10 Erogenous Zones That Drive Your Man Wild

10 Erogenous Zones That Drive Your Man WildSo, you finally got a boy toy/boyfriend, because you simply can’t resist his good looks, great abs and to-die for smell. That’s great. At least you don’t have to worry about hopping from one guy to another and probably catch some STD. And this time, you finally have a chance to get that happily ever after. Physical attraction and a mixture of love, trust and respect play a lot to make a relationship work. Aside from these elements, did you know that sex is an important factor, too? That’s why it’s important to focus not only on his penis, but also in other erogenous areas on your man’s body. Wait, he does have other erogenous zones aside from his man down there? Of course, dear ladies. Check out these ten erogenous zones that can surely leave your guy breathless – and you might be surprised how good he smells, too, and that will surely turn you on.

1. The Crazy Cremaster Muscle

take your tongue and lickThere’s a lot in store for you when exploring a man’s penis, an example of which is the cremaster muscle. In simple terms, the cremaster lines the inside of the scrotum and extends into the groin to control testicular contractions. Aside from responding to hot and cold weather, this muscle also responds when sexually-stimulated, which makes his balls contract right when he’s about to let his love juices out. To stimulate this, take your tongue and lick his inner thighs. Put his penis in your mouth, and then cup his scrotum in one hand while pulling it away from his body gently. For better a sensation, make sure your hands and mouth are in sync.

2. The Passionate Prostate

This is also referred to as the male G-spot. The prostate’s primary function is to create secretions that are part of the semen’s fluid. So, how can you stimulate this area of your man’s member? The answer is simple: through the erectile tissues in the penis, which are referred to as the corpus cavernosa by the medical people. Instead of the usual up and down strokes, move your guy’s member towards his body. This will cause the erectile tissues to cuddle with the prostate that can give him a feeling of intense sensations. It’s like giving him an internal massage without your hands actually inside him.

3. His Lusty Lips

There’s always something about kissing that puts a guy in the mood. First things first, the skin on his, or even your lips is very thin, making it easily susceptible to stimulation. But before you plant your lips on his, here are some things you should remember. Lusty LipsFirst, kiss him all over his body, except the lips. Then kiss his face and neck to build anticipation. Once you feel his itch to rip your clothes off, give him the lip and tongue combination – lick his lips like an ice cream, suck the tip of his tongue and lock your lips into his after. Another tip that will surely make his knees weak is to take his lower lip into your mouth. Using the tip of your tongue, lick that area where his lip and chin meet. Believe it or not, this area is sensitive and will surely blow your man away.

4. His Nasty Nipples

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Surprised? Don’t be. Contrary to what your grandmother has told you about men and sex, a guy’s nipples are among the soft spots that when stimulated correctly, it can transmit feel-good sensation that will make his entire body tingle. It’s so easy. While you’re playing the Dom, slowly trail your fingers along his chest while making gentle circles around it, then down to his rib cage, and abs. Once you felt him stiffen a bit, go back to his chest and this time, focus on his nipples alone. Make circles around it using your fingertips to keep him excited. Of course, your mouth shouldn’t be left behind, so use your tongue and lick the outline of his nipple and slowly work your way in. You can even suck or bite it but please, do it gently. You’re a human being, not a dog. And while you’re in the area, take time to savor his scent. It will surely drive you crazy.

5. The Provocative Perineum

ultimate orgasmic experience You know that space between his precious stones and anus? Well ladies, that’s what you call the perineum, and believe it or not, it is packed with orgasmic potential, too. The best way to stimulate it is when you are on a missionary, or any other position that can make it easier for you to reach between his legs. When he’s about to cross the finish line, gently press this spot using the knuckle of your index finger. Make circles around it then massage it up and down. Once he’s ready to grab the torch at the end, press the perineum area a little bit harder to give him the ultimate orgasmic experience. He won’t forget you after this.

6. His Sexy Navel

Did you know that a man’s navel is a sensitive area, too? In fact, it is a soft spot and the area where he first bonded with his mother who carried him for nine months.That is why it is a good idea to stimulate this area, and let him remember that special bonding feeling.Stimulating this area is a no-brainer. All you need is your tongue and hands and you’re good to go. Gently run circles around it, alternating your finger and the tip of your tongue. You can also put your tongue inside his navel if you wish. Just ask your guy to clean it before the act itself since the navel is a home to tons of bacterial wonders and soap residues. Yuck.

7. The Erotic Ears

Erotic EarsYour ears, especially the earlobe, are among the most sensitive areas in your body. In fact, even the act of whispering can give you goose bumps. And just like you and any other women in this planet, the ears are also among men’s erogenous zones, which make them completely normal so there’s nothing to worry. Stimulating this is pretty easy. Tease it with kisses, licks and even gentle bites on the earlobe. Whisper something sexy and compliment how much you love seeing him naked to turn him on. If you want to be more aggressive, try putting your tongue into his ear. Just like in the navel department, please make sure to ask your guy to clean his ears. The last thing you need is a ball of earwax on your tongue. Definitely disgusting.

8. The Seductive Fingers

You love how he uses his fingers on you down there. You also love the way he holds you while you’re on top and how he is able to send that tingling feeling every time he touches you.And there’s no better way of saying thank you than by giving them a much needed pampering. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve giving your guy a manicure and a hand spa. The hands and fingers are powerful receptors that will surely turn him on. Give your tongue an exercise by sucking his fingers one at a time.This will send him a different sensation that will surely get him in the mood. Add a twist to your usual sessions by playing a game. Place his hand on certain areas of your body and make him guess. You can even let his hands do the work in case he guessed it correctly.

9. His Sexy Scalp

Sexy ScalpOops, you didn’t see that one coming, right? Apparently, a man’s scalp, and even yours, has numerous glands and hair follicles that when stimulated properly, it can bring a different kind of sensation. And if you want to make the most out of his scalp, then taking a shower with your man is the best way to do this. To do this, run your hands through his hair with gentle circular strokes. This can help calm his mind and body. In case your man is not well-endowed up there, just run your fingertips along his scalp to calm him down.

10. The Passionate Back

There’s always something about a massage that helps you calm down. Same goes with your guy. Instead of allowing him to go to a massage parlor to help him get rid of his stress and the possibility of getting an extra service, why not apply as his personal masseuse? Nexus PheromonesStart with a gentle rub all over his back. Concentrate on problem areas, such as the shoulders and lower back. If you want to up your game, use your tongue instead of your hands to give him the oomph feeling. Slowly lick the center of his back and you’ll be surprised with the kind of reaction you’ll get. Once you do this, savor his scent. You’ll just love how he smells naturally. The best thing about focusing on other areas besides the penis is that you are able to discover a distinct scent that magically produces a sensual reaction. It’s like these scents are telling your brain to get turned on and be ready to take your clothes off. If that’s the case, your man should be using Nexus Pheromones. This potent combination of seven human pheromone compounds will surely make you crazy over your man.