How This Simple Spray Brings The Animal Out Of Women

Written By: Don Miller
So it all started off as a bet and a playful experiment. My buddy, Mark, told me about these natural chemicals called Pheromones. He said that they make girls aroused beyond measure…​
I didn’t buy it. I told him I though it was a crock of crap… And that’s how it all started. He bet me a hundred bucks that if we went out, and he sprayed on these Pheromones, he’d take a girl home tonight.
No disrespect to Mark, but he’s one ugly dude. And he has bad people skills. This bet sounded like a no-brainer. So I accepted.
We then headed over to the closest bar we could find, to put the Pheromone spray to the test. What happened next scrambled my brain like a breakfast omelette…
Mark, a below average guy, was having an engaging conversation with the prettiest girl in the whole building… A real conversation! Complete with her laughing at his corny jokes and all. There was even some physical contact… You know the flirtatious “You’re so silly” taps and slaps girls do?
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Long story short, I ended up driving home by myself because Mark left with the star of the bar.​

Here’s What Mark Uses

The next afternoon he and I met up again, so I could give him his money. I was still a tad suspicious. I asked him if he knew the girl from before? Or did he pay her to pretend like she liked him? Or was he playing a joke on me?
He denied it all. As a matter of fact, he gave me a bottle of his secret weapon. It’s called Nexus Pheromones and he claimed that I’d get the same results by using it.
Later that night I was meeting a bunch of guys at the Club for another buddy’s bachelor party. I sprayed a little Nexus Pheromones on in the car before I went inside…
From the moment I stepped foot behind those velvet ropes I was in love. I was greeted by the girl of my dreams. She was shaped like a glass coke bottle, and she was as sweet as the contents within said bottle.
Her name was Jessie. She was a cocktail waitress at the club and she was also everything I had ever adored in a woman. As the night went on she somehow ended up sitting next to me and we had a crazy good conversation.
As the party was winding-down I took a shot in the dark and asked for her phone number. To my surprise she gave it to me and said we should hang out tomorrow!
I couldn’t believe it… I think I’m an alright looking guy, but that girl was an above average looking girl. I mean she looked like she just stepped off a magazine cover.
The next day Mark called me and asked how the night went. To be honest, I totally forgot I even used the secret spray. Then I had an epiphany… That’s why that girl was so into me, it wasn’t because I’m some super awesome dude… It was because she was thinking with her primal, animalistic mind.
I told him I’d be meeting with her shortly and he told me not to forget to spray it on again. So I did. And I’m glad I did…
Let’s just say our meeting ended with extracurricular activities. Afterward she told me that she couldn’t believe that we did that so fast… And she’d never done that before. Next, she said she usually makes guys wait at least a month or more…
Then she said she doesn’t regret it one bit, and she wanted to go at it again… I just laid back and enjoyed myself… I felt like I was in the middle of the greatest dream ever.
Fast forward a year and a half, me and the girl of my dreams are married and trying to have our first kid… And she still doesn’t know about this magic potion. She thinks that stuff I spray on has something to do with hygiene and Ph balance… AndI don’t think I’m ever going to tell her otherwise either…
I can’t say enough great things about this stuff! But don’t just take my word for it, try Nexus Pheromones for yourself!

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Jon San Diego
Hey, I’m Jon from San Diego and I just wanted to make a quick review for Nexus Pheromones. Before using Nexus Pheromones I had the hardest time finding a woman. They were always mean to me. And every time I would say “hello” they acted like I said something offensive… Then they would turn up their noses and walk away.
But that all changed when I found Nexus Pheromones… Because I don’t have to work that hard anymore… Wanna know why? It’s because women now approach me! I can’t believe it myself… The same caliber of women that used to ignore me; now break the ice and start conversations with me…
And because of it I now I have a steady girlfriend of 7 months, and life couldn’t be any better… Thanks you Nexus Pheromones!
Josh New Jersey
My name is Josh and I’m an accountant from New Jersey. A few months ago I broke up with my fiancé and I was really down about it. I hadn’t been in the dating world in such a long time that it was all different now… Women aren’t the same as they were back in the day. Now they are more distant and they all have their guards up.
Then my buddy introduced me to Nexus Pheromones… And that was a total gamechanger! Whenever I’d wear it, the women I’d meet were so much more relaxed and receptive. So much so that I don’t want to date just one girl anymore… I’m loving this life of “exploring my many options” if you know what I mean… Nexus it the best-est!
I’m pretty young… I’m 24 and I’m in my prime! And what’s better is: the ladies love me! Especially the older ladies… And having Nexus as my secret weapon is a big bonus because I get to pick and choose who I take home on any given night…
This lifestyle is so lit that I wish my 20’s could last forever! If you are a dude who wants to get laid like there’s no tomorrow, you need to try Nexus for yourself. You will be pleased that you did! Trust me on this!
I gotta go now, I’m heading to a new club and I hear the ladies are going to be out tonight!
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