6 Sensual Ways to Get Your Groove Back

Are you having trouble feeling sensual? Have you recently had a baby and are looking to jump back in the sack? Well, Stella doesn’t need to be the only one getting her groove back. Follow us as we document some of the most common issues for a loss in libido, as well as various things you can do to combat this recurring issue. Determining the cause of your loss in libido is the first step towards discovering what you can do about it. There could be a variety of different reasons as to why you haven’t felt in the mood lately. Perhaps you are not comfortable with your body, or maybe you are simply exhausted. From light-sleeping children to low self-esteem, we have some ways to help you get back in the groove. Read on to learn about 12 different ways for you to win your feminine wiles back. We guarantee that you can the solution to all of your sensual problems in this interesting and educational list.

1. Switch It Up

And for our first tip, here is the age-old option that we are all familiar with: spice up your relationship. Regardless of the amount of love between you and your partner, you are guaranteed to fall into a rut at one point or another. Whether it’s five years or five months, you need to be able to recognize if your relationship has hit the pits. Relationships can hit a rut whenever two partners fall into the same old routine. Intimacy should never feel like a chore. It should never feel like something that is expected in a relationship. While this is nothing that any of us want, it unfortunately is more of a reality than we may realize. Most relationships fall into this type of behavior at some point, so read on to learn what you can do to combat this problem. Did you know there is actually a scientific explanation as to why we feel dissatisfied once we fall into a routine? New, exciting experiences release dopamine into our brains, so once we fall into a monotonous habit, dopamine no longer comes from something that it used to. When this happens, many people mistake it for the loss of feelings of love for our partner. This is far from the truth, so before you call it quits, try something new. Therefore, if you find you and your partner are in a rut, you need to switch up some factors in your sex life. Try role playing and wearing sexy costumes, or perhaps you could switch up the location and have sex in the kitchen, bathroom, or even on the floor. The most exciting change to make would be allowing sex to become spontaneous again. Remember when you were first dating and you couldn’t get your hands off each other? Re-ignite the spark that used to exist by pouncing on your partner when they least expect it. Our next tip involves something that you can do for yourself or your partner to help liven things up.

2. Don’t Let Exhaustion Get In The Way

Naturally, adults are tired at the end of the day. With long work hours, children to take care of, and the possibility of having a life beyond that, we can hardly find time for ourselves, let alone time for sex. Even if we find the time, we sometimes come up with the excuse of not having enough energy. Of course many of us fall into this scenario, but there is a way out. Just because you and your partner want to have an intimate moment does not necessarily mean that it must be an hour-long love making session. Instead, opt for a quickie. Although quickies have a negative connotation to them, since some people associate them with emotionless sex, let’s be real—a quickie means that you both can get what you want, and then get the rest you need. If a quickie isn’t exactly what you want, make some time for a sensual session before bedtime. Typically, if you wait until bedtime, then you both will just be too exhausted to even think about sex. Instead of this, dim the lights after, or even before dinner and take some time away from everything. [adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Making time for the two of you is sure to help make things more heated between the two of you eventually. The first step is to make a personal connection by cuddling, kissing and talking. If at anytime this rekindling feels a little forced, then follow our next tip for some help.

3. Make It Less Forced Between The Two Of You

If there has been quite some time since you’ve been sensual with your partner, chances are any attempt you or your loved one makes feels forced. You or your partner might feel like they are just looking to have sex, and not really into you. They may seem distracted, or interested more in lovemaking than the act of sex itself. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to make time to sensually hang out without sex. Partaking in activities that promote the release of dopamine without sex are your best bet. This way, you will be longing for your partner the next time you hang out. Some ideas for hanging out sensually without sex include sharing a romantic dinner, taking a walk together or grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning. You could even go shopping or to the gym together. Be sure to playfully interact with your partner, and we are sure the sparks will fly later.

4. Try To Overcome Your Insecurities

If it’s not exhaustion, boredom or not having the time, then it must be that you or your partner are uncomfortable with your bodies. If one were to survey a large crowd of people, then it would be very clear that the majority of people are not satisfied with their physical appearance. Whether it’s weight, facial flaws or those pesky, ugly toes, there is more than likely some physical feature that is keeping you from feeling your sexiest. Naturally, if you are unhappy with yourself, you’re not going to want to share that flaw with someone else, even if it’s your partner. Our advice? First and foremost, remember that your significant other is with you because they love you. If you have something that you are not happy with, they undoubtedly have noticed it. They are probably not even looking at it. Next, we recommend you focus on your partner’s body instead. Instead of dwelling on your flaws, think about their amazing features. What is it about their body that makes you excited? Think about these things instead, and we guarantee that you’re in for some fun. You might not be happy with your body, or there might be something else going on with your body that prevents you from enjoying sex. Read on to see if you are suffering from this next symptom and what you can do to fix it.

5. Rule Out A Physical Issue

While being in pain will definitely keep you from being in the mood, there is inarguably a larger issue that you must handle first. There are many different ailments that could cause pain during intercourse, such as aging, atrophy and much more, just to name a few. Naturally, estrogen levels decrease as we age, and this affects the vagina. The vaginal walls do not secrete as much natural lubrication. In addition, the walls begin to thin, and the combination of these two side effects causes pain, or discomfort in the least, during sex. Anyone experiencing pain during sex should seek help for determining the cause of the discomfort. The most common issue is that of aging, and the easiest solution would be to purchase a vaginal lube. There are also prescriptions that can enhance the levels of estrogen present in the body, thus helping the production of natural vaginal lubrication. If you seek the help of vaginal lubrication and you do not experience alleviate symptoms, then we highly advise you to see your doctor for more effective treatments.

6. And If All Else Fails

If you have run through this list and still not finding a sense of what is going on in your relationship, you have other options. Determining the cause is a must if you are looking to permanently fix the solution. Never assume that everything is your fault and that it will naturally pass. You deserve to be in a healthy relationship, and in that case, sex is necessary. A significant decrease in libido can be indicative of aging, as we mentioned in the previous section. Loss of libido can also be a sign of many psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances. Also, some medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart diseases affect libido. When determining the cause, you should also analyze the different prescriptions that you are taking. Antidepressants and blood pressure pills are known causes of loss in libido. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can also affect both performance and sexual mood. When all else fails, seek the help of a licensed professional. Never feel embarrassed to take this issue up with a doctor. It’s why they became healthcare professionals in the first place. Recognize that you are not alone in suffering from this issue, so your doctor will treat you respectfully, once you decide to seek help. If after reading all these tips, you still feel like you cannot bring the heat back into your bedroom, then there is no shame in getting a little helping hand. Scientists have been hard at work to figure out how to synthesize pheromones. Pheromones are the sex hormones produced by our bodies naturally to attract the other sex. Therefore, with scientifically-enhanced pheromones in perfume form, you can help your significant other become more attracted to you than you could ever have hoped. Visit a reputable company, such as www.nexuspheromones.com, to read more about pheromone perfume.