15 Body Language Flirting Techniques That Will Make You Irresistible

When you eye someone at a bar or a café, do you go straight to her and tell her you like her and that you want to take her to bed? Sadly, that’s not how attraction works and going upfront with your lustful intentions will surely end with a nasty rejection. Body language flirting is a fun and subtle way to show you like someone and to know if that someone likes you, too. You send your message across, introduce yourself without the use of too many words and you won’t get an outright rejection. Isn’t that great? Here are 15 body language flirting techniques that will surely make you irresistible:

1. Eye Contact Can Be a Subtle Hint

eyesYou walk into a bar and saw a gorgeous lady sitting alone in a corner. You’re unsure of what to do. Should you walk straight to her direction and say something or will that only make you look like a habitual hitter on women? What you should do is take a seat right across her or somewhere where you can see her and she can see you. Let her know you’re checking her out by letting her catch you looking at her. When your eyes meet, hold on for a few seconds and look the other way as if you’re embarrassed. Do it again for a couple of times and she’ll surely get the message you’re checking on her. If your gazes met every time, chances are she’s checking you out, too. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]A study has showed that a person will take a hint that you like her after catching you glancing her way 13 times. That’s a lot of glances, but it may be because she wants to be sure that you’re into her.

2. Raised Eyebrows Show Approval

raise your eyebrowsWhen you ran across an acquaintance at a restaurant or a mall, the first thing you do is raise your eyebrows and then let out a smile. This is a universal body language in both men and women to show familiarity and approval. You can use this body language to a beautiful stranger to let her know you’re interested. When your faces meet, raise your eyebrows and let out a half-smile. Not a grin, you dummy. It makes you look creepy.

3. Dressing Up to Stand Out from the Crowd

One way to catch a woman’s attention and become irresistible is to stand out from the crowd full of men. How? By dressing up nicely and smartly, by wearing a musky cologne or perfume, and by being confident without being too overbearing. dresses upA man who dresses up will definitely stand out from the crowd because he exudes confidence and stature, qualities, which are attractive to women. If you aren’t fashion-savvy, visit this page for more tips. There is a theory that a person will find their mate through a distinct substance found on the skin, picked up by your sense of smell and processed by your subconscious mind. These are what they call pheromones, which are released by your body through the skin. Experts say pheromones are unique for each person and they contain details of your genes. The person who picks your pheromones has genes compatible with your genes, which allow you to reproduce healthy offspring. Amazing how nature works, isn’t it? What’s even more amazing is that science has found a way to amplify the use of pheromones. Nexus Pheromones is a spray made from a combination of seven pheromone compounds that will instantly trigger mating instincts in women. Just imagine looking irresistibly attractive in the eyes of women without much effort.

4. Good Posture Shows Confidence

postureProper posture is the most important body language of men, whether you’re applying for a job or want to be more attractive, because it will take you to places. Straighten your back, hold out your chest, pull your shoulders in and hold your chin up. Your posture says a lot about your self-confidence, and confident men are attractive to women. That is not rocket science. What do you think of a girl with a slumped posture? She’s not too attractive or approachable, right? Get yourself used to having proper posture all the time, and it won’t be difficult to do so in front of the ladies.

5. Angles That Show Paying Attention

Angles are not only for taking great photos. It’s a type of male body language flirting that lets you send the right message. No, it’s not about learning angles that will highlight your physical assets. Proper anglesAngles are important, especially when you’re talking to a lady. A lot of men often make the mistake of approaching a woman dead on. Your presence can be too overwhelming and you’ll make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, approach her from the side and turn your face towards her when you talk. Lean towards a bit her when she’s talking to show that you’re paying attention. Proper angles when talking to a woman gives you plus points.

6. Friendly and Not So Friendly Touches

Do not underestimate the power of touch because it speaks a lot better than words do. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. A lot of men are into the dilemma of “should I touch or should I not,” especially on first dates, which is only right. Touching is a nonverbal communication flirting that can convey different messages to the receiver, so you’ve got to be careful. TouchingTouching is a no-no the first time you approach her. In a worst case scenario, you could end with a slap on the face for being a creep. You just don’t touch a stranger anywhere on her body. There is a right time for that. Knowing when is the right time to touch and the right places to touch a woman is a must to send the message that you’re interested in her, yet you respect her boundaries. If she lets your skin come into contact with your skin or if she lets you assist her when standing up or when walking through a crowd without attempting to dodge skin contact, that could be a sign you can take touching to a friendly level. Act as if it’s not your intention to touch her. If she does not cringe and if she moves even closer to you without signs of being uncomfortable, then maybe you can now take touching to another level. Touch her in safe places like her hands, back or arms.

7. Subconscious Mimicking Shows Interest

For some reasons, a person interested in someone is likely to mimic his or her movements. Mimicking is a subconscious body language of attraction. For example, when she touches her hair, you touch yours, or when she checks her watch, you check yours, or when she scratches her face, you scratch yours. If she knows about this, then she’ll know your mimicking is a sign that you like her. If not, your effort will only fall on blind eyes; nevertheless, you could use the signs to learn if she’s interested in you too.

