12 Ridiculously Real Differences Between Men and Women

12 Ridiculously Real Differences Between Men and WomenBesides men being from Mars and women from Venus, there are plenty more differences between the two genders. While some differences are personal and vary from one person to the next, there are a few stereotypes that you just can’t ignore.Here are 12 common differences between men and women.

1. Priorities

purchasing vehiclesNaturally, men and women prioritize items and objects differently. Men are much more concerned with the kind of object, whereas women want to know about the appearance. For example, in a recent study of purchasing vehicles, men and women differed in priorities in the car. The study showed that if someone buys a car, a woman’s first question will be to ask what color it is. However, if someone buys a car, a man will ask what type of car it is. In addition to prioritizing aesthetic over quality or type, women and men identify objects differently, as well.

2. Directions

Men are much more visual thinkers, and women tend to be more analytical. However, men are actually programmed to navigate easier than women. Scientists claim that because men are instinctively the hunters, while women gather, it is much easier for men to find their way. This is actually the scientific backing as to why men tend to never want to ask for directions. Instinctively, they consider themselves as weak if they cannot locate their destination on their own. Men navigate on their own using orientation skills, whereas women use their photographic memories. If you ask both a man and a woman how to get to the bank, the man’s directions will sound something like this: DirectionsTravel south for approximately one mile, and then turn right for 50 feet. The bank will be on your left. A woman’s directions will be much different:At the grocery store, make a right. The bank is the brown building across from the Walmart. So, there is actually a funny explanation as to why men never ask for directions.

3. The Packing Gene

Have you ever been around a woman who packs as though she is moving permanently? A trip to the beach for the day or a weekend getaway can render multiple bags of clothing, and a separate bag for shoes. Besides, not to mention the structure she needs to stow away all of her beauty essentials. Men, on the other hand, bring the basic essentials. Most men don’t mind roughing it because they forgot something, whereas women will create a long list to check off as they pack. For women, forgetting something they view as a necessity is traumatic for them.

4. Stranger Danger

This one comes as no surprise, but men are much more likely to acknowledge a woman who says hello as opposed to the completely contrasting situation. Perhaps it is a bit of stranger danger, but studies show that a woman will tend to ignore a man saying, “Hello.” However, a man will definitely respond to a woman when she greets him. A woman is also likely to perform this next act much more than a man.

Dressing5. Dressing The Part

Women love to dress up. This is an irrefutable fact. Even the most tom boy-ish women like to doll up every now and then. Tell a woman to dress up, and she will probably agree without much of a fuss. However, men are going to dress up for three main events in their lives: for dates, for weddings, and for funerals. In all seriousness though, there are a few more PG-rated differences between men and women.

6. The Analysts

Women tend to analyze everything. The tone of your voice, the punctuation of your text message, and the way you looked like you rolled your eyes. Women pick up on it all, and then they think about it for the next two days.This is why most women have such communication issues. Guys simply do not do this with one another, or even in relationships. In addition, men and women think differently. Women, who we have established are much more analytical, are also global thinkers. Women consider many different sources of data and information when they process. This leads to a global perspective and a sense of interconnectedness. This is why women tend to be collective thinkers, and can view many different problems at once. Men, on the other hand, think in terms of one number, one problem, at a time. Men do, however, have an enhanced ability to remove themselves from issues and instead observe the complexity of them. Women tend to become anxious over these complexities, and women also have difficulty removing them from the issue at hand. Do note, though, that both genders are more than capable of thinking and problem solving. The only difference is the process.

7. Solving A Problem

Solving A ProblemMen and women solve problems differently. When someone confronts a woman with an issue, she wants to solve it using means of discussion, sharing, and exploring past issues to strengthen and deepen the relationship. Men, on the other hand, want to take charge and solve the problem themselves. They want to reach resolve as effectively as possible. Moreover, they do not see lengthy discussions or psychoanalytic sessions being the means to get there.

8. Activities

Recently some experts conducted a survey about a man’s favorite home activity, regardless of whether or not he has children. Most of them answered “sex.” When experts asked women the same question in the same survey, their response was creating favorable memories with their family and children. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help women enjoy sex more? The laws of attraction can easily be manipulated using pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals released by the body. These chemicals give off a scent that is unique to our bodies. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Pheromones are potent enough to naturally attract the opposite sex, but you can encourage it a little bit with a NexusPheromones spray. However, like with any other product, it is best to consult your physician before you begin using it, especially if you are allergic to sprays or are taking some medications. Speaking of sexual content, let’s discuss some of the naughty differences between men and women.

9. Sexual Intent

Sexual IntentStereotypically speaking of course, men tend to be the more sexually yearning gender. Most men crave sex, whereas women can survive without it. Here are some astounding facts about gender differences and sex. One out of every three men fantasize about their best friend’s wife, and one out of every seven women do the same. In addition, 37 percent of married men partake in extra marital affairs, whereas 29 percent of women do the same. Plus, 86 percent of men enjoyed their first sexual encounter, as compared to only 40 percent of women.

10. Sexual Knowledge

Even though men are a bit more sex-crazed, women still know their stuff, as well. When surveyed, men know an average of 14 sex positions compared to women’s average of nine. Seriously, men know 14 sex positions? Go ahead and start counting all the ones you can think of – will you come up with 14, too?

11. Following Through With Sexual Cravings

Now that we know that men think about and crave sex more, who ends up having more sex, men or women? Well, about two thirds of men admit to masturbating, and only 40 percent of women masturbate. The consistency in masturbation various between the sexes, as well. Men admit to masturbating frequently, while women admit to being sporadic in their indulgences.

12. Different Turn On Buttons

Men and women are both cranked up differently. Men want sex basically all of the time, and there is hardly a situation where they would turn it down. However, women are a bit more complicated. female sex driveImagine the following scenario. The male sex drive is equivalent to a microwave. You simply dial up the time you would like, and select the “On” switch. It heats up automatically. However, the female sex drive is similar to an oven. You have to select the heat you would like, and then you wait. You wait, and you wait some more for the oven to turn on. However, after turning on, she can become even hotter than a microwave. Analogies aside, women are stereotypically much more complex to turn on than men. In fact, a researcher from Northwestern University conducted a study based around levels of arousal between the sexes. The researcher displayed erotic films, and then evaluated both men and women’s reactions. Specifically, the researcher questioned participants about their levels of arousal in addition to attaching devices around the genitals to measure arousal, as well. Generally, male-female sex and female homosexual sex turned men on. Women, however, were much more complicated. Across the board, women were just as turned on by male-female sex, male-male sex, and female-female sex. Men are specific about what turns them on, whom they are attracted to, and whom they fall in love with; however, women are much less different. The jury is still out as far as what exactly turns most women on.So, it is best to ask your female partner directly.Of course, you can always do your best to turn her on yourself. orgasmMost women need clitoral stimulation. Too often, men assume that vaginal contact is enough, but the fact is that clitoral stimulus leads to an orgasm more often. Spend time pleasing your partner before engaging in penetration. Cater to her desires, and make sure that your performance is on peak. Of course following proper hygiene is vital, but cologne or a pheromone perfume from can never hurt. There are so many differences between the sexes, ranging from physical to sexual. Oh, and in case if you are wondering if there was anyone sexual thing that married men and women do agree on, the answer is simple: condoms are awful.