10 Crazy Things People Trade For Sex

10 Crazy Things People Trade For SexHow much is your sexual pleasure worth? Surprisingly, there are several people who would trade the strangest and most shallow things for sex. You’ve probably heard of the sex trade, where people are bargaining sex for money. However, you may not have a clue about the crazy things that people have traded for sex in the past. You may think that only prostitutes would be interested in the entire sex trade right? Well, you are wrong. There are also everyday folks that have traded the strangest things for sex. These may sound crazy and even unbelievable, but the following is a legitimate list of the extraordinary bargaining chips for sex. Some may seem funny and others a bit out of the ordinary, however, try not to judge all too quick because all human beings think different from one another. Who knows, maybe it was just all for fun right? Here are the 10 crazy things people have traded for sex:

1. A Value Meal

fast food restaurantCould you imagine starving in the middle of the night and being desperate to find ways to have a savory value meal at your favorite fast food restaurant? As you may know, a desperate person in a desperate situation will do many strange things, especially for food. Of all the strange things that people have traded for sex, a McDonald’s value meal was one of them. Who ever thought that a tasty value meal could be worth so much, right? What makes this a crazy trade is because you would never associate a Mcdonald’s meal with any form of sexual desire. Another thing is that it doesn’t cost more than around $6 or so.

2. Supplies For The Office

Picture being at work and lacking important supplies, such as gel pens, printer paper and staples; it’s a bit frustrating, indeed. When you are badly needing something in the office, you might trade one office supply for another, maybe even for a snack or candy. However, could you imagine trading office supplies for sex? There have been some stories that revolved around trading office necessities for sex. A bit desperate, but hey, having an excellent quality pen is better than not having anything to write with, right?

Good Grades3. Good Grades

Nowadays, grades for sex is no wonder. There has been many situations where students would often sleep with their professors or exchange other sexual actions just to receive higher grades. Although this bargaining trade isn’t a big surprise, because many have heard about it, the concept is still strange for those average folks who wouldn’t dream of trading their sexual actions for grades.

4. Tickets For The World Series

The only individuals that we could ever imagine trading sex for World Series tickets are those who are major and serious baseball fans. Just like grades, this may not seem too peculiar, however, for average people, it is still a bit crazy and way out there. Not everybody would think about sex for tickets. The first things that would come to mind would be money and other services, but not exactly sex.

5. Cigarettes

Have you ever just had those days or nights where you feel the need to smoke? Most cigarette smokers do experience these moments and trust them when they say that it is challenging and frustrating. cigarette smokersIf you are one of those people, you know the feeling of having the urge to have a smoke or two just to ease the stress. You might have considered driving a long way to buy some, but would you ever consider just having sex with someone to have a smoke? There are some stories where people would actually go against their moral grounds and have sex for some cigarettes.

6. Drugs

Just like cigarettes, drugs are also a popular bargaining chip for sex. Especially those who are too addicted to even realize that they are selling their own body for just drugs. According to stories, a former Sheriff of the Year in Colorado was allegedly trading methamphetamine for sex. This ex-sheriff was caught on video making the deal happen. This is only one of the few stories revolving the trade of drugs and sex.

7. Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets

[adsanity id=”49837″ align=”aligncenter” /]Are you a big fan of Michael Jackson? If so, finding out that he died was for sure one saddening time in your life. There has been a report wherein a person listed on Craigslist that they would have sex for Michael Jackson tickets. Seems crazy, but if you are that big of a fan, then why not, right?

8. Votes For Obama

Votes For ObamaJust like being a big Michael Jackson fan, being an admirer of Obama could also drive a person to trade sex for votes. On Craigslist, there was a posting from a big Obama devotee who was willing to trade her sexual favors for votes. Now talk about going for the win.

9. Frito-Lay Corn Chips

Since the economy has got worse throughout the ages, even people get desperate just to lay their hands on some junk food. A prostitute from Oklahoma City was reported to trade in sex for a box of Frito-Lay corn chips. That’s around $30 saved for this lucky individual.

10. Murder The Mate

selling sex for killing someoneSelling your sex for food and concrete material is one thing, but have you ever thought about selling sex for killing someone? Is sex equivalent for the value of someone’s life? Now this may sound immoral and psychotic, because it really is. However, there are a couple incidents wherein a man would kill a woman’s husband just to get his wife in his own bed. Now that you are more enlightened about trading sex for crazy food, things and concepts, what do you think? Would you ever sell your body for those things you just read about? Although it seems crazy for most, for those individuals who have actually done this trade, it may be a normal action. Don’t judge because who knows, you might be on this list someday, too.