10 Things Men Can Do Up There to Improve Their Health Down There

10 Things Men Can Do Up There to Improve Their Health Down ThereYou have to admit that the new diseases and dysfunctions we have in the world today mostly originate from the lifestyle choices that we have, as well. This is why some people develop illnesses at a very young age. The same thing can be said for your sexual performance and health. Your big boy down there is, after all, a part of your overall physical fitness, and therefore it can also be affected by your lifestyle choices. medications Even though there are medications that can help treat lifestyle illnesses, prevention is always better than a cure. If you’re given a choice to buy a repaired car or a brand new one, of course you will opt for the latter. It will have lesser probabilities of having issues, because the parts are all originally made by the manufacturer. The metaphor can be the same for your sexual health and performance. It is always better to stay in shape than having to treat one health problem after the other. It goes back to your choices and your lifestyle. So choose the better way. Here are 10 things that you can do in your life to keep your tool down there healthy and ready to go anytime:

1. Keep A Healthy Weight

Keeping your weight normal is important for your overall health. Your sexual health also benefits from this endeavor. Your weight is not only an indicator of your health; it also affects your ego in magnitudes. Studies show that large to obese men have lower self-esteem and boldness when it comes to sex. It’s not for the lack of trying or the penis size, for that matter.It’s because of the awkward and sweaty look that you may have when you are, well, fat. Keeping a healthy weight is first and foremost on the list of improving your health down there. It is not only true physically, but also psychologically.

2. Exercise And Move Your Body

ExerciseExercise is known and done to promote health. There are exercises that can help improve the health of your man down there, too. Kegels and core exercises are known to keep your man tool and your sexual performance at a healthy level. Doing exercises on a regular basis can maintain your fitness and health, too. Exercise for the whole body can promote good health and a strong physique. Moving is also another way to stay fit and healthy. If you do not have time to go to the gym, you can always move around the house, arrange the furniture or do some simple crunches while at work or at home. If you have a healthy body overall, your sexual performance and your sex organs will just follow suit.

3. Keep Away From Stress

is a major cause of illnesses. Studies have led back to stress as a cause of erectile dysfunction. But with the fast paced world that we have, one can hardly keep away from stress. Is that true? Actually, not really. It is always your choice if you let every single thing bother you. The best thing to do is to address the stuff that’s causing you stress on their appropriate venue. When you have problems at work, leave them in the office when you head out. When you have problems at home, talk to your family to settle whatever issue there is. The bottom line is, if you want to get rid of stress, you have to address it head on to get it out of the way.

4. Stay Away From Booze

Stay Away From BoozeBooze has been proven to be a major health hazard. It is also scientifically proven that too much booze can very well lead to erectile problems. Here’s the catch: booze is a very controllable lifestyle habit. It does not mean that you should stop altogether.We all need to drink a bottle or two once in a while. You go out with friends, go on a date or need a dose of whiskey to help you sleep. You can still do that. But you should slow down on the alcohol intake. Don’t drink everyday and drink only the right amount. You have to remember that booze is made of chemicals that can harm your health down there and decrease your sexual performance.

5. Avoid Performance Enhancement Drugs

No matter how good it says it is or how tempting it can be to have a hard-on for hours and last longer than any porn star that has lived, performance enhancement drugs are never good for you. One, you can’t be sure that it works. Two, it’s all chemicals crammed into one pill that can affect your liver or other organs of your body. Worse, it will do the opposite for your penis. Performance enhancement drugs should only be used with a prescription and for those who have erectile problems already. If you don’t have problems, taking these drugs may actually start the problems with your sexual performance. Better yet, opt for the herbal, all natural male enhancement products instead.

6. Stop Smoking

Stop SmokingSmoking has always been known and proven to be unhealthy for you. There’s no other way to say it than that. Apparently, studies show that chain-smoking brings negative side effects to your sexual organ, as well. Over time, it can lead to total erectile dysfunction if you don’t stop smoking. But smoking is also your way of relieving stress, so what can you do? There are other ways to relieve your stress, if you choose to stop smoking. You can do yoga. Yoga is known to promote relaxation and it can also develop your breathing pattern which can relieve stress. You can also do some cardio exercise to relax your mind and keep your body moving.

7. Follow A Healthy Body Clock

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Eating three times a day and sleeping six to eight hours can only be healthy if they are done on a regular basis. Take for example sleeping. If you sleep six to eight hours, but do it during the day instead of during the night, your body clock will be messed up. Eating breakfast, lunch and supper on appropriate times is also vital for your digestion and overall health. A lack of sleep and not eating the right amount of nutrients is factored in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and impotence. This is because the body and blood circulation works best when you follow a healthy body clock routine.

8. Do Not Cradle Your Laptop

Do Not Cradle Your LaptopThis is true for all those workers who bring home their work or those who like to watch videos, movies and browse the internet through their laptops before they sleep.If you’re one of those, then you should stop bringing your laptop to bed with you. Although the term “lap” in the word laptop is arguable, there’s the oversight of the fact that a laptop produces harmful radiation that can affect you in bigger magnitudes when the device is closer to you. Both the device radiation and the heat it emits are unhealthy for the body. When you cradle it, its direct hit would be your penis and that is not good for its health.

9. Stick To One Woman

You know how to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases? It’s by being faithful and sticking to one woman. There are sexually transmitted diseases that can be cured and then there are some that are not. Meaning you carry it with you for the rest of your life and it can only get worse. Worse cases are when you become totally impotent. Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant because of those who have multiple partners in their lifetime. It does not only pose a risk for you, but it also poses a risk for your partner. It could very well affect your family and your life. Sticking to one woman should keep you in shape in the sex department.

10. Eat Healthy

Eat HealthyEating healthy is always the best choice in staying healthy and fit. You plan out a diet and fill it with your body’s required nutrients to stay healthy. A fit and sound body would also mean that you are healthy in the sex department, and that your penis can function well. This does not mean that you don’t indulge at all. You can still eat those tempting burgers and fries, but only once in a while. Choosing the healthy path and a nutritious diet can benefit not only your overall physique; it can also boost your sexual health and stamina. Your sexual health is your key to a great sexual life. It’s as simple as that. If your man tool is healthy, you can perform like porn star and it will give you plus points to the ladies. See how that could benefit you? It always goes back to your choices, such as whether or not to do some exercises or stay in the couch and play video games, for example. When you stay healthy overall, you also stay healthy down there.