10 Fresh Things to Get Your Guy Hot to Trot

10 Fresh Things to Get Your Guy Hot to TrotIf you think this post is all about sex, then you can shut off your computer now. You won’t be seeing any new sex positions and must-try techniques to improve your sex performance here. However, you will be seeing a lot of fresh and new sexy tips that will surely lead you to better sex. Okay, so what’s the point of this, and why should you still be reading this article? Ladies, the truth is there’s more to men that just their packages. Fine, how big they are down there may play an important role – for some women, at least – but men are not to be defined by that. And having a well-endowed member does not guarantee better relationship. Just in case you haven’t heard, getting a guy turned on is not limited to giving him a blowjob. So, if you want him to treat you like a queen, both in and out of bed, then you better learn how to treat him like your king. You can do some fun and sexy things, such as:

1. 15-second Kisses

15-second Kisses“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be one of the oldest clichés you’ve ever heard. Here’s something new: a kiss a day will keep the doctor away, too. Most couples only kiss when they are about to have sex. Or worse, a lot of couples take kissing for granted. Well, don’t be like those couples because for one, kissing has so many health benefits, such as lowering your cholesterol and boosting your immunity, and two, it’s just a fun activity to do with your man. So, why kiss your man only during your sexy sessions? It only takes 15 seconds to keep the marriage blues far away, and at the same time, get your libido going. So go ahead and pucker up. It might lead to something else, without you even planning it.

2. Cook Aphrodisiac Meals

A lot of people may say that aphrodisiacs are just a product of one’s imagination. Either they don’t have a sex life, which makes them bitter, or aphrodisiac foods aren’t real, which means the brain is smart enough to control thoughts. Whatever. The point is there are certain vitamins and minerals that are known to increase nerve sensitivity and boost hormone levels, which in turn affect your libido, in a good way. So go ahead, cook with your man and find a way to incorporate almonds, eggs, bananas, strawberries, Maca roots, asparagus, oyster, ginger, garlic and other aphrodisiac foods.

3. The Post-It Challenge

sexy text messageSending him a sweet and sexy text message or tweeting something about your man in public might be your idea of “sweet.” But let’s get back to basics – pen and paper. In this age where sending a text or an email might be the most convenient way to communicate with people across the globe, it’s nice to just sit down and write something using your own hand. Here comes the Post-It challenge. Everyday for the next 30 days, leave a note that will show your appreciation to your man. Tell him you love him, he is the best dad/partner, how much you love his smell, how smart he is, or thank him for being real. Over the next few days, add some sexy notes – just make sure he’s the only one who can see it – like “meet me upstairs,” or “you’re turning me on,” or “sex at 9 p.m.” The more specific you are in your notes, the better.

4. Flirt With Your Man

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Who says flirting is only for younger people and new couples? Whether you’re two weeks or twenty-two years into your relationship, never, ever give up flirting with your man. It keeps the sizzle in the relationship and it’s a great way to tell him that after all these years, you still look at the same boy you fell in love with years ago. Plus, flirting is so easy to do. Why not leave a note on the mirror saying “I love you” or “Thank you for last night?” Or you can come up with a secret code phrase that when translated, means sex. Or if you want to be a bit daring, flash your twin mountains while he’s watching TV, reading his mail or even drinking his coffee. If you’re not into that, go braless and let him peek at the merchandise. He’ll be sure to notice you now.

5. Work Out

Work OutOkay, your man may love you for who you are, extra pounds included. But seriously ladies, are you just going to let those jiggles stay in there with you – forever? You might argue that pregnancy, kids and tons of household work has stripped you off gym time but believe it or not, there are certain workouts that target all of your major muscle groups without taking too much of your time at all. So before you say “you’re busy” and have “no time to work out,” check out those 10 or 15-minute express workouts that you can do while the kids are sleeping, or as soon as you wake up early in the morning. Heck, that’s what Google is made for. And your husband will even be surprised and more turned on when he sees the leaner and healthier you.

6. Shop In The “adult” Department

No dear ladies, this doesn’t mean shop for clothes and shoes with your guy, which explains why there is a quotation mark on the word, “adult.” One of the best ways to improve not just your sexual relationship, but also your relationship as a whole is to communicate. If you are not comfortable talking about your preferences in bed, you’ll eventually get tired of faking your orgasms. And sooner or later, you might find yourself in a sexless relationship, because you’d rather sleep than be intimate with your guy. To ease any tension and shyness, try shopping in a sex store with your man. It may be embarrassing at first, but once you found the perfect “toy” you can use during one of your sessions, you’ll eventually loosen up and actually enjoy your little side trip. This can will bring you and your man even closer.

7. Remember The Meaning Of Public Displays Of Affection

kissing in publicMost youngsters these days are always on PDA-mode by holding hands, hugging and even kissing in public. As someone who is on the “older” side, you may puke and cringe even at the sight of this. If you want to do something different, then be prepared to turn on your PDA mode as well. But that doesn’t mean you should go all out or do the most outrageous things, to the point of taking off your clothes. For starters, hold hands. This serves as a statement that your man is taken. Then kiss him out of the blue as you savor his scent. Or if you are in a restaurant, feed each other and kiss very often, even if it’s just a smack. The important thing is don’t be afraid to show your love to your man and he’ll reward you in return, which means later that night, in bed.

8. Do Something Different

taking dance classesGoing on a date night with your other half is a good way to rekindle your relationship and just focus on you two. But aren’t you tired of the usual dinner-movie-coffee date? Come on guys, there are so many things you can do other than that.In this case, take the date challenge. Everyday for the next 12 days – or month, if you wish and your schedule permits – do something different with your man. If you can block night outs with girlfriends or joining your company’s annual get together, that’s fine. Then think of something you haven’t done before as a couple. It can be taking dance classes, playing board games, learning a new hobby, camp out in your backyard, have a wine and cheese night for two, exchanging new marriage vows or even starting a new home improvement project. The point is stay away from the usual date nights and be creative.

9. Stay Away From Technology

From seven to seventy, it’s no surprise that everyone is hooked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. No thanks to technology, people are more inclined checking Yahoo News than reading the actual paper. If you really want to focus on your man, keep your gadgets off the bed every night and just focus on the two of you. Talk about how you’ve been for the past God-knows-when years, your hopes and dreams, what’s new with you too and simply enjoy each other’s company. Your friends don’t need to know what you’re doing every second so stop updating your Facebook status and just focus on your man.

10. Have Sex Anywhere But The Bedroom

sex in the kitchenAfter incorporating and doing all of these tips, it’s time to take on another fun challenge – have sex outside the bedroom. It is common for couples to have sex inside the bedroom for comfort and convenience. To keep things more interesting, utilize the other parts of your house and have sex in the kitchen, in the couch, on top of the dining table – you name it. Aside from the thrill of doing it in another place, you get to experiment and try certain positions you haven’t done before. And yes, you only live once so go ahead and be adventurous. Aside from this, ask your guy to throw in Nexus Pheromones cologne every time you two are together. Though he may not need better luck with women, this pheromone concentrate can induce a sexual response, so you’ll both have a better chance of ending up in bed, or wherever you want to do it.