Busy Life, Busy Wife: 10 Marriage Tips for Time-Crushed Husbands

Busy Life, Busy Wife: 10 Marriage Tips for Time-Crushed Husbands In today’s busy lives, it’s not hard to understand how intimacy between couples fades away with each day. It’s not easy juggling your schedule to have time for everything, including work, kids, hobbies, friends, family and marriage. Too often, romance and your personal relationship with your wife end up at the bottom of the list of your priorities. You could get too comfortable with the idea that she’ll be there no matter what, and she can wait while you take care of other things. Regardless of years of marriage, it is vital to nurture your relationship with your wife by keeping the romance alive. And remember, romance isn’t just about sex. It’s about many different things that bring you closer. As they say, a happy wife means a happy life. Here are 10 great tips that can help your marriage thrive, despite your busy schedule:

1. Communicate Effectively, Communicate Often

Communicate EffectivelyOne vital ingredient to strengthen your relationship is communication. The lack of communication can make a couple feel emotionally and sexually disconnected from each other. Always take the time to talk. It does not have to take an hour as long as you get to communicate your feelings. Unfulfilled needs or appreciation for each other’s effort. Talk about anything that comes to mind. If you’re too tired to talk before going to bed, wake up an hour earlier so you can talk over breakfast.If ever you get the time to be alone, focus on talking about your relationship and not about gossip from work, a friend or neighbor. If it’s funny and you can get a good laugh from it, then it’s okay. “Alone” times rarely come, so make it meaningful by focusing on what’s truly important.

2. Know And Speak Her Language Of Love

According to a book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, different people have different ways of receiving messages of love. It’s either through affirmations, receiving gifts and surprises, acts of service, touch or spending quality time together. Constant physical touch may make you feel loved. However, this may not work for her. Know what makes her feel special and find ways to express it in her language of love.

3. Schedule A Date Night

Date NightPlanned activities become a priority. Mark a date on your calendar once or twice a week to prepare a romantic dinner or watch a movie or concerts. If you’re out of funds, watch a movie at home. Date night should be fun for both of you, so do things you both love. If you’re on a date night, avoid frequent checking on your phone, because it can upset or annoy your wife. On special occasions, take her to a place with lots of wonderful memories that you can both recall. It’s a good way of reminding yourself of the happy times. It can even inspire you to bring back what is lost. Tip: To make sure your date night ends with a steamy scene in the bedroom, be a sex magnet with your natural scent. Your body naturally releases pheromones or sex scents that work its way through your wife’s subconscious mind. Want to know more about your sex scent? Visit this website, https://www.nexuspheromones.com/t1/index.html.

4. Lunch Dates Are Good, Too

Sometimes work becomes too demanding and a lunch break is the only time you have for yourself. Instead of eating alone, invite your wife for lunch at a restaurant near your office. It does not have to be fancy or in a romantic place. What’s important is the time you’re together. Most likely, what started over lunch will continue later at night, so it’s best to get something started, no matter how simple.

5. Flirt With Her Through Texts

Flirt With Her Through TextsWhile you’re away for work and she’s at home doing chores and taking care of the kids, send her a flirty message through texts. It’s hard to be sexually responsive when all your body wants is to get some sleep. However, sending her a naughty message will get her in the mood throughout the day, and she will be anticipating for you to get home. Tell her to wait up for you and after tucking the kids, and hop in the shower together. It doesn’t have to revolve around sex, either. Text her to remind her of how much you love and care about her. Let her know you’re thinking about her and can’t wait to see her again.

6. Leave Little Love Notes

Sometimes life gets way too busy, and despite living under the same roof, you sometimes can hardly find the time to talk. If your wife is still asleep as you leave for work, leave sweet notes beside the bed or in any corner of the house where she can easily spot it. It’s a good way of reminding her she’s always in your mind.

7. Practice The power Of Touch

power of touchYour touch does not have to sexual all the time, especially in front of the kids. A kiss on the forehead, a tight hug or a stroke on her back are forms of touching you can do, even when there are kids around. Don’t wait to get in the bedroom to touch your wife. An affectionate touch or a warm hug are enough to let her know she is special.

8. Lend Her A Hand Once In A While

Again, it’s hard to think about sex when the body is too tired to respond. During weekends, help her with the chores, or take the kids to the park during the afternoon, so she can rest or nap for a while. By doing this, you are sure she’ll have extra energy in bed later. Taking out the trash without being told can also get you lucky points.

9. Keep Track Of Time

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Measure the times you are together. Just like how you measure the hours of exercise you did for the week; keeping track of anything lets you know if you should add more.If the previous day you barely had an hour to be with your wife, you should do better in the coming days. It’s a good way to make sure you are spending enough time with your wife. Counting how many times you had sex helps, too. If you noticed you are doing it less and less, then it’s time to have sex more.

10. Use Secret Love Codes

strong and happy marriageIt’s hard to find time to be alone when you have kids and guests staying at your home. Use not-so-obvious sex codes if you can’t wait to do it with your wife, like “Honey, there’s a leak in the bathroom. Can you bring in the tools for me?” Make sure she knows about your “leak” code and after she brings the tools, close the bathroom door for a quickie. Don’t let your marriage end up in the back seat due to busy lives. While you may think other things are more important, a strong and happy marriage is the most important thing of all for a healthy family.