10 Things About Testicles Ladies Need To Know

10 Things About Testicles Ladies Need To KnowThe testes are an amazing thing. This is where the sperm forms, which ultimately results in life. However, while basic biology is a different topic altogether, there are a number of things that many women would like to know about the testicles that may result in a completely new dynamic in bed. Remember, when in bed, the testicles can prove to be an amazing part of the body for stimulation. Very few people actually know this.10 Things About Testicles Ladies Need To Know from leadingedgehealth Most women think that the main source of stimulation in a man’s body is the shaft of the penis, but that is just not true. If stimulated correctly, the testicles have enough nerve endings to take your man’s breath away. So, why not take advantage of it? Well, the number one reason for that is because most women don’t know the sheer amount of things they can do with the testicles. It’s not just about sucking and licking, it’s about the manner in which you perform those acts. In the following few paragraphs, we have compiled some of the main questions that women might have, though don’t really ask. So, here goes:

1. His Nutballs Hang Lower

Nutballs Hang LowerIf you have seen your man’s testicles, you will know that they hang lower than most would deem an ordinary level. There is, actually, an exact science behind why that is. First of all, the testicles have a sort of built in thermostat, which needs to be kept at a certain temperature in order to allow for sperm growth. This temperature is generally a couple of degrees lower than the average body temperature. When the temperature turns cold enough, the coconuts hang higher up the tree and snuggle close to the body. As the temperatures rise down there, the boys go down below to acclimatize. Many women are often confused about the changing positions of the testicles, and now you know why that happens.

2. Testicles Do More Than Making Babies

You already know that sperm is produced within the testicles. And, quite a lot of it too—around 100 million per release. The testicles are also important for the generation of testosterone within a man’s body. Depending upon the level of production of testosterone within a man’s body, numerous characteristics of a man’s body are affected such as the muscle mass, the amount of facial hair and more importantly, the behavior of the man. Incongruous behavior, such as passing hurtful comments, acting rudely or behaving in a rough manner is all due to the level of testosterone in a man’s body.

3. Take a Peek at His Testicles to Know When He’ll Orgasm

We bet many of you did not know that. Did you know that you can easily tell when your man is about to orgasm just by taking a peek at his testicles? Just before ejaculation, the testicles tend to become elevated and right when it happens, the testicles actually make direct contact with the body. direct contact with the bodyThere are studies which have shown that in around a very large majority of men, 85 percent to be exact, the right testicle tends to rise before the left one and makes first contact. It is proven that at the very least, partial elevation has to take place, otherwise the beast will not roar, if you know what I mean.

4. Testicles Double in Size During Sexual Intercourse

If the sex is good enough, then your man’s love balls are likely to increase in size by as much as 50 percent during intercourse and before orgasm. The balls are filled with blood because of the heightened state of arousal, which results in a significant increase in their size. While you might not have noticed it, and are unlikely to notice it, unless you are actually paying attention. However, it is something that you might like to keep in mind the next time you are about to get onboard the love train.

5. What Happens Down There?

What Happens Down ThereWhile it might seem simple down there, there’s actually quite a lot of stuff on going in the sack. Inside the scrotum, there are the two balls, or the testicles as they are known. These are usually the shape of a large-sized olive. Right at the back of each of the two testicles lies the epididymis: this is a coiled tube. The main purpose of it is to collect and then store the sperm until a man ejaculates. The coiled tube transports the sperm to the shaft when the man decides to rub one out. What a complex system for somebody who doesn’t even remember to put the toilet seat down.

6. Take It Easy Lassies: His Balls are Vulnerable

One direct hit down there and his avocados will turn in to guacamole. Why does that happen? Well, let’s break it down for you. Testicles, first of all, do not have the protection of bones and muscles – something that is afforded to virtually most of the other organs in a man’s body. This is the reason why they are so, for lack of a better word, vulnerable. Squeeze them hard enough for a prolonged period of time and the man will black out. Strike them hard enough and his baby making factory is likely to close down forever. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]While they do like a lot of attention during phases of heightened arousal, make sure you handle the family jewels with a lot of care. This is because if you want to create a family, you need to give a chance for the seeds to actually spread. While God didn’t give men down here a “Fragile” sign plastered on his penis, there are more than enough signs to easily understand that the balls aren’t something you joke or juggle around with.

7. What Happens When Men Get Kicked in the Nutballs?

Kicked in the NutballsEver wondered why men hold on to their stomachs when they are kicked in the nutballs? While women have the same amount of nerve endings between their legs as compared to men, the pain receptors in men are much higher in number. The nerve endings of the testicles are however, connected to the stomach. Hence the reason why, when men are kicked in the groin, they end up rolling in the ground while holding their stomachs in exasperation. We don’t think we need to say this, but since mankind has been hitting new lows of stupidity as of late, we will just put it out there: Don’t try this at home.

8. Blue Balls: Are They Real?

When a man tells you that you have given him a case of blue balls, your first reaction is to shrug and forget his words. What a bunch of bull, right? Wrong. When a man remains aroused for a considerable period of time, his body can likely get cramps due to the buildup of fluids inside. The unpleasantness that persists within can actually result in a bluish tint on the outside, as the blood vessels in the testicles become enlarged. An orgasm will help in relieving the pain. However, the same effects could be achieved with a cold shower. So, the next time your man complains about a case of blue balls, give him a towel.

9. They Aren’t a Team

mismatched breastsWhile the whole body is symmetrical, the testicles aren’t. If you have looked at them closely, you will see that one of the testicles will hang slightly lower than the other. Interestingly enough, the left one is usually larger than the other, and hangs lower than the scrotum. The case is similar with women. Most women have mismatched breasts, with one being slightly larger the other and the labia are also similar. So what’s the secret here? Well, did you know the reason why one of the testicles hangs lower than the other? The primary reason for that is so that the testicles don’t graze against each other and cause damage to each other. That is why they never remain at the same level.

10.  One is Enough to Make Babies

Hitler had one testicle and we have all made fun of that, though we can’t understand how we figured that out in the first place. The reality is, it did not physically impair him at all. If you have one healthy testicle, it is enough to produce enough sperm to fertilize a female’s eggs. Not only that, one testicle is also enough to produce enough testosterone to get on your nerves.

Additional Tip: Scratching Them Gives Enormous Pleasure

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