10 Reasons Women Cheat

10 Reasons Women CheatCheating used to be a term stereotypically connected to men, but more and more women are being caught committing this devious act. This leaves us wondering, why? What causes women to cheat? In this article we explore ten reasons why women cheat, and discuss some possibilities for how you can mend this troubling relationship roadblock.

1. Plain And Simple Boredom

You’ve just started dating someone and you can’t wait to spend every minute with them – eventually, however, this feeling fades. When couples first start dating, everything is new and exciting. Regardless of the amount of time the couple has been together, either partner is subject to boredom at some point. Plain And Simple BoredomFor shorter relationships, this may be a deal breaker, as it is easier to just walk away; however, for a longer relationship or marriages, it is more difficult to split, simply because the grass may look greener or in this case, more interesting, on the other side. The truth is, finding a new person may start out exciting, too – but it will also fade over time. Find ways to stay engaged by experiencing new places and activities together. If you love each other, your relationship is worth working on, after all, the grass is the same color no matter where you go.

2. Anger And Retaliation

Remember the old adage, “An eye for an eye?” Well, this is the very concept that causes many women to cheat. As much as a woman would like to admit that she can move on after learning her man has cheated on her, the thought still lingers and festers. Similarly to a pot about to boil over, some women find that they can no longer feel victim to the situation and so they seek revenge to feel empowerment. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” so for many women, cheating for reciprocity to the act of cheating, helps them get even.

3. Missing That Emotional Bond

Emotional BondIt’s been proven that women differ from men because women are seeking a more emotional, rather than a physical, relationship. If a woman feels like she is not emotionally connected to her partner, then she is more than likely going to look elsewhere to find someone else that she can “click” with. Not having an emotional bond with a partner is just one reason many women cheat.

4. Feeling Neglected And Unappreciated

Everyone wants attention, and if a woman is feeling like she is being put on the back burner, then she just may go find another oven where she can be on the front burner. To put it simply, some women feel as though they put everything into a relationship: cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, working – women do it all. If a woman feels as though her partner is not reciprocating, and that she is more of a “servant” than a partner, then she more than likely will look elsewhere for feelings of appreciation.

5. From Sexless Nights To Sexless Months

Now this one is similar to the last cause, but more, well, sexual. Women have many needs, and if they are not being fulfilled then they simply will begin to look elsewhere. Similarly to above, women can feel as though they are putting their all into a relationship and really resent feeling neglected – and it’s no different in the bedroom. Sexless NightsA sexless marriage leaves both partners feeling empty and lonely. For many, they get a sense of urgency to fix their feelings of being unwanted. Although the best idea is for the couple to communicate these issues, it’s more than likely solved by one partner seeking the sexual attention from someone else. To put it simply, if you are not involved in a healthy, sexual relationship with your woman; do not be shocked when she finds intimacy somewhere else.

6. No Intimacy Or Closeness

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]While this cause may sound similar to the aforementioned reason women cheat, it is important that you note the difference between sex and intimacy. The physical act of sex is important in a relationship, but the romantic, intimate moments are essential, as well. You could have all the kinky, barbaric sex you want, but if there is no passion or intimacy, well, there still is a problem. While men seem to be perfectly happy with just plain old sex, women need intimacy and a passionate, close connection with their partners. Men can make these close connections through activities other than sex, such as reminiscing or talking to her more, surprising her with a small gift, and just making her feel that she’s important to you. Do note that all of these things include intimacy, not sex; however, they can happily lead to it.

7. Low Self Esteem

Low Self EsteemIt’s crazy to imagine why a woman would feel ugly or unconfident these days, right? Well, with all of these supermodels and actresses looking perfectly airbrushed and flirty, it is understandable why women feel the constant need to be beautiful and perfect. Many women suffer from low self-esteem, and this may cause them to cheat. If a woman feels as though she is not desirable or wanted by her husband or long-term partner, it is almost guaranteed that she will seek the attention somewhere else. What may start off as innocent flirting will quickly escalate, because women need to feel treasured and like they are the center of your universe. Once your attention begins to dwindle, they will do anything to keep it coming.

8. The Temptation Of Online Cheating

It’s really unfortunate how simple cheating has become, thanks to the internet. With the prevalence of various programs and technologies, you can now cheat with the click of a button, and the internet appears to be a big reason many women cheat. Online CheatingPerhaps so popular because of the convenience, online cheating is common among women. What starts off as an innocent attempt to gain attention can turn into an emotional connection. While we all may define “cheating” differently, it is understandable that an emotional connection with another man definitely fits the bill. It can also escalate to something more serious in no time.

9. Promiscuous Ladies

Some women are just more sexually charged up than others. These women will probably stand out in a crowd: constantly flirting with coworkers, dressing a bit scantily clad and frequently seeking attention at bars and clubs. These women are just naturally promiscuous. If it is a natural tendency to constantly seek sexual attention from others, then it really isn’t fair for a woman like this to get into a relationship to begin with, because her natural tendencies will definitely be a reason for her to cheat.

10.  Addictive Behavior

needs serious attentionEver heard someone say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater?” Well, if the woman has an addictive personality, then chances are they’re right. Some people are innately prone to cheating and are inclined to continue this behavior, no matter what their lovers do to please them. For people like this, it is very hard to break the habit; therefore, it is a major cause for them to keep cheating. The only way to break this addiction, if you will, is to seek psychiatric help. This is a deeply embedded compulsive behavior that needs serious attention if a woman really wants to stop. If you’ve read this article, you are more than likely a man wondering if your wife or lover is cheating on you. Or, perhaps you’re afraid your partner may cheat on you in the future and you’d like to prevent it from happening. If you’re looking to spice things up to make your wife feel more important, needed or sexually-attractive, then pheromones are a great tool. Purchasing a pheromone product, such as a cologne, will definitely attract your wife’s attention back to you. Visit www.nexuspheromones.com to purchase a pheromone product now and get your wife interested in no one but you.