13 Things Men Don’t Know About the Family Jewels

13 Things Men Don't Know About the Family JewelsWhen you talk about the male sex organ, the first thing that comes to mind is the penis. Sometimes, it ends there. You forget that there are other organs composing your reproductive system, too. These organs have important functions, too. Some of these organs are even vital for the performance of your penis. Yes, the highlight is always the penis. It overshadows, ideally and literally, the two treasures that you have below it. It’s not entirely wrong. We sometimes take the things that we do not always interact with for granted. But while it is not wrong, neglecting the other parts of your body may have negative implications. The testicles play a huge part in your sex life and an important element in reproduction. But as they are not the stars of the show, less focus is given to them. You may have to rethink that, though. Your testicles are stars of their own show and they have their own bragging rights to toss about. Here are 13 things your probably did not know about them, but you should.

1. Testicles Came From The Latin Word, “Testis.”

TesticlesFirst and foremost, the root word of your precious testicles. Testicles came from the Latin word “testis,” which means to witness. Okay, you’re probably thinking “that’s not so bad.” But why are they regarded as a witness? Well, it’s because in ancient Rome, when a man was put on trial and he had to swear an oath, pledging on his testicles was a valid and lawful way to do it. They knew what they were doing back in ancient Rome. These days, you will probably not hear lots of men swearing on their nuts, but the practice actually goes way back to ancient times.

2. During Sex, Your Nuts Grow Twice Their Size

Look at those two balls hanging down your shaft. Think they can grow even bigger? You’d be surprised. Those balls can grow twice the size during sex. That’s right: from a regular-sized testicle to a double-up. You would think they would burst. Your nuts grow bigger during intercourse because of two things: one is the pressure build up and the sudden rush of blood down there; two is the liquid substance that makes up your ejaculation. Don’t worry. When you release, they will go back to their normal size.

3. Squeezing Them Can Kill You. Literally

extremely painfulWhile getting kicked in the nuts it extremely painful and can leave your testicles disabled, there is a far scarier thing that you can do to your testicles, and it could literally end your life. That’s right: squeezing your balls to the breaking point can kill you in just a few seconds. This is because squeezing your balls can send a sudden rush of adrenaline throughout your body. The fatal factor is that the amount of adrenaline released is far more than the body can handle. It can lead to a cardiac arrest, which can lead to a fast death.

4. Your Balls Should Remain Cool

There is a reason why your balls were made to hang outside your body and not inside like the rest of your organs. Your testicles require a certain level of temperature that they can survive in, depending on the temperature that you are accustomed to. They cannot be in the same temperature as the rest of the organs in your body. This is why they hangs outside. It should be cooler compare to other places. See how your balls want to steal the spot light, too? Testicles exposed to heat often can lead to low sperm production.

5. “Blue Balls” Are Caused By Pressure

sexually frustratedBlue balls are not literal. Your testicles, as you probably already know, do not turn blue in the event that they get sexually frustrated. The term “blue balls” was coined because the color blue indicates pain or a lack of oxygen. Blue balls happen when you are about to get down and dirty and your partner suddenly withdraws without giving you satisfaction. Yup, sexual frustration. There’s actually a deeper explanation to it. While sexual frustration has been universally accepted to be the cause of blue balls, the more scientific explanation to having this condition is because of the pressure build up that does not get released when the penis is stimulated with pleasure. That’s the nerdy calculation to it, basically.

6. A Vasectomy Is Not The End Of Your Sex Life

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Despite what some men think and fear of, getting a vasectomy will not be the end of your sex life. It will, however, be the end of your reproduction and you won’t be able to make babies anymore. Especially if you had a permanent vasectomy. But no, it does not mean you cannot have sex anymore. A vasectomy cuts off the tube that connects to the penis, so that sperm can be ejaculated. This tube is not the one responsible for pleasure stimulation and erection, though; therefore you can still get hard and yes, you can still have great sex.

Less Sleep7. Less Sleep Means Less Sperm

How many times have you been told that sleeping is good for you? That’s because sleeping is good for you, in all aspects. Even with your testicles and reproductive health, sleeping plays a huge role. If you have less sleep, it will affect the sperm production, giving you a low sperm count and reducing the probabilities of you being able to make a baby. If you want to have a baby, you better get some decent sleep, then.

8. Size Really Does Matter

Not in the competing, alpha-male way. The size of your testicles matter because they can indicate if they are healthy or not. Your balls should be proportionate to the size of your penis – not too big and not too small. If your testicles are a little too big or are too small than what you think is normal, it’s time to visit your doctor, as they may pose as a health hazard.

9. Tuck Your Mobile Phone Somewhere Else

Studies have proven that radiation from the mobile phone can affect the sperm production and even kill the healthy sperm in your body. This is why it is highly advised that you keep your mobile phones somewhere else. You can tuck it in your suitcase or a belt case, but avoid putting your mobile phones on your front pocket. The radiation from the mobile phone can cause sperm cell damage and can result in a low sperm count.

10. One Testicle Is Always A Little Lower Than The Other

Little Lower Than The OtherYou will know if you have a healthy set of testicles if one ball is lower than the other. You read that right. You were probably under the impression that both balls should be on the same level. The left testicle is usually lower for right-handed guys. It is the opposite for left-handed guys. This has something to do with the connection of muscles that work more frequently, as compared to the other half.

11. Your Nuts Like To Be Productive

If you were bumming around all day and regret it by the end of the day because of how unproductive you were, fret no more. If productivity is your concern, you testicles can cover you and they can do it single-handedly. On an average, the testicles can produce about 10 million new sperm cells every day. That is a lot of sperm and can definitely count as your productivity for the day.

12. Septuagenarians Can Still Have Babies

Unlike women who have their menopause stage, which becomes a turning point in their lives – meaning they can’t have a baby anymore – men have a longer allowance in reproducing. Apparently, for 70 year old men and above, there is still about a 75 percent chance that he could reproduce and have babies. Imagine having a baby that is young enough to be your great, great grandchild.

13. Your Testicles Produce Testosterone

male sex driveHere’s the grand finale. Your penis may be stealing the show all the time, but did you know that without your testicles, your penis will be ignorant and frigid? Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for the male sex drive. It makes a man crave sex and makes his penis work, even in the most unconventional moments. Guess where it gets produced? That’s right. Testosterone is produced in your testicles. The testicles release these testosterone hormones to the brain and signal it to crave for sex; hence, it is called the sex hormone. If you really think about it, you should give equal attention to your testicles as you do to your penis. Not only on the sexual side of things, but also on the health side, too. Think of it as your key. A key opens a lock to the doors offering many possibilities. Therefore, guard the key and keep it safe. It should remain in good condition. Otherwise, the door may just completely close on you. Now, we are not really comparing your testicles to a door. But come on, the important thing is that if your nuts are as healthy as your penis, all will be well.