11 Seriously Sexy Things to Say to Your Lady

11 Seriously Sexy Things to Say to Your LadyWomen are complicated, a lot of men would say. Why? Because most times it’s hard to figure out what makes her suddenly grumpy, when just a few moments ago she was all smiles and laughter. According to Jaiya, a sex educator, “Women’s brains are more wired for communication than men.” This only means that your use of words, no matter how harmless it may seem to you could mean something totally different to her. So how are you going to use this fact to your advantage? It’s pretty simple. Your words could be powerful enough to awaken her desire. The use of words that make her feel loved, needed and desirable, which can trigger a sexual response in her. What goes in her ears goes directly to her brain, and then down to her genitals. Here are some sexy phrases you could say to a lady that are aphrodisiacs to her ears:

1. “You Look So Hot In…”

mood for loveNothing gets her in the mood for love better than getting a compliment on her looks. Whether she is wearing a gown or a bikini, saying these words will boost her confidence, make her feel good and desirable. When she’s confident about herself, she is more likely to be open about her desires. Just be sure you say it with sincerity and truthfulness, not just for the sake of saying it to get her in the sack.

2. “Everything About You Just Turns Me ”

Women are full of inhibitions and sometimes insecurities about their physical looks. Let her know she has nothing to worry about by telling her that everything about her including her imperfections is what makes her beautiful and sexy. When you say this, she will be more comfortable and open about being intimate with you.

3. Say Her Name

Say Her NameCall out your partner’s name as you get caught in the whirlpool of desire. Whispering or shouting her name as you climax is a sure way to let her know that you are thinking about her, it’s her that’s giving you intense pleasure and not anyone else like the fantasy woman in your mind.

Women’s pleasure is egotistical just as it is for men. Make her feel that she’s the only one who can give you such pleasure by calling out her name. Be sure it’s not someone else’s name you’re calling out, or she will be more than just pissed off.

4. “It Feels So Warm And ”

Every woman wants to be tight down there, not the virgin tight, but tight enough to give you the most pleasure during sex. Describe to her how good it feels to be inside her by saying these words. It will take away all her worries that might be making her anxious and less confident during your lovemaking. Upon hearing these words, expect her to be more assertive and aggressive with her desires.

5. “Love” Speaks More Passion Than “Like”

Speaks More PassionInstead of saying “I like the way you look tonight,” say “I love the way you look tonight.” Replacing the word “like” with “love” makes the meaning of the phrase more intense and passionate, leaving her breathless with desire. Next time you want to ignite her desire to a compliment, use the word, “love.”

6. “I Need…”

Women want to feel desired by their partners, and they don’t want their man to be reluctant in expressing or saying it out. Let her know how much you want her by saying “I need you now,” or “I need you so bad.” [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]You can also use the word “want,” but the word “need” has a more intense effect like she’s driving you crazy with desire.

7. “I Can Wait… I Want To Our First Time To Be ”

make her feel goodIt’s weird when you are the one who wants to wait and not her, never the less, saying something like this can make her feel special. This only shows you’re not just after the sex. Don’t say it just to make her feel good, say it because you meant it. If she agrees and yet you’re suddenly aggressive, this only means that you are a liar.

8. “You.”

When you are about to give her a compliment while she is getting down on you, making sure it starts with the word “you” which refers to her. You focus on her and not what she is doing. For example, “You are driving me crazy” than “That is driving me crazy”. Let her know how she makes you feel and don’t just focus on your experience.

9. “You’re ”

Saying this phrase while lying in bed after a mind-blowing sex could mean more than just one thing, she looks amazing, her body feels amazing, and she’s amazing in bed. Amazing, right? Cut off all your praises with these three words and she’ll surely feel amazing.

10. “You’re So Wet.”

Men love to hear the words “you’re so hard,” because it boosts their male ego. Let her know you are experiencing so much pleasure while you are inside by telling her how wet she is. It will not only make her feel good, but will trigger a response that can make her even wetter.

11. “I’ll Do The ”

pheromonesMen have sex to feel connected, while women need to feel connected first to want to have sex. There are many ways you can do to make her feel cherished and special, and this includes doing some chores and errands for her. Doing the dishes or taking out the trash, no matter how simple the chores are, makes her feel that you care for her. Also, if you do things for her, this gives her extra time to take care of her needs and save her energy for later. Even without meaning to, your words can turn her mood sour. However, your words can also trigger her intense feelings of desire. Use these phrases, and you’re sure to get lucky in love. Words or no words, one effective way to awaken her desire is through your sex scent. Your body releases pheromones or sex scents that work like magic on her subconscious mind. Once it gets to her system, you’ll be irresistible. Discover the surprising facts about pheromones by visiting this website, https://www.nexuspheromones.com/t1/index.html.