Pheromone Perfume for Women: 5 Sexy Ways the Nose Knows

Pheromone Perfume for Women: 5 Sexy Ways the Nose KnowsHave you ever wondered why some people just hit it off right away after meeting for the first time? Why are some women easily attracted to men even before they say anything? For most people, this could mean “chemistry,” while for the experts, it has something to do with pheromones. The truth is there are products that replace the “natural scent” lost during bathing. Find out how pheromone perfume for women can help you in the dating scene and get the attention from men that you want.

The Nose Knows: All About The Element Of Smell

Did you know that there are different factors that determine one’s attractiveness? A pretty face and hot body may do the trick, but new studies are slowly uncovering the science behind a woman’s sex appeal. And surprisingly, the excretion of sex attractant pheromones and the nose’s ability to detect it is one of them. They say the nose knows best. If you notice, the market is saturated with different scented products that aim to attract the opposite sex. Apparently, these products mask your natural odors, which potential mates find the most appealing, although in a subconscious way. This can trigger a man’s instinctive level and enhance his biological sexual response to dictate sexual interaction. powerful sexual responseDoes this mean you don’t have to spray perfume anymore? Not necessarily. The good news is there are synthetically produced pheromones for women that can stimulate a powerful sexual response without messing up with your body’s natural pheromones. An example of this is Nexus Pheromones. It contains seven human pheromone compounds including androstenone and androsterone to give you the best results you deserve.

Copulin: How Does It Work?

According to researchers Karl Grammer and Elizabeth Oberzaucher, they found out women produce pheromones called copulin when they are ovulating. What exactly can it do? Copulin is a type of female pheromone that spreads either through the air, or by direct genital contact, which the VNO organ detects. It occurs in the vaginal walls and exists usually near the opening of the vagina. It can:
  • Detect The Presence Of Semen. Once detected, the copulins will trigger the vaginal walls to produce more of this pheromone. This can also result to lubrication that can help during intercourse. Aside from this, it can also trigger the vaginal walls to expand to help in the penetration of the male member.
  • Disguise Itself As The Male’s Polypeptides. This means copulins are like neurotransmitters that can form a link between a man’s hypothalamus and the rest of the brain and body. This can result to sexual excitement.
  • Limbic SystemAccess The Nearby Limbic System or the brain’s center for retaining memories. Copulins can shut off the link to the limbic system that prevents a person from recalling any current activity.
  • Block A Man’s Ability To Judge A Woman’s Attractiveness. According to biologists Karl Grammer and Astrid Jette of Vienna University, copulins can help block a man’s judgment based on the way you look or the sound of your voice.
  • Heighten A Man’s Sexual Attraction. Based on studies, copulins bring out a rapid increase in biochemicals that is partially responsible for dictating the sex drive in men.

The Benefits Of Using Pheromone Perfume For Women

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]You might say, “What’s the use of wearing pheromone spray for women? There’s no assurance to it, anyway.” That might be true. However, there is more to pheromones for women aside from making you more attractive and approachable to men.  Here are some of the benefits you can get when you use pheromone perfume for women.
  • It Increases Your Sexual Attractiveness With Men. This means you can get more eye contact and smiles from men and they will even feel more relaxed with you. It can also result to an “instant chemistry” especially when you are on a blind date.
  • It Doesn’t Mask Your Natural Pheromones. The problem with products today is that they tend to wash away the naturally occurring pheromones that men find more appealing, although in a subconscious level. The good news is pheromones for women can help you save that.
  • It Is A Confidence Booster. You may not notice but you are more relaxed and confident about yourself. Hence, make sure to choose a scent that reflects your personality and puts you right in the mood. At the same time, you can use it to boost your career, too, since you exude a certain level of confidence, which can be hard to miss.
  • Mood EnhancerIt Is A Mood Enhancer. Whether you are feeling sexy or reserved, pheromone perfume for women has scents that you can associate with different moods. This can help you project your mood better.
  • It Heightens Your Relationship. Who says pheromones for women are just for the single and dating? If you are in a relationship, pheromones can help you turn your partner on and make them more responsive to your needs.
Still, keep in mind that attraction starts with the way you look and how you present yourself. Not all of these benefits will work unless you do something. Do not rely too much on pheromones, because they will only work once attraction is established. Therefore, don’t forget to dress nicely and appropriately, keep it simple and classy and always wear a smile on your face. Once a man notices you, let the pheromone perfume for women do its magic.

Tips In Choosing Pheromone Spray For Women

Perhaps the biggest challenge on pheromones is finding the right pheromone spray for you. Here are the following factors you should look for when choosing the best pheromone perfume for women.
  • Personality – Choose a product that suits you and your personality.
  • Price – You don’t have to spend a fortune on this product. Therefore, check the price and make sure it is reasonable.
  • Effects – You need a product that will last for hours, not minutes.
  • Ingredients – Check the ingredients and make sure it contains “potent” human pheromone ingredients. There are products that add a small amount of pheromone just to claim the “pheromone label.”
  • Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee – You need a product that works and not something that is just a waste of money.
  • Company – Look into its contact information, testimonials, customer service and clinical studies. If they don’t have this on their site, move on to the next.
Are you ready to take your love life to the next level? Buy some pheromone perfume for women now to see what it can do to boost your sexual attractiveness.