The Smooth Operator’s Guide on How to Be Sexually Attractive

The Smooth Operator’s Guide on How to Be Sexually AttractiveA man’s life can never be considered complete unless he learns how to create a positive impression in a women’s mind. Learning how to be sexually attractive to opposite sex is one thing, and executing it to perfection is another; however, it is not rocket science to impress a woman and make her attract sexually towards you. All it needs is a bit of common sense and knack of executing simple things right. There are many ways to impress a woman and keep her attracted to you sexually. All these ways have been proven and can work on anyone. Furthermore, they’re easy to execute and you do not have to take any risk whatsoever. In this article, you will learn different ways to keep your women sexually interested in you for a long time. Make sure you follow all the simple ideas listed below to make sure you win over her heart and get her interested in you, not just mentally but also physically. Here are a number of different ideas for sexually attracting a woman:

1. Be Confident and Strut Your Stuff

be confidentOne of the assured ways of sexually appealing any woman is to up your sexual appeal. You can easily do this by having confidence in your actions. When you give a strong indication to a woman of being strong and masculine, they create an impression in their mind of you being supremely confident about yourself. This impact will directly create a sexual attraction towards you. Wondering how you can achieve this without much trouble? Here’s how:
  • Have Self-Confidence: You basically do not have to do much. Be yourself – be confident in all the moves you make and be upright. It helps create a positive impression.
  • Be A Dominator: For sexually appealing a woman, you need to give an impression of being able to dominate all situations. Being confident about your self will go a long way in establishing this impression in her mind.

2. Remember: Always Talk In Deep Low Voice

If you want to seduce your woman then the best way to do is to talk in deep low voice. While talking in a deep tone will make you sound sexy and masculine, low voice brings its own aura that can easily force women’s mind run wild and start imagining about you. Here are some useful tips to talk in deep low voice:
  • First and foremost, you need to relax your throat and do not get nervous or tense unnecessarily. In learning how to relax, you can easily bring your tone down to a level that is comfortable and soothing to hear.
  • Drink a glass of water for wetting your throat and help relax you mentally. This may not seem much, however, it can work wonders for you.

3. A Little Personal Grooming Goes a Long Way

You simply cannot talk to a girl let alone attract her sexually if you do not smell pleasant. So, as a first step to having a woman sexually attracted to you, it is important that you have a nice smell. To smell good, you need to be hygienic. perfume for your bodyHow do you smell nice and maintain perfect hygiene? Find out below:
  • Take a bath or shower every day. Being lazy to take a bath or skipping them altogether will only make your situation bad to worse.
  • Make an effort to identify the perfect perfume for your body. Always opt for a mild, masculine spray that can do the trick for you.
  • Always dress properly. Your dressing sense will have a bearing on your personality, which, in turn, will determine to what extent you can seduce your woman.

4. Personality Matters: Be a True Blue Alpha Male

If there is one area you would really like to work hard then it has to be your personality. If you already have a pleasing personality, then you can still work on it to improve further; however, if your personality isn’t that dynamic, then this is the time you have to improve. Do you know how to improve your personality? Here are some insights:
  • In order to have a pleasing personality to improve your sexuality then you have to act confident. Be always assured of yourself and it will show to her.
  • Always have a good sense of humor and be sure to control your emotions come what may. If this isn’t your thing, work hard at it until you have it under your control.
  • In order to be a blue alpha male, you have to have a positive mental attitude. This is where your state of mind comes into the picture. Once you start believing in your ability, the results will start following you.

5. Learn How to Be Sexually Attractive By Being Different

play electric guitarThe problem with most men is that they find it difficult to be different from others in the pack. If you follow the same steps that others do and don’t try to be creative enough, then you will not impress your woman let alone attract her sexually. In your attempt to woo your woman, you simply cannot be too boring or plain. Want to know how you can be different? Here are some suggestions:
  • If you play electric guitar well or think yourself to be a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix, then why not flaunt it before her? In doing so, you are honing your skills as well as attracting her sexually. It can’t get better than this, can it?
  • If you have the knack of mimicking influential personalities, then you may try that, as well. You may sound different, but you are to impress her and attract her sexually over time.
  • Whatever talent you possess, be sure to share it without seeming boastful. Just remember to be yourself and appreciate sharing your time with her.

