8 Reasons Nice Guys Don’t Get the Girls

8 Reasons Nice Guys Don’t Get the GirlsIn movies, you often see the nice guy as a shoulder to cry on during breakups or a dummy date at a party. Women like nice guys,but not when it comes to sexually intimate relationships. Being too considerate, understanding and giving makes a guy a good friend, but not a boyfriend. Why? Women love challenges and equality, while nice guys are willing do everything and anything without complaining. Being too nice makes you boring and less desirable as an intimate partner.So, how do you know you’re being too nice?

Generous With Compliments1. You’re Too Generous With Compliments

Compliments make a girl feel special, but overdoing it becomes annoying. Giving too many or too great compliments will make her think if you’re not telling the truth,or just saying it for the sake of making her feel good. Or it could go the other way. Your compliments could get into her head, thinking she’s so much better than you,she is better off without you.

2. You Are Too Understanding

Every relationship needs understanding between couples, meaning it should be mutual. Constantly giving into her just to avoid arguments is not being considerate, but more of letting her walk all over you. You’re making her think she can do anything, and then get away with it.

3. You let Her Decide On Everything

When it comes to decision-making even on the minor things, both of you should have a say. Don’t be afraid to disagree with her once in a while, or voice out your opinion. Giving her the right to call all the shots in everything can do more harm than good. For example, you cancel on a planned guy’s night out because she asks you to. You let her decide the movie you watch, even when you’re not a bit interested in her choice. If you’re constantly submissive and passive, she will eventually see you as weak and indecisive, and then she will eventually lose respect.

4. You’re Too Accommodating And Always Available

avoid doing everything she asksYou put everyone else’s needs before your own. You give more, but expect and take less or nothing. It’s ok to help her out and be there for her when she needs you, but avoid doing everything she asks, anytime she wants it. A woman feels special when her man does things for her, but not to the point when you’re more of a butler than a boyfriend. Remember, you have a life of your own, and things to deal with on your own. Be there at the most important times, but don’t be a phone call away every time she needs something. If you feel she can handle it on her own, then it is okay to refuse if you have more important things to do.When you are too available, you become predictable and less interesting.

5. You Are Too Generous

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Are you one of those guys who pays for every date, even for your date’s friends who tag along? This might not be a good idea. If you keep doing it, then expect more tag-alongs, an empty wallet and fewer private dates. Worse yet, you’ll eventually become part of her circle of friends. It’s a gentleman’s rule to pay during dates, but not all of them. If you ask her out, then you should pay, but if she’s initiating the date, then it’s ok to have her share the bill. If her friends want to come along, then let them pay for themselves.

6. Nice Guys Are Too Respectful When It Comes To Sex

Women desire men who take chargeYou’re watching a movie at home with your date and when it comes to intimate scenes, you ask her if she wants to watch something else. Yes, women want to be respected and treated with gentleness, but not always, especially when it comes to doing the deed. Nice guys are so nice, that they don’t even make the first move, given the right atmosphere. Women desire men who take charge and who are assertive, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Keep in mind, a lot of women don’t make the first move when it comes to sex, so don’t let her wait in vain. If you’re feeling that she’s feeling the heat, don’t hesitate, because she wants it as much as you do. Be in control, but don’t do anything weird that might send her rushing out your door. If you want her to come to you, take her under your spell. Women can’t resist the attraction caused by the male’s sex scent, the pheromones. But, the scent may be masked through washing with soap and applying deodorants. To amplify your sex scent, use a product just for men like Nexus Pheromones. It is a potent combination of seven pheromone compounds proven to be a thousand times more powerful. Check out their website for a complete details.

7. Nice Guys Have A Slower Approach

You’re a nice guy if you have a lot of friends that are girls, yet you can only name a few girlfriends before then and now. Girls love to be friends with you because you’re nice. You’re a good listener when they talk about relationship problems, and you’re always willing to help in any way. Nice guys prefer to be a good friend first rather than express their real intentions. This could take long, and before a nice guy can make his move, the girl is already dating another guy.

8. Nice Guys Are All Out

Nice guyNice guys tend to focus their attention on one woman they most like. They spend too much time and exert great efforts to make their girl feel special. This is why rejection takes a long time to deal with and moving on is difficult. Whereas, bad boys strike on almost every woman they like until they manage to find a date. When rejected, they move on and find another prospect right away. But, this doesn’t mean you should transform into a bad guy and hit on every woman you find attractive. This only means that when you like someone, don’t be an all-out giver. Save something for yourself, so if you must face rejection, it won’t hurt as much. There is nothing wrong with being nice to women, as long as you’re not overdoing it. Overly-nice guys usually get rejected, dumped, or end up in the friend zone. Be naughty, yet nice, instead.