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15 Body Language Flirting Techniques That Will Make You Irresistible

When you eye someone at a bar or a café, do you go straight to her and tell her you like her and that you want to take her to bed? Sadly, that’s not how attraction works and going upfront with your lustful intentions will surely end with a nasty rejection.

Body language flirting is a fun and subtle way to show you like someone and to know if that someone likes you, too. You send your message across, introduce yourself without the use of too many words and you won’t get an outright rejection. Isn’t that great? read more

Living and Loving Large: How to Increase Testosterone in Men

Living and Loving Large: How to Increase Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the primary male hormone, which plays a crucial role in enhancing bodybuilding, sex drive, self-confidence and several other male characteristics. The high amounts of testosterone in a male’s body make them confident, strong and sexually complete.

According to studies, the level of testosterone has reduced significantly in males in the last 15 years. This is because of the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits of today. Naturally, the level of testosterone also decreases with age; therefore, there are several men looking for answers to how to increase testosterone in men. read more