6. Do Not Ever Sound or Look Dependent to Her: This Definitely Works

If you truly want to master how to be sexually attractive man then your interaction with your lady shouldn’t go to that extent that she gets a feeling that you are dependent on her, directly or indirectly. When you sound like you are dependent, it shows off in your body language and the way you speak. At the end of the day, you need to realize that women are special and intuitive creatures who can tell what somebody is expecting from them. Therefore, you need to be yourself and do not expect from her anything, it can actually work to your benefit. She will be impressed and will start to think of you all the time. This will, in turn, lead to sexual attraction over time. cookingHere are some tips to sound and look cool all the time:
  • Have you run into some kind of problems with your car? Do not worry, call a mechanic or better yet, arrange for another car. Do not make the mistake of calling up your woman asking for help. Calling her up for help may not seem much of a problem to you, however, it will not help create a positive impression in her mind.
  • Do not ask your woman to cook for you. More often than not, she may do it for you even before you ask for it. Just in case you know cooking, attempt a few dishes, especially the ones she likes the most and serve it to her to surprise her.

7. You Heard It Right: Stop Being Her Friend

If you want to learn how to be sexually attractive to your woman, then you need to stop being her friend. When you come out of your friend zone, it forces her to look at you in a different way. So, if you have been doing lots of favors for her by directly being a close friend to her, then stop doing that right away. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]This does not mean you should stop talking to her altogether. It just means that you need to redefine your relationship with her. When she starts looking at you from a different angle, there are chances she will feel attracted towards you sexually. In fact, she will feel as though you are much more than just a friend for her. A vast majority of men wrongly believe that in being a friend to a woman it opens the door for them to invite her to fall in love with them; however, this is not entirely true. How can you maintain a healthy distance? Try these tips:
  • If she asks you to pick a book from the library for her, or some other chore she can do herself, then you can politely refuse help by giving her a reason. Do not start being rude to her, instead, you can tell that you have an important work to finish and therefore not in a position to help her at that stage.
  • If your woman asks you to cook for her, then tell her you cannot do it as you are not an expert at it. Suggest she order take out, instead. The point is, you should not be her personal errand boy, but you can support her when she really needs it.

8. Build Up Sexual Tension Slowly but Surely

When you are asked to build up sexual tension, there are chances that you may end up doing the opposite. Like most men, you are not alone in following this trend, but if you truly want to learn how to be sexually attractive to a woman then you should be able to build up sexual tension slowly but surely. There are chances that you will get the results as desired. So, before you get on it the right way, it is important to understand what builds up that tension. Want to know how to build up sexual tension? Given below are some tips:
  • Build Up the Sexual Tension: If you have your woman’s number then wait before you give her a call or text her. You should never try to call her up or send her a message right away. This will, in a way, destroy all the sexual tension you can possibly build up. Instead, wait for a couple of days and then send a message.
  • Be Humorous: Using cocky comedy can be an effective way to build up sexual tension. How to go about doing this? Start off being as arrogant as you can be, then add some humor to it. For example, if you are standing in a line waiting for your coffee, then instead of saying, “Hurry up, you are not working fast enough,” you can consider saying “Hey, this line always seems long, if you like me, can you please help me get a free coffee if I jump the line and come forward?”
  • Tease Your Lady: Whenever you get an opportunity to tease your women, do just that. Most women like men who tease them in a friendly and casual way, but be careful not to insult her.

9. Create the Perfect Atmosphere and Ambiance

It is easier to awaken the sexual urge in men, compared to women; but, you still need to work hard at it and make sure your woman is attracted towards you. So, what can you do to attract her easily and quickly? Though there are no sure-shot methods to get your way in this, nonetheless you can help create a perfect atmosphere and ambiance. In doing this, you will go a long way in attracting your woman. How to set up a perfect atmosphere to help attract your woman? Here are some tips:
  • Keep your place tidy. If you know your woman is coming over, then make sure to keep your place clean and tidy. Arrange all the items neatly and in their proper places. This will give her an indication that you are indeed clean and understand the importance of hygiene.
  • Light your abode. Lighting at your place can also work in your favor, especially if you are trying how to be sexually attractive to women. Just make sure the lighting at your place is neither too bright nor too dark. In fact, you need to keep the lighting just enough to create a unique feeling in the mind of your woman.

