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10 Sizzling Sex Toys for Adventurous Men

10 Sizzling Sex Toys for Adventurous Men

When you hear the words, “sex toys,” what comes to your mind? Vibrators? Dildos? Butt plugs? Whatever it is, the sex toys that come into your mind are mostly for women’s use. After all, they are the ones who use toys down there and make their alone time more pleasurable. Plus, sex toys and women go well together, so there is no surprise in that.

13 Things Men Don't Know About the Family Jewels

13 Things Men Don’t Know About the Family Jewels

When you talk about the male sex organ, the first thing that comes to mind is the penis. Sometimes, it ends there. You forget that there are other organs composing your reproductive system, too. These organs have important functions, too. Some of these organs are even vital for the performance of your penis.

Men Who Style 15 Steps to Sharpen Your Swagger

Men Who Style: 15 Steps to Sharpen Your Swagger   

You and your guy buds decided to go out on a Saturday night to unwind and hopefully, meet new girls. You bought new shirts and pants the night before to make sure you look your best. You even took a bath before you left, used your favorite cologne and even sprinkling a few drops of pheromones on those trigger areas to boost your chances even more.