to be extracted from you and then be tested in a laboratory.

consult your doctorThe easiest way to find out is to ask women out on a date or go to the more popular “speed dating” events and see how many women will actually accept your invitation.

The more women who will agree to go out on a date with you, the more this means that you are a healthy-breeding male producing enough sex hormones to attract women.

But if that doesn’t work too well for you, then you need to spray on some Nexus Pheromones to speed up the courting process.

You’ll go home a happier man with dating a couple of women of your choice and who knows?! You’ll probably end up finding the right woman for your life as well!