Pheromones to Attract Men: 9 Major Advantages for Women

Pheromones to Attract Men: 9 Major Advantages for Women

You may have heard about how pheromones can benefit men. However, did you know that they are also favorable in women? Although they are more popular in men, which is obvious by the number of products available in the market today, medical researchers cannot deny the fact that women could also use them to attract men.

Pheromones might be familiar to some people reading this, but many other folks have no idea what they are. Some people may have only heard about them recently, but the important thing is, learning about these unique compounds could be valuable for you.

What Are Pheromones In The First Place?

sex pheromonesSo, let us start with an explanation of what exactly pheromones are. These special little compounds are chemical factors that activate a social response in the same species. Pheromones are chemicals that have the ability of acting externally in the person who is secreting them. Thus, they could influence the behavior and mood of other individuals that are receiving them. Pheromones also branch off to other types, which are food trail pheromones, alarm pheromones and sex pheromones.

Who Discovered Pheromones?

The first people to propose the word “pheromone” are Martin Lüscher and Peter Karlson, back in 1959. They thought of them as a special chemical concoction that is released or secreted by animals, which in turn other creatures of the same species respond to them. The first ever pheromone identification was made in silk moths by other researchers. Since then, scientists suggest that pheromones have a significant effect on human beings, as well.

Are There Pheromones To Attract Men?

Since there are certain types of pheromones for each gender, women could naturally secrete primal female pheromones that have shown to efficiently boost up their sexual appeal with men. Scientists from the University of Utah and Colorado have found that human pheromones are detected through a unique structure called the Vomeronasal organ or the VNO. Pheromones To Attract MenThis organ is located in the nose and works as the distinctive sensory organ that recognizes pheromones in human beings. Scientists have tested this organ by inserting a special device in the nose and it measures the cellular bustle. These pheromones can attract men and even women, because via the VNO, they travel to the hypothalamus where they trigger the center of the brain that controls a person’s emotions. The pheromones launch signals to the brain, which reads sexual desire and attraction. The entire process is unconscious and that explanation is the closest that scientist have come up with throughout their studies.

What Should You Know About Female Pheromones?

Since you already have a good idea of what pheromones in general are, now it is time to learn about specifically female pheromones.They are indeed invisible, undetectable and odorless. When an adult male inhales them in, a signal is sent to the brain, which makes a man feel more attracted to that specific woman. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]They make women irresistible to men because of these special natural compounds. Female pheromones are found in small quantities in the sweat of women and other female areas such as their sexual organs.

9 Benefits of Using Female Pheromones.

If you are having problems meeting men and want to increase your appeal in some way, then specific pheromones to attract men might help you out. Before you continue reading on, you also have to realize that effects do vary from female to female. That means that if female pheromones work for you, some other females might see different results. However, the advantages that female pheromones could bring are the following:
  • benefits of using Female PheromonesYou could receive more smiles from men.
  • You may get more eye contact from men.
  • Men could possibly find you more sexually appealing.
  • Men could feel more relaxed and comfortable with you.
  • You may notice that men are paying more attention to you.
  • Men will initiate more conversations with you.
  • You could possibly alleviate aggression between men.
  • You could increase your chances of having a date with a possible soul mate.
  • You could have instantaneous chemistry with men.

What Are The Scents That Attract Men?

As a woman, you may believe that masking your natural scent is the way to go. However, you may actually be wrong, because natural female pheromones could do the job for you. Do yourself a favor. Avoid using strong smelling colognes and perfumes. Instead, use mild smelling scents that could still propel your pheromones to attract men. Such scents are the following:
  • Vanilla – Known as a sexually arousing aroma, many studies have shown that most men are fascinated with the vanilla smell.
  • Lavender – This scent has been known to be a scent of arousal throughout the centuries. Even today, newlyweds use lavender to increase passion.
  • Cinnamon – Studies have also shown that men are attracted to the smell of this spice. Cinnamon could increase the blood flow in a man’s genital region and boost up their erection.
  • JasmineJasmine – This scent has been used in combination with a rose scent to allure men.
  • Ylang – Known as a enduring aphrodisiac, ylang is known to increase the passion in lovers and soothe them during lovemaking.
  • Pumpkin Pie And Donuts – Research has shown that men are attracted to foods that are baking. It somehow increases the blood flow to their penis and therefore encourages erections.

How Could Women Use These Scents?

If you are interested in attracting more men or boosting up your sexually experience with your significant other, you could try adding a few drops of the aforementioned oils in your bath. You could also use mildly scented body oils and lotions and apply them to your body. Candles could be lit around the room to fill the air with scents of attraction. You could try one or more of these techniques to increase your appeal to men, or set a romantic mood. Now that you have a better idea of how pheromones work in attracting men, go ahead and find out on your own. You could try different products or scents that may help to increase your attractiveness naturally. Use this powerful female chemical to allure more men, so that they can get to know the real you.