He’s a Keeper: 8 Small Strategies for Being a Well-Rounded Man

He's a Keeper: 8 Small Strategies for Being a Well-Rounded ManThe day will come when you want to become Prince Charming to some Cinderella somewhere. You will say goodbye to your wild, rampant ways, and you will instead welcome a life of sophistication and stability. Even if you have not met the woman of your dreams, you still might want to consider becoming a better man, and it might be easier than you think. However, watching The Great Gatsby or A Gentleman and an Officer will not exactly help you out. We know the classic debonair type is attractive, but not to the modern millennials. You will be swooning in a nursing home.So, unless that’s what you are after, you might want a modern spin on your approach. Even if he is a fictitious character, the most interesting man in the world might be on to something. Becoming a well-rounded man entails multi-faceted layers. He can do it all, and therefore he possesses an air of confidence and poise. If becoming this kind of man entices you, then here are some simple eight steps to become a modern, well-rounded man.

1. Get Friendly

Get FriendlyNo, this does not just mean saying hello to everyone and holding doors; however, that is also advisable. In order to become a well-rounded man, you need many different friends. As human beings, we crave options. This is why everyone has diverse tastes, interests and talents. You need to embody these differences by surrounding yourself with them. Experts suggest maintaining five different groups of guy friends. This might sound more difficult than it actually is. Keep in touch with college friends while making new friends at work. Also, have some friends who you go to the gym with, and have another group of friends you enjoy going out to bars and clubs with. You can also keep close with a group of friends from high school or a religious group you are involved in. Make sure that you are actually in communication, too. The sporadic text will not suffice. You must maintain active friendships with these people. This means that if you ever need a favor, you would feel comfortable calling any of them up and asking it of them. While we are not saying to do that, it is just a good measure of quality in a friendship. Once you round up some genuine friends, you are one step closer to becoming the ultimate man.

2. Get A Hobby

karateHobbies are a fantastic way to become well-rounded; however, you should have hobbies that are well-rounded. For example, if you enjoy martial arts and karate, then you should partake in another hobby that you can do with someone else. If you are not into anything that is either physically challenging or competitive, then you should start. The best balance is to enjoy something independent and competitive with something that you can enjoy in a group. If you want to shock women, then start participating in an adventurous hobby, such as skydiving or drag racing. Not only will these help you look well-rounded, but they will make you appear pretty badass, as well. Broadening your horizons will be beneficial in more areas than one. New hobbies will not only keep your body fit, they will expand your palette, as well.

3. Get Culinary

The well-rounded man is versed in an array of different kinds of food. If you have never moved beyond chicken nuggets, meat and potatoes, and fast food, then you should get cooking. Start by selecting your favorite food group. Enjoy meat the most? Fantastic, just expand your knowledge in cooking various meats by experimenting. You may try roasting an entire chicken, grill some salmon to perfection, or boilfresh seafood correctly. If fruits and vegetables are your thing, then visit your local farmer’s market and try something new. Also try new restaurants. Not only should you eat new foods, but you should adapt to the various cultures, as well. Be that guy who eats food with chopsticks when the waiter brings them to the table. Better yet, learn how to order various meals from menus in the native tongue. You are sure to knock a few socks off with that one. Become impressive in your abilities by learning how to cook. You should always have a go-to dish that you make for people when they come over. Even if it is a homemade salsa or an appetizer, it will still help display your proportional cooking skills. Besides trying foods and cultural ways of eating them, you should also participate in some new activities, as well.

4. Get Your Own Bucket List

Create a bucket listA well-rounded man has enough life experiences to carry on conversation for days. Therefore, in order to acquire these experiences, you have to start exploring and putting yourself out there in the world. Create a bucket list of activities and adventures you would like to try and have before your life is over. These activities should be personalized to you, so if you aren’t exactly willing to travel too far, then cater it to your life. If you are a writer, challenge yourself to have a book published. If you are a gym rat, then challenge yourself to compete at a certain event or lift a challenging weight. Ultimately, you should consistently partake in activities and events that challenge you as a person. If you are never pushing the envelope, then you are not going to grow, especially not into a well-rounded man. Following through with all of these suggestions is wonderful, but what point is there if you are not sharing these memories with other people?

5. Get Conversational

A well-rounded man has plenty to share, and he definitely does not hold back.

A rounded character is composed of love and heartaches, trials and tribulations, failures and sacrifices.A well-rounded man will like to share all of these stories with anyone who wants to hear them.

Get ConversationalMen automatically become much more attractive when they have been places and seen things. Become the man who can provide advice, or share an inspirational story when conversation is lacking. Do make certain, though, that you are not shoving your worldly experiences into other people’s faces. People want to hear them, but they do not want these stories repeated or forced upon them. Allow them to come up in casual conversation. Once word spreads, you will be surprised how many people approach you about your conquests.

6. Get Well-Groomed

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]A gentleman is always tidy in his appearance. Not to say you have to go shaving off your lumberjack beard, but you have to keep it neat. Every man should always have a few essentials in his bag when traveling. These essentials include a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, razors, deodorant and after-shave. Traveling should never be an excuse to lose sight of your appearance and hygiene. Even when you are home, it is essential to keep up with a routine for personal hygiene. You should trim your nose hairs, shorten up any facial hair, and keep the lines clean and concise. If you have to spend the extra, get your hair done nicely. A gentleman always has tidy hair. Appearance is everything, and there are a few other adjustments you can make to yours.

7. Get A Good Smell

cologneWe could write an entire novel on the topic of cologne. For some reason, it has become acceptable to douse in cologne before an event. However, this is one of the most detrimental things you can do. Firstly, there are various areas of your body where you should apply cologne and other smelly good things. Most of these locations revolve around some kind of strategy, whether sexual or not. These key locations include the lower area of the neck, chest, behind the ear, and the wrist, as well as the lower stomach, if you are feeling daring. Cologne intermingles with pheromones, which are chemicals released by our bodies. Pheromones work to affect the actions and attitudes of others who smell it, and this is true in other animals such as ants. If you want to give your pheromones a boost, then try a product like Nexus Pheromone Spray.

8. Get Some Etiquette

Gentlemen everywhere know to hold open doors, provide umbrellas, and pull out chairs. If these are not regulars in your routine, then you should make them so, as soon as possible. In addition to these popularly stereotyped gentlemanly ways, there are a few other, more underrated moves you can make, as well. GentlemenFor example, learn place settings. At one point in your life, you will arrive at a fancy location for a meal. Perhaps it is a business venture or a date. Either way, you want to keep your cool and appear as though you know what is going on. Some proper dinner manners include placing your napkin in your lap first and foremost, and ensuring that you are continuously wiping your face. Never let your napkins touch the table until you have finished eating. Of course, the same proper manners for eating apply: chew with your mouth closed. Keep your elbows off of the table, sit up straight, take your time, and swallow before talking. See? Your mom was on the right track when she was nagging you for all those years. You might not fancy yourself a gentleman, but all hope is not lost for you yet. Remember to practice superb manners at all times, and follow our eight easy tips to become a more sophisticated and impressive version of you.