10. Remember This as a Rule – Dress Well

Wearing a nice outfit when you have your lady around helps a lot in creating a feeling of attraction in her mind. So, make sure your suit or ensemble is new, clean and wrinkle-free. However, this does not mean you have to be in a full suit. To follow it up, comb your hair properly and use don’t forget to brush your teeth and shave, too. Do you need more tips how to dress well when she is around? Get them below:
  • dress nicely Dress Nicely: Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear something that is overly colorful or heavy. It just means that you have to select an outfit in which you are comfortable and can move around without any difficulty.
  • Wear Accordingly: Just as a woman looks up articles like, “how to be sexually attractive to your boyfriend,” you need to wear clothing according to the situation. You need to understand that not all outfits can be worn for every occasion. For example, you need to wear a suit if you are going out with her to a church or temple, and wear a more casual type if going out with her to a party and so on.

11. Have Positivity in Your Body Language

Even simple things like how you position your legs or lean back on a sofa can have an impact on a woman and initiate sexual urgings in her. This is why you cannot take your body language for granted and in fact, use it to good effect to draw your woman towards you. If you fail to convey your feelings to her through your body language, then it becomes virtually impossible to attract him sexually. Given below are some important points to can consider for improving your body language:
  • It does not matter what others think, make sure your belly button is facing the person you are attracted to or want attention from. Ensure this happens, even if you are required to turn your head and look into another direction.
  • Whenever there is an opportunity coming your way, make sure to touch him. A golden rule on how to be sexually attractive to your man is when you touch a man whom you want to attract sexually, the message gets passed on to him quicker than you can imagine. Yes, you may not find it appropriate to do when you are on a first date, but it can be achieved during the second one.

12. Stimulate Her Brain to Stimulate Her Heart

Women read up on topics like how be sexually attractive to your husband or boyfriend, as well as many other topics, so learn to stimulate her brain or his intellect. Give her a clear indication that you can match her confidence and smartness, and that it would be a loss to her if she decides to leave you. Indicate to her that you are ready to accept her as she is and that you are just waiting for her response. How to stimulate your husband’s brain? Use the tips below:
  • Call Her: Chatting over the phone in an age where email, texting, Facebook, Twitter and others rule the roost may be old-fashioned, but it can still work wonders for you. In fact, when you talk over the phone, her mind will remain open only to hear your voice and experience your intellect. This is why calling her up can help bring in sexual urgings in her towards you.
  • Talk to Her Sexually: Women often ask the experts questions like, “How to be sexually attractive to my husband or boyfriend?” And, men wonder the same when it comes to women. It is easy to get the answer for such a question. Just make sure to ask her questions on subject matter she is interested in or has a vast knowledge in.
Make sure you pay attention to her and try to learn from it. This will make her happy and she will be attracted to you sexually over time.

13. The Power of Pheromones: Get a Little Help in the Attraction Department

When you have a man-made scientific product that can help attract women towards you, there’s no harm in trying it every now and then. Nexus Pheromones is one such product you can try to have a good effect. The pheromone scent that you generate through this product will help attract women sexually towards you. In a way, this type of product helps give an indication to your woman that you are fertile, healthy and attractive.

14. Let Your Hair Do the Trick for You: Get a Sexy Haircut

When you do simple things right, it can easily work for you in the desired way. If you have always been wondering how to be sexier for your girlfriend, just as she has always asked herself, “How to be sexier for your boyfriend,” then consider giving yourself a small but interesting makeover. Why shouldn’t you have a sexy haircut? How to fix your hair to turn your girlfriend towards you? Here’s how:
  • If your girlfriend likes your short hair and says so, then you know you should look out for a short haircut that can impress her to the core. There are plenty of short hairstyles out there for you to choose from. Discuss this with your hairstylist.
  • On the other hand, if your girlfriend likes your hair a bit longer, then you needn’t consider shortening it. Instead, you can just style it to impress her even further.

15. Give Her a Gentle Massage – It Can’t Get Sensual Than This

massage Massaging your woman while she is lying down can arouse her in no time. Just make sure to apply some warm oil, especially when her body is aching a bit. Then use your sensuous strokes to awaken her senses and help her relax. In addition to getting relaxed, do not be surprised if she finds your gesture sexy and get attracted to you in a matter of minutes. Where should you massage to get ideal results? Find out here:
  • For the first few minutes, try massaging your woman near the neck area and then follow it down to her shoulders gently.
  • Working your way down, you can reach her belly button and further down towards the genitalia. These are some of the most erogenous zones of a woman’s body. It should help him get attracted to you sexually in no time.
Whether you are young or old, learning how to be sexually attractive for your partner becomes easy when you follow some simple steps. However, before you follow these steps, you need to make sure your partner is in their comfort zone. Communicate clearly and listen intently, and you’ll know what to do in no time.