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Pheromone Oil: 10 Points on the Law of Sexual Attraction

Are you interested in using pheromone oil or pheromone-containing colognes? If you are and want more information regarding these astonishing and natural chemical factors, then continue to read on. As you may have already guessed, pheromones are said to naturally help people attract the opposite sex.

Pheromone Studies Show 6 Ways Men Reduce Their Potency

Have you ever heard of pheromones and its benefits to the male’s body? If you have but are still unfamiliar with what they really are, all you have to do is continue reading through this article. Let us cut to the chase and start with the essential questions that you must be wondering about.

Male Pheromones: 7 Types and the Effect on Attraction

Various studies have found out that animals emit chemicals that can trigger a change in the behavior of another animal of the same kind. While a certain scent may trigger an alarm or sexual response on animals, the concept of scent and sex is still a big mystery on humans.