Androstenol vs. Androstenone: The Truth About Pheromones

Androstenol vs. Androstenone: The Truth About Pheromones

A human body consists of millions to billions of microscopic parts that have different uses and functions, both for men and women. These parts do not only function for survival but some of them play an important role when it comes to sexual activities.

Among the numerous of hormones a human body may have, adrostenol is a kind of pheromone that causes emission of a musky scent which originally came from pigs.

What Are Pheromones?

Primarily, pheromones are chemical substances that are made and released into the subject’s environment. These chemicals are commonly used by animals, specifically by mammals or insects. The main purpose of this component is to lure in the opposite sex of the same species.

Although there are many kinds of pheromones that can be released such as alarm, aggregation, territorial, trail and signal, the main type for human beings are the sex pheromones. Once a person releases his or her natural scent, the opposite sex of the same group of his species becomes aware and notices the subject.

musk odor which is commonly found in pigsWhat are Androstenol Pheromones?

Specifically, androstenol is a type of sex pheromone that posses a musk odor which is commonly found in pigs.

This chemical component is mainly found in the saliva of boars; however their sweat glands are smaller compared to those of the humans. Even if it is comparable to sex hormones, it has no or only minimal androgenic activity.

Androstenol In Humans

Most humans are incapable of noticing the natural scent being emitted due to the androstenol pheromone. This is because men and women are accustomed to the routine of having daily baths in which their natural odor just goes down the drain.

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]On top of that, people use perfumes, colognes and deodorants to cover up their scents. It is also not impossible to detect the natural smell of each individual, especially if it is in high concentration. It is actually the component that is responsible in attracting women for men.

When men and women sweat, pheromones are excreted on the outer skin. Humans only secrete pheromones in small amounts and they may be effective in just a short period of time.

Since this is the case, scientists have conducted researches on how this could last on the body for a longer period of time in which they have succeeded in formulating and synthesizing pheromones inside a laboratory. Apparently, the main purpose of creating a formula based on the natural pheromone is for men to wear them to attract more ladies.

Using Androstenol To Attract Ladies

Attract LadiesWhen men produce fresh sweat, they also produce this chemical component which women find attractive when they get a whiff of it. A lot of women reported that it actually smells quite sweet. It comes to a point when it becomes an opportunity for both men and women.

It also makes the guy less threatening and more approachable for the opposite sex. There are other people who refer to this as the pheromone that sends a friendly personality signal.

Women are actually highly attracted to the male pheromone during their ovulation days. However, there are numerous of assumptions regarding the effects of the pheromones since it is still a subject undergoing further research studies.

Androstenol Versus Androstenone

Not all of these chemical components are alluring to women. This is due to the fact of name confusion from the other pheromone, androstenone. The later is actually secreted by men through their sweat and when it becomes less fresh and has been exposed to oxygen, it results to such component.

aggressive and dominant personality signalApparently, this one does not smell as sweet as androstenol. It smells quite unpleasant and women find it a bit unattractive. It could even cause aggression and nervousness for both men and women.

If androstenol is referred to as the friendly personality signal, this one is referred to as the aggressive and dominant personality signal or also known as the macho pheromone.

Fact of the matter is that Androstenone is the more prominent body odor of men since the androstenol pheromone disappears fast after only fifteen minutes on the human skin.

Arousing Effect On Women

There have been published studies that this certain pheromone can cause arousal for women, causing them to be attracted to men who are not even physically attractive.

However, there are still some difficulties in the context since more researches and experiments are being conducted. Primarily, the scent can only be noticeable in a close distance. When a man wearing a certain scent is also in a place where other men are present, he would still need to compete with them to acquire the attention of the women.

The odor will only be highly noticeable when a man and a woman is on a one-on-one encounter at a close range.Another difficult issue is when the man has to get the attention of a woman using other means just to be in close range to her before she can get a whiff of the scent.