8 Misguided Movie Industry Conceptions of Women

Misguided Movie Industry Conceptions of WomenThey say men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. That’s true. In a million and one ways, it’s safe to say that men and women are different. And no thanks to Hollywood, women are even perceived as this and that, as if women are made of million different organisms and entities rolled into one – which explains why they change their minds often, or they can’t seem to make up their minds. Or is it? Sure, the movie and TV industry are able to tap the lives of ordinary Joes and Janes by making films inspired by real-life people. You might even see commercials where women are fighting like animals because this particular guy smells so good. Apparently, not everything you see on TV is real, including the way they depict women. Sure, there may be similarities, but oftentimes, these womanly traits that are thrown in one character are either awful or fake, or even both. Some of the misguided movie industry feminine traits include:

1. Women And Their Catfights

Remember that scene in Bride Wars where Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are having a fight while in their wedding dresses? If you want it more graphic, how about the scene in Mean Girls where the girls in school were fighting each other because of the Burn Book? Women And Their CatfightsThanks to chick flick movies and a number of reality shows, women are now seen as “competitive” in the worst possible ways. When in fact, they’re not. Sure, women love competition, but do you think women would love to mess up their hair and break a nail over a guy, or who-wore-it-better issue? No matter how much backstabbing there is in the real world – hello, that’s what Twitter and Facebook are for – women commonly cringe just at the thought of seeing their worst traits magnified on the big screen.

2. Women And Their “sport.”

Okay, so you might be lost on this one, but for purposes of information, shopping is considered as a woman sport. Thanks to the Sex and the City series and that Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, of course, who depict women as shopaholic freaks. Here’s the truth: women love shopping. But here’s another fact: not all women are into labels. Sure, a Chanel and Hermes Birkin might be nice in the closet, but there’s another set of women who can’t afford to buy all designer clothes, or are just not into designer clothes, and shopping at thrift shops is no big deal for them. Fine, women love clothes, and spending on something nice and expensive to wear once in a while is fine. But women are getting smarter these days and will often look at the practical side of things. And women are not dumb enough to just fall for another clothes-shoes combination type of movie with no life lessons at all such as Sex and the City 2. Women are better than that.

3. Women Are So Not Into Sex Like Men

women love to flirtSurprised? Well, don’t be. You’re living in the 21st century now and gone are the days where women should remain a virgin until her wedding day, which can be disappointing, too, of course. Believe it or not, women also think about sex and yes, they even bookmarked tons of porn sites and sex tips on their laptops. They may not talk about it out loud with their girl friends but women are into sex as much as men do. And yes, women love to flirt, too. There are a number of straightforward women who are willing to make the first move by approaching their man candy. In this case, you have to make sure that you smell good, since your scent, particularly the natural ones, can evoke a behavioral response, which is usually sexual in nature.

4. Women Are Always About “I’m too fat.”

Here’s another hard truth: Hollywood loves skinny actresses. In fact, you can only name a few “voluptuous” actresses on one hand. And most of the chick flick movies you’ll see idolizes Regina George who wants to lose three pounds, despite being a size zero. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]You might think that all women worry about being fat. While there is some truth to it, it’s just as hard to imagine how someone with the same body size as Julia Roberts couldn’t possibly fit in her skinny jeans in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. And no matter how much you love Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, you have to admit that you still can’t stand watching her for more than an hour, so you have to focus your eyes on the other members of the Bellas as they work out. That explains why Hollywood, or even the general media always puts pressure on actresses to look and be skinny, not healthy.

5. Women And Their Work vs. Family Conflict

Women And Their WorkThe conflict between choosing work or family life will always haunt women. Since time immemorial, women are expected to stay home, take care of the kids and attend to their husband’s needs as soon as he gets home from work. Fast forward to today, and considering the cost of living these days, women are pressured to work to be able to provide a better future for the family. The problem is Hollywood always depicts women as a high-powered executives with thousands of people under her, but with no love life. Later on, she will meet a good guy who’s going to sweep her off her feet and they all lived happily ever after. Perfect examples are The Proposal, When in Rome and No Reservations, where women have dream jobs. In reality, most women are simply trying to make ends meet. And no, not all women are lucky enough to be on top, although there are exceptions to the general rule. The truth is most women need money and most women have a family that needs money to be able to pay for their kids’ future. If they are lucky enough to have extra time and money, especially the single ones, they would love to go out and meet a guy who’s, hopefully, good enough for them.

6. Women Are Not Into Casual Sex Like Men Are.

Well, at least the movie industry has learned how to strike a balance with this one. If you notice, most movies have a good girl who’s never been kissed until Prince Charming, who happens to be the cutest boy in school, comes along and is looking for a bad girl who’s into party, flirting, frat men and sex. casual sexCasual sex and hopping from one guy to another is definitely not recommended. You wouldn’t want to catch STDs, would you? However, a lot of women these days are also into sex – they’re just not vocal enough to kiss and tell because of fear that they’ll be labeled as sluts. But believe it or not, women are into casual sex, too, especially when the guy is good-looking and exudes a certain scent that will drive her crazy. There’s just a social pressure to be a Virgin Mary and obviously, the modern world is not yet ready to accept women who sleep with more than a dozen or so men in her lifetime.

7. Women Get Angry For No Reason.

Okay, there may be instances where women are guilty of this, especially because of PMS. However, it is just plain stupid to say that women don’t get angry for no good reason all the time. First, don’t believe in everything you see on the big screen. Not all women look crazy or even do violent things as their form of response towards men. Second, the writers must be too lazy to think of something with sense to write about, so they depict women who would rather kick balls or throw stones at some guy who said, “Hi,” to her. Unless you’ve been a real jerk, expect a reasonable and polite response from a woman. After all, they are more prone to that releaser effect wherein your sex pheromones target their non-rational brain.

8. Women Can Be Choosy When It Comes To Men.

sexual response from womenNo thanks again to countless chick flicks where the popular girl in school only dates the hottest boy around and rejects the smart geeks. Women are perceived to only date men with powerful status, money, good looks and a hot body. Well, that’s not the case. To start with, not all men possess those kinds of qualities, and if you’re lucky enough to have at least one of the criteria, then congratulations. Also, it’s not just about physical attraction, although it does play an important role in establishing connection. At times, how you smell can target a woman’s instinctive mating behavior, and that can induce a sexual response. Therefore, it is important to use the right tools, especially when you are lacking in the looks and abs department. Yes, women look into it at first, but you also need to set an impression if you really want to make a connection. In this case, Nexus Pheromones can help. This potent combination of seven human pheromone compounds, such as androstenone and androsterone are proven to illicit an instinctive sexual response from women.