8. Exhibit Alpha Male Behavior

macho imageWomen find men who exhibit a tough guy or macho image more attractive and sexy. This is what you call an alpha male, the leader of the pack, or someone you don’t want to mess with. If you aren’t an alpha male, you could pretend to be one. How do you become an alpha male? You do this by repelling another male’s presence around the lady of your interest. By being confident, like using good posture, puffing out your chest or adding swag to your moves, you will be more attractive. Just remember to act natural.

9. Use of Exclusive Special Voice

How do you let a woman know you like her and how do you become irresistible in her eyes? Do you out rightly say “I like you’? Yes, but there’s another way of doing it. By treating her differently as you would treat your friends and other females around. If you love talking tough and rough with your friends, use a special voice when talking to a woman you like. Ditch the rough talks and speak to her in a more personal and intimate manner.

10. Tilting of Head is a Symbol of Curiosity

Tilting your headLet’s say you’re beside a lady you like at a public place. How do you let her know you’re interested? Tilting your head towards her direction is a sign of interest. Doing so indicates that you’re interested in what she has to say or share. It indicates curiosity and wanting to learn new things about her. A man who eagerly pays attention can flatter any woman’s heart and that will make you irresistible to her.

11. Nervousness Shows You Want To Impress

straightening your shirt upFor sure, you already experienced female body language flirting wherein women flip their hair or brush off strands of hair from their face. Did you know it was a hint or are you that clueless? Men like the cute things women do and women also like it when men act weird around them. Being fidgety around a woman is a sign that you’re nervous and affected by her presence, which is flattering to her. How do you act fidgety? By straightening your shirt up, fixing your posture, playing a pen with your fingers or brushing your hair away from your face. You may think that body language flirting and men don’t go together, but they do. Remember to act natural. Women can smell fake from miles away. Another thing, no fidgeting on your mobile phone or your watch, because it only shows boredom and that you can’t wait to flee the scene.

12. Laughing Brings Comfort and Ease

Attraction easily comes when you’re both comfortable with each other, and what other ways to show how comfortable you are than by laughing and exchanging humor. Sharing a good laugh makes you feel at ease with each other and you will be more inclined to act silly or be true to each other because you both know you can easily laugh off tiny matters. When she is at ease with you there is no sense putting up a pretense or something to impress you, so that makes you even more attractive to her. Additionally, one of the top things that women find attractive in men is a good sense of humor because it shows intelligence. If you aren’t the funny type, it’s high time you learn some punch lines. They may come off as mediocre when you deliver them, but at least you tried. Most importantly, women admire men who can laugh at themselves for committing an accidental mistake.

13. Be a Macho Man

protectiveMost guys are nice and gentle around the ladies, but a guy who likes a girl tends to be protective of her. For example, when you’re out on a date or sitting talking somewhere, and then some other guy is checking out your date. A hard long stare will definitely send the guy a message to back off. Your gesture shows that you’re getting ready to fight for what’s yours. It can make the ladies feel special when someone is protective over them. When they feel special, they will be looking for that feeling over again. Men are territorial by nature, so this is nothing new. Just be careful how you show your protectiveness towards a lady. You don’t want to come off as someone who is overly-possessive.

14. Your Feet Point to Where You Want to Go

feetThe feet are often left unnoticed when it comes to reading this type of body language flirting. In reality, the position of your feet says something about what’s running in your mind. Before you head out to a certain direction, the first things that point you towards that direction are your feet. If you’re hesitating on approaching a woman, even when you’re at a distance, your feet will point where you want to go. Even when sitting and having a conversation, the direction where the feet is pointing is where the person wants to be. If someone is talking yet the other person’s feet are heading towards another direction it means that person is not so interested in what you have to say. If she’s good at reading body language, she’ll be able to tell if you’re interested in her. Likewise, if she’s pointing her feet at you, then she may be interested in you. This does not apply when you’re sitting side by side, unless if you’re some kind of contortionist, or the kind of scary apparition you may see in those horror movies where they can bend their bodies in bizarre directions.

15. Spreading Your Legs Shows You Like a Person

legs slightly apartMost men will spread their legs slightly apart to be more comfortable when sitting; however, according to body language experts, a man who spreads his legs apart when standing in front of a girl means he is hot for the girl. They say it’s a man’s instinct to flirt this way, and men are even unaware of this gesture. Moreover, a man who spreads his legs apart and then puts his hand in his pockets, and lets it hang on the belt or scratching his crotch is trying to flaunt his assets. It could be a way of telling her that you want to bed her, which is a no-go for most women. Next time, spread your legs, but don’t put your hand anywhere near your crotch area, or she’ll be fleeing in a flash to get as far away as possible from a creep like you. You don’t want to send the wrong body language signs, after all. These body language flirting tips will send your message to the gorgeous lady out there you may be dreaming of, and without fear of getting rejected to your face. Do note, if you’re looking for a potential partner and not just a momentary fling, flirting and being yourself is the best advice you’ll ever need to attract the best possible person for you. Body language says a lot about you and your thoughts. Master 15 these body languages and you’ll be irresistibly attractive to women. Not only that, your back will thank you for using better posture.