The 10 Worst Places to Get Lucky with Her

The 10 Worst Places to Get Lucky with HerDoing the same things over and again in the bedroom can make your sex life dull and boring. This is the reason many couples prefer the novelty of having sex in different places, like outdoors, for instance. The thrill of being seen adds to the excitement and it takes you to a different level of sexual experience. However, sex in a public place has a high risk of getting you into trouble. It’s not the butt-naked type of trouble, but the men-in-uniform type of trouble. If you’re planning for a steamy outdoor sexual tryst with your partner, here are some places you may want to avoid at all costs:

1. On An Airplane

AirplaneSex on a plane is almost in everybody’s sex to-do list. After all, who doesn’t want to join the Mile High Club? While you may know someone who was able to get away with it, doing the deed in a flight may not be a good idea after all. Apart from terrorism, airlines have strict rules regarding passengers getting together in the restrooms, especially the ones near the cockpit door. Once you get caught, expect authorities to meet you upon your arrival.The first sex ever on a plane incident happened in 1916 and even resulted in a plane crash. How? Because the pilot was the one having sex in the cockpit.

2. Inside A Church

You probably would wonder why anyone in their right mind would have sex in a church. According to a study by a consumer research company, Kelton Research, three percent of Americans confess to doing the dirty deed in a church. In one incident in Utah, a wedding guest reported an older couple having oral sex in a church lawn in front of the other guests, including children. A passing officer arrested the couple, and they faced charges for displaying their gross behavior in front of the public.

3. In A Public Pool

Public PoolHaving sex outdoors is a great way to spice up your sex life, but doing it in a public pool may not be a good idea, because you may be exposing yourself and your partner to the risk of infection. In 2012, the Center for Disease control reported that over 50 percent of public pools contained traces of fecal substances. This means that not all public pools are properly chlorinated. Another thing, condoms could easily slip off once water gets inside it while you hump. There are a lot of discrete public places with no health risks at all, like in a forest full of trees and bushes on your morning hike.

4. At The Principal’s Office

Sadly, sex between a teacher and student is nothing surprising anymore. However, if a principal decides to get frisky inside the office with a teacher, it’s another story. Having a top position makes you irresistible to your fellow teachers, but it does not mean you can get away with your lustful deeds inside the office, especially if you forget to turn off the security camera aimed directly at your desk. Teachers should be good examples to their students, and if there’s hard evidence of you doing it, there’s no other way but to quit your job. Then you’ll be forever asking yourself if the sex was worth it.

5. In A Club Restroom

RestroomAfter getting intoxicated, getting horny follows, and this is why a lot of one-night-stands take place in a club restroom. When you’re under the influence of alcohol, you become less aware and conscious of what’s around you. You may think you’re doing it quietly, but your giggles and moans are loud enough for everyone else to figure what’s happening inside. Save your naked butt from being thrown out by husky bouncers and get a room, or wait until you get home.

6. In Someone Else’s Bed

The thrill of doing it in someone else’s bed is definitely a way to spice up your sex life, but if it involves breaking into vacant houses or while the home owners are away, this is never a good idea. Worse yet, you could unknowingly break into a house full of security cameras. Even if you have no intention of stealing anything, trespassing is a crime that could end both of you in prison. The charge for having sex is another thing.

7. At A Drive-Thru

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]If it’s not in a car park, others do it in a drive-thru thinking that the fast food crews will enjoy the live show. Well, some crews don’t mind witnessing a live show, but those who don’t are likely to report you to the cops. A lot of male drive-thru customers get the urge to masturbate in a drive-thru with some of them half-naked down below. Your hands may be fast enough,but the cops are even faster. Avoid getting arrested for public lewdness or worse and wait until you get home.

8. In A Jail

JailThis is not about sex between prisoners saddling a fellow prisoner from behind. Sometimes, things in a jail’s conference room can get too hot that a lawyer can’t help but give her a client a steamy ride. Yes, this happens. Apart from being a totally inappropriate act, especially from someone whose job involves the law, jail guards have a full view of what’s going on inside the conference room.

9. On The Rail Road Tracks

If you’re thinking of doing it on the train tracks just for the fun of it, do it somewhere else because it is a totally bad idea. You might get too caught up at the moment and not notice the train coming. Trains are super heavy and not that easy to stop at once. What if, for instance, no one on the train noticed two humping naked bodies; probably you can now imagine it squishing your bodies.

10. High Up On A Crane

CraneYou probably heard or read about the infamous couple, Justin Dunn and Nicole Albert on their crazy tower crane rendezvous. The police arrested the couple after a number of witnesses complained about a naked pair on top of a crane in a construction site. Much to their embarrassment, the police used a public address system to call out on the two to get dressed and come down. It’s a good thing Dunn’s father owned the crane, because if it were public property they would be facing charges. Tip: If your partner is not into outdoor sex no matter how safe the place seem to be, try using the magic of your sex scent. Pheromones or sex scents are substances released by the body that gets through her subconscious mind. Once she inhales it, she won’t be able to resist it. To know more about how your sex scent works, visit Outdoor sex is fun and exciting. It provides novelty that could spice up your sex life. However, not every public place is an ideal place for outdoor sex.